Kazaa (Infamous P2P Service) Tries To Go Legit

kazaa logoKazaa has been in the news for what seems to be the last decade, but over the weekend they have launched a new strategy. Kazaa has gone legit! For a long time users have been steering clear of this p2p giant, because of malware, viruses, or legal issues, plus the fact that the RIAA was frequently chasing clueless Kazaa users.

Kazaa is now a paid platform and specifically a subscription based service. That means unlimited downloads for a monthly fee, complete with the blessing of the major labels.

The subscription fee is $19.98 per month, and files are DRM-wrapped.  That means PC-only playback, and no iPod, iPhone, or mobile device portability, a serious disadvantage against MP3 competitors.  And, according to Brilliant, the songs disappear once the subscription lapses.

This kind of service is not going to be heavily adopted in the current music market. If this product was launched 3 years ago then maybe they would have had a chance to gain some subscribers and market share, but at the moment NO CHANCE!

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