Facebook offering hundreds of millions of dollars to license music

Facebook are still working out how to license music on their social media platform, so now they’re offering millions-and-millions of dollars to rights-holders.

Since introducing videos on Facebook years ago they have notoriously been rife with unlicensed music causing tensions with artists, the music industry and the social media giant. They’ve now been working on a solution for almost as long as there has been an issue, and now they’re offering up a big cash consolation to allow music on Facebook.

Whilst Facebook develop a tagging system to identify music like YouTube’s Content ID they will offer the cash to music rights-holders, particularly major labels, to use their music before it can be identified. According to a report by Bloomberg, sources familiar with the matter who wish to remain anonymous say that Facebook will offer “hundred of millions of dollars” to music publishers and labels to legally include songs in videos.

The reason for the offer is because it could take “as long as two years” to build their music detection system, which is a long time to retain a free-for-all video platform saturated with copyright infringements. Why Facebook have taken so long to fix this issue is anyone’s guess but as tensions rise rights-holders are getting angry, users are getting frustrated at take-downs and advertisers down know what to do with themselves.

The offer comes shortly before Facebook plan to launch their new hub for watching videos on Facebook; Watch. Their new hub will provide an official place to go to for Facebook videos and will also see them expand into original video production. This is no minor feature for Facebook either as they hope to go head-to-head with the internet’s current video king YouTube.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said that they will be driving and focusing on video for the next 2 years and that Facebook video’s success will dictate their future.

Head of Social Media and Marketing, RouteNote