Introducing RouteNote’s New YouTube Tools

Under the YouTube menu on your RouteNote user account you can now access two databases to help you create content for your YouTube channel.

The first database is a directory featuring websites that host license-free images for use in the background of music videos, or anything else you want to create with images.

The second database is a music directory that features free-to-use music from RouteNote, including Tobu and Axero, that video creators can use for background to their YouTube videos. Please remember artists featured in our YouTube music database have only given permission for use on YouTube and not elsewhere.

We will also be looking for new music to add to the directory for free use however we have limited placements. You can apply to have your music added to the database for others to use by contacting us at Please bear in mind you can not apply to add music that is in our YouTube Content ID program.

These databases are free to use as of right now with a RouteNote account from:

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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    Thanks that is great news! Your new blog design looks good too. We just hoped your blog front page would have the relevant news that we as music publishers seek. Things about Routenote services, promotions and its distribution partners only. Totally not interested in the music artists you feature, they dilute your content and they in general suck! Promotions for musicians and music making tools should be buried in an invisible section imho. Anyways, cheers!

    Hello, we’re glad you like the new design we’re constantly trying to improve all areas of our services. On our blog we try and feature news that we think would interest musicians and artists as well as news about our services and progress. We always love to hear constructive criticism on what people would like to see, can I ask what you meant by the artists that we feature on the blog? We do have a category system so that you can view post specific to what you’re looking for.

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