Lets use ocean plastic to make vinyl records

Pollution becomes a bigger issue every single day and with that comes more solutions, like the very first vinyl record made from plastic in the ocean.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. That’s the holy trinity for dealing with waste, in order of preference too. But how do we reuse waste that’s already been thrown into a hedge or washed out to sea and back in on the tide?

A brewery located not too far from us in Cornwall, Sharps, has teamed up with marine contractors Keynvor and vinyl manufacturer Tangible Formats. Together they’ve produced a 10-inch record from plastic found along the coast in Cornwall.

They’ve released a limited pressing from Portico Quartet founding member and Mercury Music Prize nominated artist Nick Mulvey. Proceeds from the physical record sales will go towards Surfers Against Sewage, an organisation dedicated to helping clean up seas and beaches in the UK whilst raising awareness to the impact of pollution.

Sharps Brewery’s James Nicholls says: “Cornish culture is built around the ocean – whether that’s seafood, surfing or even our own Atlantic Ale. Last year, we helped the ocean enter the charts, under Keynvor – which means ‘Ocean’ in the Cornish language.

“I’m excited to say that today we’re really turning the tables on the music industry by releasing ‘In the Anthropocene’, with Nick Mulvey – by up-cycling single-use plastic found on our beaches and turning it into playable ‘ocean vinyl’.”

There are many ways we can reuse and recycle plastic and the more the merrier. In the vinyl it has a triple effect of, of course being ecologically kind, also looking cool with the colourful bits of plastic strewn inside it, but also it serves as a very prominent, visual representation of waste that is far too common in all of our natural habitats.

Nick Mulvey adds: “I’ve always loved the wildness of the Cornish coast and it feeds something deep in me every time I’m there. My music is about knowing who – or what – we are, right at the core. Aliveness itself, consciousness. These times of urgent global crisis are demanding we re-examine ourselves and the world and raise ourselves to match the Earth, this wonder-organism from which we are not, and never have been, separate.”

Unfortunately the limited release vinyl has sold out but we hope to see more of these!

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