Control multiple devices with Electro-Harmonix’s new Dual Expression pedal

Electro-Harmonix have unveiled a new expression pedal just one week after announcing their very first.

Electro-Harmonix’s new ‘Dual Expression’ pedal is an expression pedal that – surprise surprise – lets you control multiple devices at the same time. The pedal uses Electro-Harmonix’s advanced polymer construction for a strong, capable build with a price tag for everyone.

The Dual Expression Pedal’s dual-output design gives hands-free control of two devices from a single source. Each expression output has independent range and reverse plus a polarity switch for maximum compatibility with a wide range of gear. Two six-foot TRS cables are included.

The DEP features:

  • Dual-output design
  • Both EXP outputs have independent range and reverse. These are important features competitors leave out and definitely affect the pedal’s usability.
  • Both EXP outputs feature a polarity switch for maximum compatibility with the widest range of gear. This is an essential feature and competitors only provide a single polarity switch for one of their pedal’s outputs.
  • Very affordable, rugged reliable
  • Comes equipped with two TRS cables

The Electro-Harmonix Dual Expression Pedal doesn’t yet have a release date but it’s expected to drop soon with a US street price of $72.70.

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