How did your music do in 2018? Spotify Wrapped has you covered

2018 has been the most incredible year for music streaming ever, both for artists and for listeners. Find out how your music has done on Spotify with Wrapped 2018 for Artists.

2018 year has been an immense year for streaming with more people around the world streaming music than ever before. There’s no better time to have your music online and we’re seeing more and more artists uploading their music to Spotify and all of the other great streaming services all the time.

Spotify have an early Christmas present for artists, wrapping up their year in music. As we head towards a new year with fresh new music and opportunities Spotify have launched Wrapped for Artists in their Spotify for Artists platform. It offers up a platter of info on who’s been listening, how many people have been listening and more so you can easily see your music’s year in Spotify.

To access your own Artist Wrapped log into your Spotify for Artists account which you can access either on mobile or from a computer. If you haven’t claimed your artist profile before then what are you waiting for?! It’s free and simple and you can do it here: As long as more than three listeners have listened to your music before October 31st then your year is ready and waiting, Wrapped for you.

Spotify for Artists is a platform that allows you to see how your music is doing all year round with detailed analytics on which of your songs are working, fan hours streamed, year-over-year comparisons and more. In addition, Spotify for Artists lets you customise your artist profile like the images, biography as well as choose your Artists’ Pick – a song features at the top of your profile, and much more.

Share your Spotify Wrapped with your fans and have a Happy Holidays! Here’s to another amazing year of streaming in 2019.

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