Dirty Palm gets selected for massive dance playlist on Spotify through RouteNote

We’re thrilled to see another artist make it on to Spotify’s giant playlists after uploading their music to them through us.

Spotify’s playlists can have millions of followers who come each week to hear the latest and greatest tunes being released. Many of the artists who upload their music to the top stores and streaming services through us have found their way to some of their biggest playlists. Producer Borrtex spoke to us about how after uploading to us and getting added to a playlist with 2+ million followers took him from thousands of plays a month to hundreds-of-thousands in days.

The latest artist to get picked for one of Spotify’s massive playlists was Dirty Palm with his brand new dance banger So Sick which is sure to be a favourite in the clubs this summer. So it makes sense that Spotify loved it and added it to their massive Club Beats with over 350,000 followers tuning in for the best new anthems coming out every week.

Check out the wicked new single from Dirty Palm below and while you’re at it, why not see what else Spotify’s choon-filled Club Beats playlist has to offer.

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