Cringe along to this newly surfaced Apple company music video

Tongue-in-cheek videos are great fun to make but, as this uncovered Apple video proves, are horrific from the outside looking in.

An archive of Apple content has been collected online including old training videos, adverts, marketing material, and more. Some of it’s nostalgic of the various Apple eras of the past – remember the black outlines of people dancing?

However, thanks to The Verge we discovered something that should probably have remained hidden. But now it’s out there we can’t look away, like a car crash that is disastrous but you can’t peel your eyes from.

We introduce to you, the music video for Apple Easy Pay that was supposedly used to train staff with. Word has it, all staff trained by this video now have a chronic condition that leaves their face in a constant position of anguish.

Jokes aside, it’s some Apple employees having a bit of fun with a new feature. You can’t deny people joking around and having a good time every now and then at work.

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