Let’s put a Bluetooth speaker in concrete, said no one ever

Except someone actually did say that and then they made it and now you can own your very own concrete Bluetooth speaker AND it’s surprisingly pretty decent.

It seems there’s a new Bluetooth speaker on the market every single day. You can get high quality speakers that could fill a stadium and cost over $2,000 or you can get a $15 stormtrooper head speaker that fits in the palm of your hand and can take selfies. It seems there’s no end to Bluetooth speaker manufacturing, but this concrete speaker brings something new to the table at last.

If you’re sick of tacky plastic Bluetooth speakers then French audio manufacturers Le Pavé Parisien have you covered with a speaker that wouldn’t look out of place built into the pavement. The speaker literally looks like a block of concrete with an industrial grate on the front for the audio to output but whether it’s aesthetic appeals to you or not, it has to be the sturdiest portable speaker on the market.

concrete le pave parisien bluetooth speaker french music portable

Le Pavé Parisien promise high-end audio quality as well as a powerful sound though 60-20,000 Hz means it’s bass may lack – which is disappointing considering it’s sturdy looking design. The company say: “Its natural resistance and the density of the material make it possible to obtain a clear and precise sound. We diverted the latest generation concrete (UHPFRC), lighter and more resistant, to create a unique speaker: The Parisian Cobblestone.”

They also promise that it’s design lends itself to easy repair if anything goes wrong, though being made of concrete you’d assume the tech is safe inside it’s hefty shell. Believe it or not the speaker isn’t actually that heavy either, weighing only 1.5 Kg which is roughly the weight of a chihuahua puppy and much more suited to being carried around in a handbag.

The speaker is available to purchase now for €349 and you can even customise your speaker with an engraving of your choice in the concrete, whether it be a word, phrase, or symbol. They are planning to begin shipping the concrete speaker at the end of January.

Find out more here: www.lepaveparisien.com

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