YouTube launch ‘Copyright Match’ feature to find creators’ stolen content

YouTube have launched a solution to the exasperating issue of re-uploaders and content thieves on their giant video platform.

YouTube’s new Copyright Match tool gives certain creators the power to identify videos using their content. The new tool looks to solve the issue in which large YouTuber’s would have their content stolen and the re-uploader earn ad-revenue, views and subscribers from someone else’s content.

The new feature has it’s own section in YouTube Studio for channels with over 100,000 subscribers, though this feature will hopefully extend to smaller channels as YouTube are calling it’s current existence “a small pilot”. When YouTube finds a match to a video it will appear in the Copyright Match hub in the Studio and the creator can decide what action to take.

The process is simple enough:

  1. If you’re eligible for the tool, you’ll see the Copyright section in your left navigation in YouTube Studio.
  2. Under the Copyright section, monitor the Matches tab to see any very similar videos that we find uploaded to YouTube.
  3. There are several actions you can take when reviewing matches in the tool, depending on how you want to manage your rights:
    1. Archive – Move the match to your Archive tab without taking action on the video. You’ll still be able to take action at a later date if you choose.
    2. Message the channel – Initiate a conversation with the uploading channel notifying them that the reupload has been identified. You can keep track of who you’ve notified in the Messages tab and continue the conversation over email.
    3. Request removal – Submit a legal request for YouTube to remove the matched video from the site. You have two options when choosing this action:
      1. Scheduled: Send a 7-day notice – Send the channel a notice to remove the video. After 7 days, if they haven’t removed the video, it will be taken down and they may receive a copyright strike.
      2. Standard: Request removal now – Your removal request will be submitted directly to YouTube. After removal, the uploading channel may receive a copyright strike.

      After submission, keep an eye on your email in case we need more information before we can process your request. You can also check your Removal Requests tab for a record of your submissions and updates on their status.

Roll out the red carpet and launch videos in style with new YouTube Premieres

There’s nothing like the excitement at the premiere launch of a new film or art piece – now creators on YouTube can join their fans all around the world for a grand video release.

At last week’s VidCon YouTube unveiled a bunch of new features that will create an enhanced experience for fans and creators on YouTube alike. Bringing the Hollywood experience to creators and viewers, YouTube have revealed their new YouTube Premieres which will give video launches the excitement and build-up they deserve with a community of people coming together to watch a new video from the channels they love.

At VidCon YouTube introduced a new way for creators to upload content to YouTube called Premieres. With Premieres, creators will be able to debut pre-recorded videos as a live moment. When creators choose to release a Premiere, YouTube will automatically create a public landing page to build anticipation and hype up new content.

When all fans show up to watch the premiere, they’ll be able to chat with each other (and with the creator!) in real time via live chat. It’s as if a creator’s entire community is in one theater together watching their latest upload. Premieres also unlocks new revenue streams. For the first time, creators can use Super Chat on traditional YouTube uploads and take advantage of Channel Memberships perks that were previously only available on Live videos.

Premieres are starting to roll out to creators today and will be available broadly soon. If you want to experience one for yourself, check out some upcoming premieres from creators such as Leroy SanchezJacksFilmsJackson Bird, and Ari Fitz, with more Premieres coming from  Corridor Digital and Inanna Sarkis soon.

YouTube creators are the heartbeat of the giant video platform. That’s why they’re committed to building products that empower and support the creator community. YouTube hope that these tools help creators build a stronger community and earn more money while doing it, because when they succeed, the entire YouTube community thrives.

Sell your merch straight from your YouTube Channel with new in-built store

It’s been a long time coming but finally you will be able to sell your merchandise directly to viewers from your YouTube channel.

At last week’s VidCon YouTube unveiled a bunch of new features that will create an enhanced experience for fans and creators on YouTube alike. One of the most exciting additions for many creators is a new shelf where they will be able to sell their merchandise rather than re-directing fans to an external site to nab a branded hat or wicked tote bag.

Merchandise has been a part of many creators’ businesses for a long time. YouTube want to make it easier for more creators to sell merch directly from their channel. So they have built a product that allows them to do just that. From shirts with a logo to phone cases with a creator’s face, YouTube have joined forces with Teespring so creators can choose from over 20 merchandise items to customise and sell via a shelf on their channel.

This will be available to all eligible U.S.-based channels with over 10,000 subscribers starting today, and they plan to bring even more merchandising partners and creators in soon.

Just take a look at Joshua Slice’s merch shelf. The creator of Lucas the Spider recently turned his hero character into a plushie selling over 60,000 furry friends and generating over $1 million in profit in just 18 days, according to Teespring.

YouTube creators earn more money with new Channel Memberships for viewers

You can get extra personal with your favourite YouTube channels and sign up to a membership with exclusive access to special features and content.

At last week’s VidCon YouTube unveiled a bunch of new features that will create an enhanced experience for fans and creators on YouTube alike. Fans of YouTube’s Super Chat will love the new Channel Memberships which bring you even closer to the people behind the channel and give subscribers access to fun and exclusive new content.

With Channel Memberships, viewers pay a monthly recurring fee of $4.99 to get unique badges, new emoji, Members-only posts in the Community tab, and access to unique custom perks offered by creators, such as exclusive livestreams, extra videos, or shout-outs. Channel Memberships have already been available for a select group of creators on YouTube as Sponsorships.

YouTube have seen a lot of creators find success with this new business model. With this in mind YouTube plan to soon expand this to eligible channels with more than 100,000 subscribers on YouTube under the new name Channel Memberships. They hope to extend this to even more creators in the coming months.

Creators who have already been experimenting with this feature on YouTube have seen encouraging results. Since launching in January, comedy creator Mike Falzone more than tripled his YouTube revenue. And travelling duo Simon and Martina have built a closer-knit community and revamped a miniseries exclusively for their members, in more than 30 countries from Finland to the Philippines.

YouTube unveil new ways for creators to make money and launch videos

This year’s VidCon saw YouTube reveal a whole range of new ways that creators can connect with their fans, earn more for their work, and even build up hype for the launch of new videos.

Yesterday was the 8th VidCon, a celebration of online video making centred around YouTube and launched by YouTube creators Hank and John Green in 2010. YouTube’s chief product officer Neal Mohan got on stage to talk about YouTube’s developments over it’s 13 years of existence and what it’s doing to make it a better place for creators.

Following his talk at YouTube where he revealed their next steps in monetisation, fan perks and more, Mohan wrote: “YouTube is a vibrant community where everyone has a voice. Every day, creators use their voice to entertain, spur action and bring about positive change. That’s why over the last year we’ve doubled down on building the products and tools that the creator community needs.”

The priority of their talk focused on how YouTube are going to be helping creators make more money from their videos and creations. Some juicy stats showed that the number of creators earning five figures a year from uploading videos is up by 35% and magnificently the number of creators earning six figures is up by a giant 40%.

They told the crowd that they want to look at ways to make money beyond ads more. YouTube have explored revenue sources beyond ads with their subscription service, providing an ad-free, paid service which paid creators from subscription costs, as well as Super Chat which allows fans to pay for priority messages on their favourite creators live streams.

Channel Memberships were announced at VidCon, a new monthly subscription that gives viewers access to unique badges, new emojis, and Members-only posts in the Community tab. In addition, paying viewers will gain access to unique custom perks offered by creators, such as exclusive live streams, extra videos, or shout-outs. YouTube have been testing this as sponsorships with a select few channels but will be expanding the feature to eligible channels with over 100,000 subscribers soon.

Merchandise is getting a home on YouTube at long last. Many of YouTube’s creators sell their own merch, whether it’s t-shirts, crafty creations, phone cases, or anything else most of the top channels tout their own products. YouTube channels will now have a shelf where creators can choose from over 20 merchandise items to customise and sell via Teespring. The feature is available now for “eligible U.S.-based channels with over 10,000 subscribers”.

Premieres will allow creators to make an event out of their new video and let their fans rejoice and celebrate like the launch of a new movie. Premieres will allow creators to upload their video and then debut it as live event with fans joining in the lead up to it in a live chat building hype together. It allows people to come together and celebrate the moment rather than waiting until they see that it’s live.

This will bring fans and creators together in a new way but it will also provide new options for monetisation. For the first time ever fans will be able to use Super Chat on a regular YouTube Video rather than a live video. YouTube have begun rolling out Premieres already and will be made available to everyone soon.

YouTube Music finally launches in 17 countries including UK, US and Canada

YouTube’s new music service fell flat when many people found it inaccessible after launching, but now it’s come to everyone and in 12 more countries.

YouTube launched their new music service late last month in 5 countries to little response as many found they couldn’t access it despite it launching where they were. YouTube have just announced a full launch in 17 countries, including the original 5, for YouTube Music and their new subscription for the video side of things, YouTube Premium.

Following it’s gradual launch in the U.S., Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea YouTube have launched YouTube Music for these territories fully. Their new music service, created out of pressure over their music payouts, has also now launched this week in Austria, Canada, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, and the UK.

YouTube Music essentially creates a music streaming service out of the plethora of music content on YouTube. Including music videos, album uploads, lyric videos, covers, live videos and more. You can use it with ads as usual or pay a subscription to gain access to ad-free listening, music in the background on devices, and downloads for offline play.

Here’s what makes YouTube Music special:

  1. It’s ALL here. Not just music videos, but official albumssinglesremixeslive performancescovers and hard-to-find music you can only get on YouTube.
  2. Recommendations built for you. A home screen that dynamically adapts to provide recommendations based on the artists and songs you’ve played before, where you are and what you’re doing. Chilling at the beachNeed some motivation? The right music is right here, built just for you.
  3. Thousands of playlists across any genre, mood or activity. Try “A Dose of Sun” for brighter tunes on a cloudy day, “The Pop Hotlist” for the biggest hits around the world or “Distrito Latino” for Latin pop hits of the moment.
  4. Smart search so we’ll find the song, even if you can’t remember what it’s called. “That space-themed Spice Girls song in the desert.” Here you go. You can also search by lyrics (even if they’re wrong). It’s “Hold me closer, Tony Danza,” right?
  5. The hottest videos. We’ll keep you on top of what’s hot! The hottest videos in the world right now are right there, on their own dedicated Hotlist screen. Today in the U.S., it features “Nervous” by Shawn Mendes, in the U.K, it’s “Drippy” by IAMDDB, and in France, it’s “Fais moi la passe” by JUL.
  6. Ad-free listening, downloads and more. Get YouTube Music Premium to listen ad-free, in the background and on-the-go with downloads. Plus, your Offline Mixtape automatically downloads songs you love just in case you forgot to. For a limited time, get three months free of YouTube Music Premium here, ($9.99 per month after, $14.99 per month for a Family Plan).

Their former subscription service for their whole video site, YouTube Red, is also being retired and replaced by YouTube Premium in the countries where Music has launched that had Red. YouTube Premium offers the same benefits of Music except for all of their non-music videos as well as exclusive, original content.

YouTube Music and Google Play Music come bundled together, so a subscription to one means a subscription to the other. This means subscribers to Google’s music streaming service will have instant access to YouTube Music. A subscription to either costs $9.99 and for an extra $2 you can subscribe to YouTube Premium which offers full access to all three for $11.99.

YouTube premium music red subscription videos

Get the new YouTube Music from the Play Store and App Store today or check out the brand new web player at You can sign up for YouTube Premium at

YouTube have started banning music videos depicting violence

As what is acceptable on platforms gets drawn into question further, YouTube have worked with UK law enforcement to tackle violent music videos.

Following Spotify’s recent introduction of a new policy that aims to restrict hateful conduct eyes have been focused on offensive content. Spotify’s controversial policy which saw acts like R. Kelly and XXXTentacion, both accused of various assault crimes, removed from playlists has since been semi-reversed but may have inspired YouTube’s latest move.

YouTube are no strangers to purging content that could be deemed as offensive to protect their advertisers, but their latest removals are different. YouTube have just taken down 30 music videos at the request of British law enforcement which they say depicted violence related to knife crime – a prevalent issue in parts of Britain right now.

This is actually part of YouTube’s larger efforts to “identify coded language, slang or gestures” in their videos which they are working with local law enforcement agencies to tackle content promoting violence. They say that the process is in place worldwide to find controversial content on their massive video platform all around the globe.

A YouTube spokeswoman said: “We have developed policies specifically to help tackle videos related to knife crime in the UK and are continuing to work constructively with experts on this issue. We work with the Metropolitan Police, The Mayor’s Office for Policing and Crime, the Home Office, and community groups to understand this issue and ensure we are able to take action on gang-related content that infringe our Community Guidelines or break the law.

“We have a dedicated process for the police to flag videos directly to our teams because we often need specialist context from law enforcement to identify real-life threats. Along with others in the UK, we share the deep concern about this issue and do not want our platform used to incite violence.”

In 2008 to tackle any knife crime promotion on their platform YouTube developed their knife and gang crime policies for the UK which blocks videos showing people brandishing weapons in a threatening manner.

YouTube Music has launched, here’s why it’s worth it

Yesterday YouTube Music launched bringing a whole new location for music on YouTube with a bunch of cool new features.

YouTube Music is now live after announcing the launch last week and available in the US, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, and South Korea. The new home for music brings together all the music content you love on YouTube into one place and introduces a new subscription option which gets you added benefits.

Here’s YouTube’s 6 reasons why you will love YouTube Music:

  1. It’s ALL here. Not just music videos, but official albums, singles, remixes, live performances, covers and hard-to-find music you can only get on YouTube.
  2. Recommendations built for you. A home screen that dynamically adapts to provide recommendations based on what you’ve played before, where you are and what you’re doing. At the gym workin’ on that fitness? Escaping during your commute? The right music is right here, built just for you.
  3. Thousands of playlists across any genre, mood or activity. Try “Blogged 50” to discover new music or “Indie Under Pressure” to get the heart rate going.
  4. Smart search so we’ll find the song, even if you can’t remember what it’s called. “That rap song with flute”? We got you. You can also search by lyrics (even if they’re wrong). It’s “Starbucks lovers,” right?
  5. The hottest videos. We’ll keep you on top of what’s hot! The hottest videos in the world right now are right there, on their own dedicated Hotlist screen. Today in the U.S., it features Anderson.Paak, Jessie Reyez, and G-Eazy.
  6. No internet? No problem. Paid members can download music and listen ad-free and in the background. Plus, your Offline Mixtape automatically downloads songs you love just in case you forgot to.

To the Google Play Music users out there, nothing will change – you’ll still be able to access and add to all of your purchased music, uploads and playlists in Google Play Music just like always. For additional information on what we announced last week, be sure to check out our blog.

If you’re interested in learning more and getting access, head to

Artists now credited on over half a billion YouTube videos

YouTube have added musical credits for over 500 million videos giving artists and writers their deserved acknowledgement in the millions of videos they are used.

YouTube have added a new section to the descriptions of videos which credits the songwriters, artists, labels, and publishers involved. The new ‘music in this video’ section will be added to over half a billion videos and will give viewers an instant look into the creatives and people behind music in videos.

The new section will offer a comprehensive list of everyone involved in the creation of music used in videos that they are capable of crediting. Where possible they will also provide links to the artist’s official channel and the song’s official music video. ‘Music in this video’ credits will be added to official channels as well as fan-uploaded content.

This comes as YouTube prepare to launch their new dedicated music subscription service next week: YouTube Music. Their new service will offer up all of the music content available on YouTube including music videos, songs, albums, covers, remixes, live performances and more in one collated space. It will be available for free with ads or for $9.99 a month without ads with extra benefits like background listening and downloads.

This is all part of YouTube’s move to increase the value of music on their platform after repeated criticism from the industry. YouTube’s issue with music primarily was that it made lots of music readily available on a free platform that pays out considerably less for video streams than the payout per stream on more traditional music streaming services like Spotify. They are rectifying that with their new service which will ensure artists get paid more. Their new credits show that they are taking more steps to give artists the respect they are due.

YouTube’s new music service is launching in under a week

YouTube are finally ready to launch their new music service which they hope will give music the value it deserves on their video platform.

YouTube will be launching YouTube Music next week, a new service that distinguishes their abundance of music content from their variety of billions of videos after criticism over their royalty payouts for music. The new subscription service will be the new home to the 2 million artists that share their music on YouTube and where over 1 billion music fans around the world come to listen.

Next Tuesday, 22nd May, YouTube Music will launch as a “new music streaming service made for music with the magic of YouTube”. YouTube Music will bring official songs, albums, thousands of playlists and artist radios in one unified place along with their giant catalogue of remixes, live performances, covers and music videos that can only be found on YouTube.

With their new streaming service YouTube will launch a new, re-imagined mobile app as well as a re-designed desktop player that has been made for music. It will bear similarities to standard music streaming services like Spotify however will feature all of YouTube’s plentiful video content for music as well as user-uploaded and created content that wouldn’t be found on traditional streaming services.

YouTube Music will be available for free with adverts, the same as YouTube itself however will offer an ad-free version. YouTube Music Premium will cost $9.99 a month and offer uninterrupted listening, background listening on mobile, and downloads. YouTube’s parent Google offer a traditional music streaming service in Google Play Music but these services will be combined so that, where available, a subscription to one equals a subscription to both.

YouTube Music subscription service streaming premium launch mobile app player

YouTube offer a premium service for their regular, non-music video content called YouTube Red which offers the same benefits as well as exclusive video content and also was bundled in with Google Play Music. Moving forward they will be replacing Red with ‘YouTube Premium’ which will offer the same service but will distinguish non-music content from all videos on YouTube. YouTube Premium will include YouTube Music within it and will cost $11.99 for new members. Existing Red members will retain their same subscription price.

At launch YouTube Music will be available in the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, and South Korea. Over the coming weeks they will also be launching in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, and the UK.