Create professional Album art in minutes with an iOS app

So you’ve just recorded your new album and it’s full of absolute bangers that you’ve spent months perfecting, but your cover art just isn’t doing your tracks justice. TAD is the app that eliminates this nightmare from your life.

Creating cover art for your music isn’t hard, but creating cover art that looks good and even professional is a lot harder. We don’t all have the skills to design a sick looking piece of art, or the money to hire a professional photographer to make our mugs look artsy enough to plaster on as the visual selling point of our music.

TAD – Music Cover Art Design is a cheap app for your iPhone or iPad that helps you make album art that you can be proud of easily and quickly. TAD presents you with a giant range of templates based on loads of album art styles that you can use to create your artwork. Create your artwork with hundreds of fonts, art styles, borders, colour themes, and more.

To give it a proper personal touch you can add your own custom photos/pictures to design around. For example; get a basic pic of your band standing next to a wall, sex it up a bit with some black and white, maybe a little blur here and there, put it in the template of your choice and BAM – you’ve got the cover for your next hit, made in minutes.

The creator of TAD, Lee Jones says: “As a musician myself, I know their frustrations. We created TAD to solve a problem that millions of musicians suffer. The need for great cover art for their music. They need to create it quickly, cheaply and at high quality. That’s exactly what TAD gives them.”

Sam Pannetta, a producer and artist manager who has worked with the likes of Kylie Minogue, says: “TAD allows every musician to have great cover art. Simple and brilliant.” Whilst Sarah Hamilton of Ditto Music said: “TAD makes creating cover art for your band super easy, and design matters when it comes to features and blogs promoting your music. Give it a go!”

TAD – Music Cover Art Design is available for £1.49 from the Apple App Store and works with iPhone and iPad.

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One comment

    I love your app. It’s intuitive and provides lots of great options. But I have two major problems, one of which makes it effectively unusable.

    1. When I push the Save Button on the top right of the screen nothing happens. I don’t get the drop down box it shows on the video. So I have to resort to taking a screenshot of the cover with all the quality loss that entails.
    2. I can’t access the Store.

    Are you able to solve this?

    PS For CD users, would be grade if you could offer a back jewel case option that allows you to attach a spine – and an option to link front and back images for a cover.

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