Cricket’s Muve Music Helps Deezer Grow Worldwide With New Partnership


The music streaming game is heating up. With Spotify flying the flag for first place for a number of years now, it’s time for competition to up their game. Deezer have taken new steps towards this in its recent partnership with Muve music from Cricket, to sell Deezer music services to Cricket subscribers. Sold to US phone carrier AT&T last year for $1.2bn, Cricket has since seen a growth in the mobile area.

Muve is a music service offered to AT&T customers through Cricket mobile package. An all in $45/month gave customers talk minutes, text and web access. Muve is an unlimited music downloading service offered only to the customers mobile phone. Cricket customers can now drop the Muve deal from their mobile package, save $10 per month and pick up Deezer which will offer Cricket customers 45 days of free music streaming, before giving them the option to switch to Deezer subscriptions, which will be billed at the reduced cost of $6/month and unlike Muve can be accessed on a number of devices or streamed through Bose and Sonos speakers.

The terms of the agreement are currently unknown, but it is thought to have been sold for under $100m.

Targeting 2 million paying Muve customers who are willing to pay for music is a great move for the company to make it big after Deezer only launched in the US last September. Will customers be willing to pay for a separate service rather than just paying a little premium over their current mobile bundle? Only time will tell.

Muve Music

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