How to get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube

As an artist you want to make sure that your image on any platform represents you as best as possible, especially the world’s favourite video site.

YouTube is the internet’s largest home of creators and viewers. It is not just a hub for video but for creativity, for education, for connecting, and of course for music.

As an artist on YouTube an Official Artist Channel brings together all of your content from music videos, interviews, teasers, behind the scenes, and more!

To get an Official Artist Channel on YouTube you will need an existing YouTube channel that you own and have access to. Then you will need to ensure that you have 3 official music videos on YouTube from a music distribution partner – Hello from RouteNote 👋

Once you have 3 releases live on YouTube then get in touch with us at including:

Artist name:
(artist name here)
Topic channel videos:Topic channel link:
(Topic channel link here)
Artist channel link:
(Artist channel link here)

Once this has been requested, it usually takes 8 weeks to be reflected on YouTube.

Official Artist Channels provide you with:

  • Organised content: The Official Artist Channel layout automatically organises your discography into an album section and your Official Music Videos into a new playlist. For a consistent fan experience across YouTube, you can’t edit these playlists. However, you can place one section above your locked video and album sections to promote anything you like on your Official Artist Channel.
  • Discoverability in search: When your fans search for you on YouTube, they’ll be linked directly to your Official Artist Channel from your watch card on the right side of the screen.
  • Promotional content: Choose what you want to highlight in the dedicated promotional shelf and in the featured video slot.
  • Fan engagement: One verified and official channel where you can directly reach and engage with your fans on YouTube.
  • YouTube Analytics: Track the performance of your channel and videos with real-time metrics and reports.
Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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    We upload music to YouTube Music but we don’t upload any other content. All other content is the responsibility of channel owners to upload.

    Hey Riko, I didn’t realise that we hadn’t included all the necessary information in our blog post. Apologies for that! All the details for getting an Offical Artist Channel are now included above.

    Dear Routenote,
    I have released 2 songs on Routenote and 2 with other publishers, each song already has a Youtube video. My question is. Can I go ahead and apply for this or do the videos have to be officially linked to the releases? (I uploaded them manually).

    Hello, this should apply as long as you have multiple videos as an artist on YouTube. It will then be up to YouTube when and whether they apply the OAC for you.

    Apologies if this is a really dumb question. You’ve uploaded an album of mine on YouTube. How do I now upload a video I’ve made for one of the songs and link it, so that plays translate to revenue. Can I just upload the video on my personal YouTube channel (in which case, how do I link the song back to your records), or can I only earn revenue if it’s uploaded on an OAC?

    Hi Gary, to monetise your videos on YouTube – the simplest way is to upload your music to Content ID by selecting YouTube as a store when you upload your release. We can then claim and monetise any uses of your music on YouTube whether uploaded by you or anyone else. Alternatively you’ll have to monetise your channel through YouTube themselves which requires a certain number of views each month before you’re eligible.

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