How to get your music on Amazon Music Unlimited for free

Amazon have launched their brand new, standalone music streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited and you can get your music streaming on their service for FREE.

Amazon’s new streaming service Amazon Music Unlimited looks set to take on giant streamers like Spotify and Apple Music. With RouteNote you can get your music onto Amazon Music Unlimited for free, as well as all the other major streamers and stores like Spotify, iTunes, Tidal, Google Play, and many more.

If you’ve uploaded your music to the Amazon store or Prime Music you will be added to Amazon Music Unlimited automatically

If you haven’t added your music to either of the Amazon stores before¬†then you can easily add your new and old releases to be distributed to Amazon Music Unlimited.

Upload new releases to Amazon Music Unlimited:
  1. Log in to your RouteNote account
  2. Create a new release, upload your audio and fill in the metadata
  3. From ‘Manage Stores’ select Amazon and any other stores/services you wish to distribute to
  4. Choose free or Premium
  5. Send to moderation

That’s right, it’s as easy as that to upload your music to a major streaming service at no cost.

Upload old releases to Amazon Music Unlimited:
  1. Log in to your RouteNote account
  2. Go to your account and open the releases you wish to distribute
  3. From manage stores select Amazon assuming you haven’t already
  4. Save the changes and we’ll upload your release as soon as possible

If you don’t have a RouteNote account yet you can sign up at no cost and distribute as much music as you want to the major stores and streaming services and guess what? It’s still all FREE.

So what are you waiting for? Sign up at today.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a Spotify-like service with 30 million songs and all the features you would expect from a  full streaming service. Amazon launched Music Unlimited as a standalone service after launching Prime Music over 2 years ago, their stripped down music streamer that came bundled with Amazon Prime subscriptions.

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