Incipio offer Skullcandy headphones $177 million in a buyout

Incipio, provider of mobile accessories, are looking to purchase Skullcandy to add their expansive range of head/earphones into their stock.

Incipio LLC will pay $5.75 a share for a total of $177 million to buy Skullcandy. The company announced they’ve given Skullcandy a month to find a better deal, after which assuming that they haven’t found one they will be integrated into Incipio’s stock of mobile accessories.

Incipio have been expanding their products through over companies since last year when they bought Incase, backpack, and laptop and phone case manufacturers. They also bought iPad case manufacturers ClamCase.

SkullCandy’s purchase is undoubtedly the biggest one for Incipio however as it represents the biggest branching out from accessories to audio products. Skullcandy’s headphones have earned a strong legacy since being founded 13 years ago however in recent years have been losing revenue and stock prices.

With Incipio’s purchase the pressure will be off Skullcandy to raise themselves back up to the popular audio phone manufacturer they once were and will allow Incipio to enter a new market and potentially innovate.

An Incipio rep told The Verge that the Skullcandy brand would be retained, assumably becoming a sub-branch of their company. The headphones will retain the elements that have made them popular, like their rough-and-ready design made to survive stress and abuse. You can expect to see Skullcandy expanding, but not losing their core.

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