As they evolve their video content, Spotify’s head of video leaves

Following monumental deals with the 3 major labels Spotify’s head of video and podcast has left as part of a “shift in content strategy”.

Spotify’s head of videos and podcasts, Tom Calderone, is leaving the company after defining the music streaming service’s video content and creating a bunch of original shows. As a “shift in content strategy” Spotify are looking to broaden their videos into new areas of their service, which apparently no longer requires Calderone’s initiative.

It seems that rather than having separate music-based series like Calderone’s 12 original’s created within the past year, they’re looking to synergise their music and video offerings. A spokesperson said: “We are focusing our expanding video offering on Rap Caviar, Rock This and other popular Spotify playlists.”

Spotify haven’t confirmed what sort of video content will be created to accompany their playlists. At the end of June this year they announced a Rap Caviar tour which could end up becoming the videos that go with Rap Caviar. We’ll have to wait and find out what they plan to do with their ‘Rock This’ playlist and beyond.

Spotify’s re-shuffle comes after they finalised a licensing agreement with the last of the 3 major labels. Since their label position has been secured Spotify are finally able to move towards going public, which they’ve reportedly been attempting for the past year. Recent news also suggests that Spotify may skip an IPO and instead go for a direct listing.

Listing a business publicly on the stock market can be a much riskier move than private investment as the public will constantly be looking to re-evaluate their investment. With so many Ambitions Spotify will have to hope that public investment is reliable enough for them to advance in all the ways they’re looking to.

Tom Calderone leaves Spotify after just over a year with them. He joined Spotify following a stint at the television network VH1 as President of the company.

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