Music Industry Revenues Stats for 2013 from France and Italy: Both on the Rise

It seems like the music industry has hit bottom and it is again on the rise. Official figures for both Italy and France show recorded music income rising in those countries last year, albeit not to the same extent as in Norway.


  • 4% rise in recorded music revenues last year to €117.6m ($160m)
  • 18% rise for digital revenues
  • 182% jump in streaming revenues
  • download sales rose by 6%
  • physical sales only declined by 5%


  • 2.3% rise in recorded music revenues last year to €603.2m
  • digital revenues rose by just 0.6%
  • physical sales up 1%
  • neighbouring rights up 9%
  • Streaming accounted for 43% of the digital market, with revenues up 4% last year.
  • download sales fell by 1% but still took a 50% share
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