AudioThing Offer Overdrive and Speaker Plugin Free For Customers

Prolific plugin developers AudioThing are back at it with a new Overdrive plugin with Speaker Emulation.

Their new plugin creatively titled ‘Speaker’ offers a simple but sweet sounding amp/effect combo. Customisation doesn’t go deep but offers enough to create some different overdriven tones.

There are 3 types of speaker to choose from: Bass, Mid, and High which affect the sound exactly as you’d expect. There are then 3 dials that adjust the effect settings: Drive, Gain, and Mix (dry to wet) with a built-in Compressor button. You can also save your presets or click a ‘Random’ button to randomise your parameters for a completely random tone.

Speaker’s available regularly for €15 (It’s currently on special offer at €9.95) though customers who own any other AudioThing plugins can get it for free. Until April 21st anyone who buys a new AudioThing plugin can also get Speaker for free.

Speaker is compatible with both PC and Mac and works with VST/AU/AAX. To get Speaker or browse AudioThings other plugins head here:

Softube’s Modular Is a Virtual, Cross-Platform Eurorack Synthesiser

This plugin finally lets you explore the possibilities of a Eurorack synthesizer module all within your computer, and not behind a paywall that leaves you bankrupt.

World renowned developers of audio recording and plugin software, Softube have announced Modular at Musikmesse 2016. The virtual Eurorack synthesizer features a vast library of presets and performance modules to modify your instrument to your hearts content for your perfect modular synthesiser sound.

Who better than Softube themselves to tell you why Modular is a brilliant addition for any producers toolkit:

Softube is proud to announce Modular: A new cross-platform modular synthesizer plug-in that looks, works and sounds exactly like its analog Eurorack counterparts.

Softube’s award-winning modelling experts have collaborated closely with legendary inventor Dieter Doepfer and the top minds at Intellijel to create circuit emulations of existing hardware modules. The resulting plug-in modules have been authorised and approved by their respective owners, guaranteeing that Softube Modular gets you as close the the analog sound as you can get.

Both effect and instrument, Softube Modular is fun, limitless and easy to use. The basic system includes six Doepfer modules and 20+ utility modules, such as sequencer, mixer, delay, and more, and a massive preset library will be included. Additional modules from Doepfer and Intellijel will be available as add-ons at launch (such as LPG, uFold II, Korgasmatron, Rubicon). More emulations from top hardware synthesizers brands will be released in the future.

Softube Modular is expected to release on May 11th for $99.

GarageBand Update Brings Loads of Loops and Music Memos support

Apple have updated GarageBand, adding 2,600 new loops and sounds as well as more compatibility with their iOS apps.

Apple rolled out their new update for GarageBand on Mac yesterday and it comes with a bunch of great new additions. Functionality with iOS has been improved in various areas such as with GarageBand’s iOS app. Compatibility has also been added for Live Loops, a feature added to GarageBand mobile in January that plays clips on loop allowing you to stack and record over for endless creative freedom.

Apple also launched Music Memos alongside Live Loops in January, a new recording app designed to be a sophisticated sketch pad for your musical ideas. One of the apps most impressive features was it’s in-built bands of drummer and bassist that you could add to recordings or jam with, they even adjusted tempo with you. GarageBand’s new update adds compatibility with Music Memo files so you can open projects from the app in your desktop software and expand upon it.

For those who don’t do any music production on mobile, don’t worry as Apple have also added something to keep everyone happy. 2,600 new Apple loops and sounds have been added giving you even more to play and create some great tunes with.

Here’s the full list of improvements and additions:

  • Updates compatibility with GarageBand for iOS and Live Loops projects
  • Opens Music Memos projects
  • Supports Logic Remote for iPhone and iPad Pro
  • Adds over 2,600 new Apple Loops and sounds
  • Improved reliability when downloading additional content
  • Contains multiple enhancements to Accessibility

There’s also an update to MainStage 3 that is supposed to improve stability and performance.

10 Weird and Wonderful Free VST Plugins

Amongst all the emulated synths and delay plugins out there are some surprisingly strange tools you can use with your DAW software. We’ve collected 10 of the most unique VSTs we’ve found on the web, from crazy effect manipulation to singing monks these plugins should keep you entertained when you’re not making your next hit track.

If you don’t have a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to insert plugins to we collected our ten favourite free DAWs here or if you just want to play around with them there’s a great list of VST hosts here.

Delay Lama by AudioNerdz (Windows & Mac)

You already know it’s going to be great from the name. Delay Lama gives you full control over a chanting monk (not a real one – sorry). Always wanted to hear a monk sing Chopsticks? Here’s your chance. Customisation isn’t very deep for Delay Lama but who cares when you’ve got a 3D monk singing what you play!

Head here to download Delay Lama – you have to enter your email but that’s all

LiveCut by MDSP Smart Electronix (Windows & Mac)

Ever wanted to get that Aphex Twin drum sound and had no bloody idea how he does it? LiveCut turns your beats into sliced up drum & bass mayhem. It works by cutting audio up into blocks based on the audio in it, rather than in equal chunks like many beat-slicers. Hear it in action in these clips.

Download LiveCut here: Windows – Mac

VST Speek by Wavosaur (Windows & Mac)

VST Speek is a text-to-speech plugin that is capable of a ridiculous variety of voices with adjustable levels for pitch, speed, mouth, and throat. Even though it sounds really weird to play with this is something that could actually fit into your mix, speech synthesis is surprisingly common in music. Combine it with LiveCut for a crazy drum & bass track.

Download VST Speek here: Windows 32 bitWindows 64 bitMac 64 bitMac 32 bitMac 32 bit OS X 10.6 or 10.7

Triple Cheese by u-he (Windows & Mac)

Triple Cheese acts similarly to a lot of synthesizer plugins but unlike classic synths Triple Cheese goes through a variety of short chromatically tuned delays to create unique sounds. With a massive set of features in it’s interface and a giant host of presets this comb synthesizer should keep you busy for a few hours… or weeks.

Download Triple Cheese here: Windows – Mac

MeowSynth by Knobster (Windows)

MeowSynth is pretty self explanatory – It’s a meowing synthesizer, or meowizer… if you really want to stoop that low. MeowSynth features a number of editable parameters like chorus and vibrato so you can fine-tune your mewing to suit your taste. Really, it is as weird as it sounds. Hear for yourself.

Download MeowSynth here: Windows

Symptohm PE by Ohm Force (Windows & Mac)

Symptohm Performers Edition is a synth packed full of sounds. With over 1,200 presets there is plenty to play around with. This is less weird and more an incredible free package but I can assure you some of the presets are pretty wacky. Also you can choose between two skins: standard or amazing.










Find out more and download for Windows and Mac here

Bleep by Tonebytes (Windows)

Bleep is unsurprisingly onomatopoeic in it’s name. This is a synthesizer that sounds like game systems from back in the day. Bring those nostalgic NES tunes back into your own hands. You can create music from a massive range of bleeps thanks to it’s impressive feature set. Three oscillators with 4 waveforms, Modulator Envelope Generator, Pseudo arpeggiator… You know what just hear some bleeps and bloops for yourself.

Download Bleep here: Windows

Blood Bucket by Insert Piz Here (Windows)

Insert Piz Here have a bunch of strange and interesting plugins. Easily topping that list, at least for strangeness is Blood Bucket. IPH describe it as “another pointless experiment in synthetic stupidity”, but we see it as a canvas of mad and varied sounds ready to be painted into unique tracks. Or just an excuse to make weird noises.

Download Blood Bucket here: Windows

MyKazoo by g200kg (Windows)

MyKazoo is surprisingly not a kazoo emulating synthesizer. It’s actually a VST effect which in my opinion is even more amazing. Turn your luscious vocals into raspy buzz. With two dials to alter the affect and a third to dictate the effects mix level you can transform any of your audio pieces into a refined rasp. MyKazoo works best with vocals but I’m sure you can get some cool sounds from other recorded bits.

Download MyKazoo here: Windows

Gargoyle by Krakli (Windows)

“Inspired by a request for a VST that could be used for a horror film soundtrack. This synth is dedicated to it’s namesake.” Create some spooky sounds with this plugin that some say was created by the devil himself. (Others have said it was Krakli but I’m not sure)

Download Gargoyle here: Windows

So there you have it, 10 of the most bizarre and interesting VST plugins around for free. Got any unique plugins that you love? Let us know in the comments below!

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Skram – New iOS App From Creators of Tech Used By Daft Punk and Bjork

From Liine, creators of Lemur music tech used by Bjork, Deadmau5, Daft Punk, and others, comes a new music making app for the amateur to professional musicians.

Skram is a new app for iPad that aims to make it easy to create electronic music without simplifying the process to the point of losing it’s appeal. The app gives you access to a number of devices which you can use to create unique sounds. Using in-built widgets Skram offers 3 ways to create musical patterns with your devices, with more devices, widgets and features coming soon.

Developed by Liine, creators of Lemur MIDI controller used by various big name artists, Skram was created over the course of years in Berlin absorbing the bubble of musicians, producers, techies, and clubs that fill the city. Having worked with pros for years Liine decided they wanted to create an app that can be picked up by newbies whilst still providing a platform that more experienced musicians can enjoy creating on.

Liine CEO, Gareth Williams says: “We realised there was a need for an accessible platform, something to enable fans to make the music they like without feeling patronised. We felt that we could build something that inspires existing musicians too, for whom simplicity stimulates creativity, freedom and fun.”

A lot of music apps’ setbacks is their aim to either simplify the creative process for accessibility by beginners but leaving out any experimental potential for vets, or create a feature-packed program that even some of the best musos will find intimidating. Skram aims to find the middle-ground. Do they achieve it? Decide for yourself!

Skram is available for iPad with OS 9.0 or above for $4.99/£3.99/€4.99 from the App Store.

See Liine’s Lemur tech in use by Daft Punk at their cameo in Kanye West’s 2008 Grammy Awards performance here.

‘DJDJ’ The Complete DJ Mixing App For iPad

DJDJ is a new mixing app for your iPad that aims to give you “A complete no-nonsense DJ mixing app in your iPad” from app and music creator Rodrigo Yanez.

  • Super easy to loop a playing track, and you can save and trigger loops as if they were cues
  • Save up to 8 cues or cued loops
  • Play with 6 different EFX (can be used all at the same time) to add dynamism to your mixes
  • Use the usual DJ EQ with kill buttons to mute the bottom / mid / high bands
  • All of this always visible on one screen
  • Play with 4 decks at the same time! (iPad Pro: 4 decks fully visible, iPad: 2 decks fully visible, 2 decks minimised)

DJDJ is available for iPad 3 and above (with iPad retina) for $6.99 on the iOS store now.

Bkstg Makes It Easy For Musicians To Connect With Fans

Bkstg is a new app that lets artists get involved with their fans without the hassle of endless comments and responses that often happens on traditional social media.

It should be common knowledge to any musicians that social media is nearly always essential for connecting with audiences in the modern day. The problem with all these platforms however is that it’s easy for the fans to connect with the artist, but not so much the other way around. Bkstg is a new app that aims to give artists the power to interact with their fans.

With it’s new platform Bkstg lets users follow all their favourite artists where artists can then see who their fans are and connect with them in a variety of ways. It features a feed that acts like many other platforms’ feeds, allowing musicians to post photos, their thoughts, videos etc.

Where Bkstg gets interesting is in its ability to let artists offer their fans exclusive content, merchandise, exclusive tickets or certain discounts on them, live-stream, or even arrange meet-and-greets for fans in their area. The app also features a loyalty system where users can build up loyalty levels with artists, giving more of a chance that the artist will notice you, or even reward you for your support.

It’s important for artists to be able to recognise who their true fans are and recognise them for that. According to Bkstg 5-10% of a fanbase often accounts for about 80% or revenue for artists, and artists want to pay these followers back for their dedication and support. With Bkstg artists have the power to see who they’re most engaged fans are, who’s buying tickets and travelling to see them and it’s up to the artist what they do with that information.

Bkstg also opens up abilities to find new fans, for example there’s a feature that allows you to send out an offer to people in a certain area, for example discounted tickets to a gig if they haven’t sold that may draw someone in. The app launched yesterday with over 60 artists including Justin Bieber, Usher, Aerosmith, Maroon 5 and others.

Bkstg is free for fans and artists to use, however a cut will be taken for transactions made through the app. Available now on Android and iOS.

Serato DJ Integrates Pulselocker Streaming Into 1.9

Serato DJ have integrated Pulselocker into their new version 1.9 so you can stream, store and mix from a collection of 44 million tracks.

With Pulselocker‘s expansive music catalogue users have access to around 44 million tracks from almost half a million artists. Pulselocker is now integrated into the latest version of Serato DJ so users can search and add songs all from within the DJ software, you can even save unlimited tracks for offline use.

Serato’s CEO, AJ Bertenshaw said: “At Serato, we always try to carefully choose each feature to be aimed at the professional DJ. When it came to connecting to a music subscription service, we wanted to make sure our offering was the very best available. With unlimited offline storage, and a deep catalog of music pulled from an incredible range of independent and major labels, we believe Pulselocker is the ideal choice for the working DJ.”

In a great move Serato DJ have reset their trial versions with 1.9 so if you don’t have Serato DJ and have already used your trial, you can have another go! Either update your software or download Serato DJ here. You can also get a 2 week free trial of Pulselocker from here, to really explore the power of Serato and Pulselocker when combined.

Here are some of the great features of Serato DJ with Pulselocker integrated:

  • Easily manage your Pulselocker account with Serato DJ
  • Access your Pulselocker music and playlists on any computer by logging in through Serato DJ
  • Display Pulselocker music and playlists in Serato DJ
  • Store an unlimited number of Pulselocker tracks offline and make these available for playback when not connected to the internet
  • Manage your Pulselocker library and store files for offline use without leaving Serato DJ
  • Use the standard Serato DJ search bar to search both music in your local library AND from the Pulselocker catalogue
  • Load and play Pulselocker music from playlists or search results to Serato DJ Virtual Decks
  • Tracks will cache the first 30 seconds as quickly as possible for fast auditioning on the go
  • Easily see the status of Pulselocker music in the Serato DJ library with new status column icons identifying streaming, pending or stored music
  • Music is downloaded at 320kbps unless provided at lower quality (256kbps) by the label
  • Track Metadata is stored locally for played streaming tracks and analyzed offline music

Free Drum Rack and Samples Taken From Vinyl Records

ModeAudio are giving away an incredibly unique sample pack for free. This isn’t an ordinary drum rack as each sample has been recorded from vinyl for some great sounding natural hiss, crackle and drops (needle drops that is) on a selection of great beats.

Here’s what ModeAudio said about the pack:

Here at ModeAudio we love vinyl – so much so that we decided to make an entire drum rack out of turntable and vinyl samples for Ableton Live! Better still you can download the whole thing, including 32 samples and a template Ableton Live 9 session plus the vinyl rack itself, for free below

To make the rack, we took raw samples of record static, turntable spins and the needle falling into the groove and squashed, squeezed and skewed them into thumps, sweeps and sizzles – perfect for use as alternative kick, snare, hi-hat and percussion sounds!

You can download the free vinyl drum rack here. You can also get more free and paid packs from drum sounds to synth loops from ModeAudio’s website.

Try before you buy! (or download for free) Listen to the vinyl drum rack in action below: