James Blunt; “I’ll sing the Taleban Into Surrender”

Oh dear, sometimes pop stars make it far too easy for the public to absolutely rip them apart.

I actually quite like James Blunt. Not his music, obviously, I think his music is profoundly annoying and soulless. I mean that literally by the way. It came as no great surprise to me that James is a former military man, his music sounds like it was written by a man that has been programmed to switch off his emotions altogether, but in a desperate attempt to stop being so dead inside has started performing soppy love songs. Obviously, I don’t like his music, but I do like him.

It’s therefore extremely annoying that he has given this interview to the Daily Mirror, claiming that he holds the key to making the Taleban surrender. Admittedly he said it tongue in cheek as this quote should hopefully convince all of his haters; “I’m going out there at Christmas time and will sing the Taliban into surrender. If I can’t do it, then who can?”

Unfortunately I seriously doubt that this will stop the tsunami of sh*t jokes that every poxy music blogger (myself excluded, of course) is bound to write. Before you relay this story to someone else in order to get a cheap laugh, please remember that 1) you’ll be in no way unique and 2) he really does seem like a nice guy. If you don’t believe me then please watch the video below. If you don’t warm to him in anyway then frankly, I pity you.

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