Make Music For Your Videos Effortlessly With Jukedeck

Using Jukedeck you can create a custom soundtrack to back your videos with no musical knowledge, at a low to no cost!

Every single video creator will know the struggle of having filmed your 2 minute, claymation masterpiece but, with nothing but silence to accompany it your efforts look (god forbid) amateurish. Jukedeck’s new online service is here to rectify that, allowing you to easily create high-quality soundtracks, with as close to no effort as creating original music has ever been before.

With Jukedeck you can select your genre, tempo, mood and even instrumentation to create an original instrumental to complement your videos. Once you’ve “created” (set the guidelines) for the music Jukedeck will auto-generate you your own personal piece of music to download and use as you wish. The services comes with a free tier that lets you download five tracks a month for personal or commercial use, companies must have under 10 employees for commercial use.

If you exhaust your five free downloads a month you can add more for $6.99 each, which isn’t bad considering the first five were all free and these are unique tracks. In fact, just to prove that the each track is original for $199 you can purchase the full copyright to a song. For businesses with 10 or more employees downloads cost $21.99

Creator of Jukedeck and Cambridge university music graduate, Ed Rex, has busied himself for the past few years by sharing the secrets of song composition with computer programming. Inspired by a computer science lecture when visiting his girlfriend in Harvard, Rex became convinced that computer technology was advanced enough to create an AI composer of sorts.

With the funding aid of Cambridge Enterprise and Cambridge Innovation Capital Rex and physical and mental aid of his childhood friend Patrick Stobbs Rex’s creation has come to fruition with it’s beta release out now.

Speaking of his innovation, Rex said: “There’s an assumption that creativity is something that artificial intelligence can’t touch. Creativity is learning from past examples, imitating and recombining what you learn and introducing minor variations. It’s about seeing how the results go down with your audience and iterating. All those tasks can be done by a computer.”

Jukedeck’s soundtrack’s have already seen some notoriety with videos uploaded to YouTube by Google and the Natural History Museum using Jukedeck’s songs when it was in a pre-launch, beta testing stage. Jukedeck’s founders feel that in the future their programme could be sophisticated enough to create songs that you would hear in the high street or on Spotify.


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