Create your own virtual euroracks for free with this program

Ever wanted to play with euroracks and create your own synthesiser sounds manually? Then VCV Rack is the free, open source program for you.

VCV Rack is not only free but it’s also completely open source making for a world of possibilities with a virtual rack that you can synthesise sounds with. With it’s virtual module board with loads to choose from you can connect up the wires just like using the real thing except free and easily.

You can connect a bunch of modules from their massive catalogue of them together and there are plenty of knobs to twist to customise your sound with. There are several VCOs, LFOs, mixers and more that come set in the program and then much more can be downloaded and added.

It’s something that needs to be experienced to truly understand and enjoy the scope of the program and since it’s FREE why not go ahead and try it out now!

Head here now to find out more and download the Virtual Eurorack DAW.

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