Get this $99 compressor plugin free while you can

For one week only IK Multimedia are offering up their valuable T-RackS Quad Comp compressor for free – so nab it while you can.

Add IK Multimedia’s great compressor plugin to your library and get it free from now until February 14th. The T-RackS Quad Comp is yours for free when you register to IK Multimedia’s mailing list to receive their latest news.

The quality compressor plugin is worth $99 and will be unlocked inside of your T-RackS Custom Shop for free if you sign up to their newsletter. The T-RackS Custom Shop is IK Multimedia’s free app for storing their plugins. Download it for free to also receive the Classic Equalizer module, a 6-band parametric mastering EQ, and the T-RackS Metering Suite.

The Quad Comp available for free is a multiband dynamics processor that provides control over the full frequency spectrum of a track which allows you to apply the processing to specific parts of the audio. This is achieved with the use of filters which split the full frequency range into separate bands.

This way processing only affects a selected band while the others are left untouched (if desired). This part of the processing is critical as the nature of the filters used for the frequency splitting is crucial in order to achieve a transparent and natural sounding separation of the bands, where the crossover points don’t generate artifacts.

Each compressor has a full set of controls allowing to tailor the compression on the band it’s applied on to achieve the desired result. The flexibility of this processor is also augmented by the selectable slope of the filters which can be as broad as 6 dB/Oct or as steep as 24 dB/Oct, for maximum separation.

The ability to compress each band separately allows you to tame unwanted peaks in a selected portion of the audio spectrum, only if and when a set threshold is exceeded. The possibility to set compression ratio and time constants independently for each band gives you extreme flexibility and precision. Solo and mute buttons make it easy to audition how the compressor is working on a selected band. 

Find out more and sign up to IK Multimedia’s mailing list here.

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