el Guincho Offers Full Album Streaming via SoundCloud

el Guincho is scheduled to release his new album next Monday, but if you want to listen now then you can. el Guincho has added his entire album for streaming via Soundcloud. Check it out below.

YT047 – El Guincho – Pop Negro by Young Turks

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Kanye West Declares “No more CDs from me” – A Sign Of Change To Come

The line between genius and insanity is never thinner than when talking about Kanye but the rapper/producer’s new decision is foretelling of a change already happening in the music industry. Worldwide hip-hop superstar Kanye West announced…

Creatively Experiment With Music Using Google’s Impressive Chrome Music Lab

With Google’s new Chrome Music Labs you can draw music, learn arpeggios, make melodies, play with your voice and more, all in your browser. Google have always been innovators in web browser technology, experimenting with…

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