Midweek Music Suggestions: 15/09/2010

Hello there, how is your week going? Boring you say? How typically self centered of you to be so bored. I suppose some new music might go someway to resolving this boredom? Well, here are three bits of free music for you to sink your disgusting, selfish talons into. I hope you’re satisfied.

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That Darwin Deez has kicked up a bit of a stink in 2010, wouldn’t you say? If you’ve not yet heard this year’s magnificent album Constellations then slap yourself in the face for being such a blinkered fool and buy it from iTunes. If you are already a fan, then please enjoy these remixes of the album’s title track – ‘Constellations

Darwin Deez – Constellations by LuckyNumberMusic

The Barefoot Smile are exactly the sort of band that might be right up your street. A modern take on Roots music but in a way that isn’t completely awful, the track below had a sparse and tasteful arrangement that was enough to get me interested.

All That Remains by The Barefoot Smile

And finally, how about some Electro-pop to lift that dejected little spirit of yours? Alicia Wolfe isn’t exactly the sort of thing I would usually be found listening to, but somehow I managed to waste 2 hours on their MySpace page last week. The music is shamelessly fun, which is something becoming increasingly rare in a world full of Electro-artists that feel the need to make misguided and juvenile ‘statements’ through their clothes and music.Well worth a try.

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PETA re-release Prince’s ‘Animal Kingdom’ as a free download

Prince donated a song to PETA in 1999 on their 20th anniversary and now, to commemorate what would be Prince’s 58th birthday they are making the track a free download. People for the Ethical Treatment…

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