Deezer Elite Launch Worldwide Next Month

Deezer Elite

Deezer launched its ‘Elite’ streaming option back in October last year to the US. The service offers the majority of its 35 million track catalogue as lossless, 16-bit FLAC files at 1411kbps, which is five times the quality offer by Spotify and many other competitors.
The partnership with Sonos, means for an extra $5 ($14.99) users can pump their favourite tunes at a hi-res format through their Sonos speaker systems. Since launch, Deezer reports 200,000 of its customer base have paid the premium to enjoy the Elite experience.

As of 19 March, Deezer will roll out this feature to 180 countries. No official word on worldwide pricing, but it’s likely to be similar to the US offering.

With Tidal taking off and the launch of PonoMusic, maybe 2015 is the year we’ll see Hi-Res music make its mark on the world.

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