First the headphone jack, now Apple may get rid of ALL iPhone ports

An Apple analyst is predicting that Apple are developing an iPhone without ports for release in the next few years.

Ming-Chi Kuo is a respected Apple analyst who has made correct predictions for their developments over the years. His latest investor note has some interesting things to say about what he reckons to be the future of iPhones as 2020 and 2021 approach.

Kuo reckons that in 2021 Apple will launch their very first iPhone with no ports or inputs at all. They’ve already ditched the headphone jack in favour of lightning-supported aux connections and Bluetooth connected devices. This iPhone would see the lightning port abandoned as well, for replacement with wireless charging and totally wireless device connections.

Kuo says that Apple will “provide the completely wireless experience”, but says that they will only be doing it for their “highest-end model”. He is also predicting that in 2021 they will release a sequel to the iPhone SE 2 Plus without a home button, for an “all-screen design”.

His predictions also suggest that next year, in 2020, Apple will release 4 new iPhones. They will release a range of different sized smartphones offering 5G connectivity and varied camera setups. Their higher end 6.1 inch and 6.7 inch models will feature a triple-lens camera set-up.

Whilst these are just predictions, Kuo has become renowned worldwide for his accurate predictions about what Apple have in the pipeline.

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