Get a free smart speaker when you stream Spotify as a family

If there’s one thing that brings families together, it’s a Spotify Family Premium account. Add a Google Home Mini and the kids may even join you for some tunes.

As if unlimited music streaming for up to 6 people, without ads, for just £14.99 wasn’t enough – get a smart speaker on top of that at no extra cost. Spotify are giving away Google Home Mini’s to subscribers of their Family Plan, for both new and existing users.

Spotify’s Family Plan is a great deal, even if there’s only two of you sharing the account. It lets up to 6 users stream and listen to their own individual libraries of music with their own profiles and music tastes, on the same account. It only costs 50% more than Spotify Premium for one person.

Google’s Home speakers are their additions to the smart speaker market that Amazon Echo and Sonos have pioneered. The Google Home Mini streams music from your favourite services, including Spotify of course, anywhere around the house. Speak to it for news, planning events, the weather, and tell it what music to play. It’s so compact that it fits anywhere you want it to go.

The offer is available for Spotify Family Premium plans in the UK only. If you’re an existing user you can nab one or you can sign up to a Family subscription to get yours now. The offer ends on the 14th May.

Don’t miss out on this great deal, head here now.

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