How to get real-time Spotify statistics on mobile devices

Tracking how well your music is doing on Spotify no matter where you are is simple with the Spotify for Artists app for Android and iOS.

With the Spotify for Artists mobile app you can see the streaming performance of all of your music, how people are listening over time, where they’re discovering your music, and more. It’s the perfect companion for any artist with their music on Spotify, which you can do for free with us at RouteNote.

If your music is on Spotify and you don’t have a Spotify for Artists profile yet then you can sign up for free at

Once you have the app and a Spotify for Artists account, open it up on your phone and login.

Real Time Stats

Your Home screen will break down the latest stats for your music with the streams for your latest release and a simple breakdown of the last 7 days.

Understand Your Audience

The next tab shows all of your music so you can see an easy overview and select them for in-depth analytics.

The next tab shows your Audience so you can look deeply at the people who are listening to and loving your music.

Manage Your Profile

The last tab lets you customise your artist profile and what people see when they look at your artist page. Select a Top Pick, edit your bio, update your profile image, and more.

Get your music on Spotify for free and start your streaming journey at

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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