Google Play Music are giving new users 4 months of free, unlimited music

Google have prolonged their free trial for their Play Music streaming service, offering a whole extra month on top of the original three.

Google’s new deal gives brand new users of Google Play Music the chance to try it out for a whole four months for free, normally $9.99 a month. Google have always offered a longer trial than it’s competitors, like Spotify who offer a month free, with 90 days (3 months) of free use. Now their service is offering new subscribers another month of free use to decide whether they like it.

Google Play Music is a music streaming service offering unlimited listening of over 35 million songs that can also be saved to your device to listen to offline. Benefits for subscribers also include Cloud storage, allowing users to upload up to 50,000 songs from the personal library making it available anywhere from their Google Play account.

Google Play Music also proudly boasts a giant selection of curated playlists based around moods, activities, genres and more. What’s more, a Google Play Subscription also counts as a subscription to YouTube Red in the countries where YouTube’s subscription service has launched.

Google haven’t stated how long they will offer these extended free trials for so if you’ve never tried Google Play Music before there is no better time to try it out than now! Don’t tell the other services but GPM is my personal (Jacca) favourite, thanks to it’s intuitive and well laid out music library making your personal music collection feel that much more personal.

Start your 4-month free trial here:

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