DJ mixes won’t be removed from SoundCloud for copyright anymore, says founder

SoundCloud’s founder has revealed that they will no longer remove DJ mixes for copyright infringement after making deals with licensing groups.

Eric Wahlforss, the founder of Soundcloud – the world’s biggest open community of music,¬†announced via an interview with Groove that DJ mixes using copyrighted material won’t be removed anymore. Whereas before you were required to have the rights to any music used in mixes but a licensing deal between SoundCloud and GEMA, a performance rights organisation in SoundCloud’s home country of Germany.

During the interview Wahlforss said that they were able to negotiate an agreement with collecting societies like GEMA whilst negotiating rights for their subscription service, SoundCloud Go. Wahlforss also said that whilst advertising was introduced for free users after SoundCloud Go launched that there won’t be adverts within extended mixes for an uninterrupted listening experience during the mix.

Since 2010 SoundCloud have been using automatic content recognition since 2010 to detect copyright infringement on their platform. Despite that SoundCloud have faced criticism for their open platform which allows anyone to upload music for free, particularly from labels who were unhappy with the prevalent use of copyrighted music on the platform. In the past year SoundCloud have quashed their controversy by signing deals with major labels, launching SoundCloud Go to help artists get paid and signing deals with rights organisations.

Interestingly SoundCloud haven’t decided to team up with Dubset, whose technology can intelligently scan music and detect copyrighted material even if it’s been modified and changed, to legitimise DJ mixes. Spotify and Apple have both created a deal with Dubset so that unofficial remixes can be¬†distributed through Dubset and make it onto major streaming services and any music used within will earn money for the rights holder proportional to the content used in the mix.

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