Music Videos are coming to Facebook, watch out Vevo & YouTube

Official Music Videos from artists and labels are coming to the world’s biggest social media platform meaning huge competition for YouTube.

Facebook have officially confirmed that officially licensed music videos will be available on the platform in the U.S. next month. Facebook has informed page owners that they will need to toggle a new setting to allow them to add their music videos to their page from August 1st or else Facebook will add them automatically.

Facebook’s videos have blown up in the years since the social media platform introduced them. They are now a huge part of the sharing site with a dedicated section and revenue generating potential for popular video creators. 

With official music videos on the way, Facebook videos are about to close in on YouTube’s long-running position at the top of the online video market. YouTube haven’t faced too much of a threat until now as Facebook’s specific range of content doesn’t compete with the diversity of YouTube’s. Music videos may begin to change that.

We will post any updates on music videos on Facebook as news comes out. Make sure that you earn each time someone uses your music on Facebook videos by uploading your music to RouteNote and selecting Facebook as a store.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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