How to get my music on Apple Music for Free

Over 40 million people use Apple Music to discover and listen to music new and old – get your music on there and let them experience your talent, for FREE!

At RouteNote we offer free distribution of your music to all of the world’s top music streaming services and stores. Getting your music online is one of the most important tools as an artist in the modern world as it allows you to share your music with hundreds of millions of people around the world and give them instant access to listening to your art and creations.

Unlike other big distributors we think everyone should have the chance to get their music online without having to pay a big charge before they make any money. That’s why we are the biggest distributor in the world offering FREE distribution to ALL of our partners. You keep 85% of everything you make, and if you want to keep it all then you have the option to pay a small charge and keep 100% of all of the profits you make.

It’s as simple as signing up for a free account at and uploading your music. We will check over your music to make sure it’s all ready for stores and streamers and then we’ll send it off around the world!

If you have any issues our friendly support team are at hand to help you with whatever you might need at

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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