How to use Apple Music on your computer without iTunes

Apple Music may be great on mobile and a new project website makes streaming on computers a dream at last

Since launching their massively popular music streaming service in 2015 Apple have refined the experience on mobile for one of the best music streaming apps available. But if you want to listen on your Mac or PC the experience doesn’t quite match the simplicity and quality of it’s app, requiring you to go through their clunky iTunes program.

Finally a solution is here from a new project called It’s a website that lets you access Apple Music and it’s giant music library straight from your browser and stream with ease. You can browse Apple Music with all of it’s music, their top charts, playlists and more for free with 30 second samples or sign in to your Apple Music account for a full streaming experience.

It makes music streaming with Apple simple and means that you don’t have to download iTunes or have it open to stream your library. They used Apple’s MusicKit to create the interface and keep it in-line with Apple Music’s mobile design/layout.

The design has a few quirks that make it a joy to use, the most notable being that selecting an album opens the tracks in a floating window so you don’t leave the page you were already looking at. They’re hoping to add Apple Music’s Radio section to the web player soon.

It’s about time there was a web player for Apple’s music streaming service considering their rivals like Spotify and Google Play Music both offer simple in-browser sites. For now the solution is a third-party website but perhaps if this is a success it will nudge Apple towards creating their own computer streaming option outside of iTunes.

Stream Apple Music from your web browser:

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