Fiesta with iHeartRadio launching in Mexico next week

Mexico can get ready for the ultimate online radio experience, with iHeartRadio bringing hundreds of radio stations there this weekend.

The world’s favourite place to go for radio streaming online is bringing it’s services to Mexico. iHeartRadio has been available in beta in Mexico but their parents iHeartMedia have announced their official launch coming on November 3rd.

For their launch they have partnered with Grupo ACIR, a prominent broadcaster in Mexico. The partnership will see all 56 Grupo ACIR stations including Amor, Mix, and La Comadre broadcasting on their streaming services. On top of their selection of local broadcasting Mexico will get iHeartMedia’s 850 broadcast radio stations.

As well as analogue broadcast stations iHeartRadio also offers a large range of digital stations which will include English and Spanish-language stations. Podcasts are also becoming more and more prominent on their platform and will feature in both English and Spanish as well for Mexico.

The launch comes as iHeartRadio celebrate their Fiesta Latina in Miami and they have a promotion with Grupo ACIR for a listener to win a VIP trip to the event. Their launch in Mexico will coincide with the event.

Grupo ACIR’s CEO, Antonio Ibarra said in the announcement: “This partnership will allow us to better connect with our audience by delivering an incredible free music listening experience and providing amazing technology to our users and partners.”

To start with iHeartRadio won’t have all of it’s features available in it’s established territories, such as on-demand music streaming. Negotiating for international streaming rights is a whole different ball park compared to radio rights. iHeartRadio chief product officer, Chris Williams said: “It’s faster for me to develop and release the app, get it out there and get adoption, establish what we are and who we are. Then we can get the rights and add the functionality.”

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