Music Giveaways: Great free apps, sample packs, and software for musicians during self-isolation

Whether it’s for some musical inspiration, the building blocks for your next big song, or just for some fun we have collected a bunch of great free stuff for musicians to discover.

We could all use some entertainment and cheering up during the present situation. If one good thing has come from the Coronavirus it’s the bundles of music goodies that are being made available for free.

This is a list of the things we’ve found so far and we’ll keep adding content here over the coming weeks/months. Let us know any great free things that you find in the comments or get in touch at


Roland’s cross-platform mobile DAW
Cockos offering free REAPER DAW licenses
Serato launch free version of their DAW made for DJs
Apple Logic Pro X ups free trial to 90 days
Steinberg offer Cubase, Dorico, Wavelab and more free for 60 days
Free DAW streaming for collaborators
Collaborative online music studio and DAW

Apps and plugins

Our 4 favourite synth plugins
Free apps for songwriters
Our 5 favourite mixing and mastering plugins
Serato Play free for all of May
Loudness and level mastering for streaming services, TV & Film music
5 unique and weird effects plugins
Balance your tracks in seconds with this free app from Sonible & Focusrite
Guitar shredding mobile app
Synth apps from Korg & Moog
Ableton offer free packs and production book
3 month free subscription to Melda plugins
Free plugins, sounds & tutorials from Loopmasters, iZotpe, Plugin Boutique, Loopcloud, and Producertech
Valhalla’s Supermassive reverb and delay plugin


Library of Congress’s new sample collection and remix tool
500+ samples, one shots + more from Jon Sine
200+ Roland TR-909 samples
Electric and Acoustic Guitar sample pack
1000s of free samples, MIDIs, presets + more from Cymatics
Samples and Loops from Jack Antonoff – more to come!
100+ free quality drum samples with huge endorsements
UNDRGRND Sound’s Label Sampler Vol 4
Huge free sample library from Producer Spot
Kraftwerk inspired sounds


SiriusXM Premier free until May 15th
Audible offering free audiobooks


Guitar lessons, tips and tricks from Fender and MusicRadar
Drum Channel giving away 1000 memberships to lessons from pros
Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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