How to get an iTunes Instant Gratification track on your upcoming release

Once you’ve uploaded your music with RouteNote you can give fans access to a track in advance of the release with Instant Gratification.

When you have an upcoming release and you make it available to pre-order before its release on iTunes you can set it up with Instant Gratification. This means that leading up to the release date you can make one track on the release available for fans to download and preview to build excitement.

We handle the distribution side of things at RouteNote for getting your music on iTunes and helping you set a release date for it to be available. We can also set your release up with Instant Gratification – here’s how.

  1. Upload your release at RouteNote and set a pre-order date at least 2 weeks in advance.
  2. Once you’ve sent it to be moderated by our team get the UPC and get in touch at Let them know which track you want to release through Instant Gratification.
  3. You’re set!

Please note that instant gratification is only available for releases with 11 or more tracks and the track you choose can’t be longer than 10 minutes long. Other than that, you’re all set when you release through RouteNote to build up hype with an early-release track.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote

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