Indie artists now make up 1/3 of Napster’s most streamed artists

Music streaming is giving independent artists the power to reach the whole world with a global reach that has been reserved for only the biggest artists before.

Napster have revealed that their top 100 list now features more than double the amount of independent artists as it did in 2015. According to the streaming service’s end of the year announcement, indie artists now represent one-third of their top 100 most streamed artists.

Back in 2015 they said that 15% of the most streamed artists on Napster were independent. They closed 2019 with 33% of their top 100 most streamed artists managed independently.

Napster’s director of label relations and licensing Keola Kama said: “We’re thrilled about this data and believe the trend shows Napster has a unique user base looking to dig deeper into music and are willing to explore outside of the mainstream.

“The rise of indie artists on Napster also demonstrates our commitments to offering programming for emerging and independent artists with the same level of promotion such as above the fold programming and bespoke marketing campaigns usually only afforded to well-established commercially successful artists.”

Music streaming has given independent artists an international stage that levels the playing field of availability. It’s now just as easy to find an unheard bedroom musician as it is a major label artist using the search bar.

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You can read more about indie’s rise on Napster from their blog.

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