Google are trying to turn screens into speakers with their new startup Redux

Google have quietly snapped up a new startup that is turning screens into speakers on devices like smartphones and tablets.

Google have bought a UK startup that is developing some pretty fascinating tech. Though they tried to keep it on the down-low the news has spread, and with how innovative the technology they’re manufacturing is it’s no surprise they wanted this kept under wraps.

The Cambridge-based company, Redux, has been creating surfaces capable of emitting sound. The technology is capable of turning a smartphone screen into speakers, saving space that can be used for batteries, better hardware, reducing device size and a plethora of applications.

Alphabet (Google) were secretive about the purchase and details of it, declining to comment on the acquisition cost or when it took place. On 13th December Redux shares were transferred to Google. Redux has already garnered attention for its innovative developments having previously raised $5 million in March last year – investors included Arie Capital. According to their LinkedIn page the company has had 178 granted patents.

The potential for the technology is massive with Google dominating mobile operating software’s with Android OS as well as their own popular range of smartphones and tablets. It’s surprising that no other tech giants have sought ownership of the innovative company founded in 2013.

Redux’s team lead Nedko Ivanov said: “We can turn the screen into a high quality loudspeaker, eliminating the need for an embedded speaker. When it comes to mobile phones, we are not only saving valuable real estate and creating a waterproof housing, we are eliminating the need for additional speaker holes and most importantly, improving the audio quality.”

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