IKEA are making the power of Sonos speakers cheaper

IKEA and Sonos are working together to create a new brand of powerful yet ‘affordable’ speakers to be revealed soon.

IKEA is the Swedish department store known for everything from flat pack furniture to authentic meatballs. They’re hoping, through an alliance with Sonos, that they can also soon make a name for themselves as quality smart speaker makers at a price that won’t offend your bank accounts.

With the incredibly catchy name ‘SYMFONISK’, we have been waiting to hear more for a long time and at long last we have some details. We now know that ‘SYMFONISK’ will actually be the name of a range of speakers. They will be revealed between the 9th – 14th April at Tortona 32 in Milan as part of a light and sound exhibition named FEEL HOME.

Together Sonos and IKEA have revealed a book-shelf speaker prototype with modern connectivity and multi-functions. Thought we don’t know much about the speaker it seems like it offers up a similar package to most modern smart speakers but they’re touting how affordable it is in particular.


IKEA’s business leader for IKEA Home Smart, Bj√∂rn Block says: “Together with Sonos we wanted to combine our home furnishing knowledge with their expertise in creating great sound experiences for every room of the home, and in Milan we want you to experience the real difference that sound and light makes in your life.”

He continues: “For IKEA, the smart home is not about gadgets, it’s about making life at home better with solutions that create a better atmosphere, make you live a more convenient life and make you feel safe. The collaboration with Sonos is a great example of this, offering affordable high-quality sound in combination with a great design piece that we hope will find its way into the many people’s homes.”

IKEA partnered up with Sonos at the end of 2017 promising exciting new products that have only recently come to light. Last year the iconic furniture makers revealed a partnership with Teenage Engineering, the company behind the incredible OP-1. They are expected to launch the unique products from that range in June.

The speakers are expected to launch this August but we’ll get a much better scoop on what to expect next month.

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