Control session keys with your mobile with e-instruments’ new controller app

e-instruments have launched a mobile app that gives you wireless control over the key features on their great Session Keys keyboard plugin.

e-instruments’ new free mobile app and layouts gives you extensive control over your Session Keys instrument(s) from your iPad or smartphone. Session Keys are high quality plugins from e-instruments that recreate the sound of some of the greatest pianos and keyboards of all time.

TouchOSC is a customizable OSC and MIDI control surface app for iPhone/iPad and Android. It is available through the Apple App Store and Google Play. It allows you to control applications on your Mac or PC over Wi-Fi.

With the free Session keys TouchOSC layouts you are getting wireless control of all key features of Session Keys directly from your mobile device Рturning your iPhone, iPad or Android device into a flexible performance interface. e-instruments have created custom TouchOSC layouts for controlling Session Keys on your computer. When you load the Session Keys layout into TouchOSC, your mobile device becomes a customized Wi-Fi control surface for Session Keys.

touchosc ipad pentamorph grand


  • iPad/iPhone or Android device running TouchOSC app
  • Wireless connection from mobile device to computer
  • Computer running TouchOSC Bridge
  • Session Keys installed on your computer
  1. From your mobile device, visit the Apple App or Google Play store to install TouchOSC and get it running on your device.
  2. Get the free Session Keys TouchOSC layouts from here and download them to your computer. The download also includes a detailed installation guide.
  3. Install and start TouchOSCBridge on your PC or Mac (You can download it here).
  4. Activate TouchOSCBridge in Kontakt MIDI Settings:
    blog touchosc kontakt
  5. Fire up the app and you’re ready to go!

TouchOSC for iOS

TouchOSC for Android

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