Ever wanted to control a synth with your voice? Meet Dubler Studio Kit

Your voice is an instrument you never have to put down. Wouldn’t it be amazing to control synths and drumkits, even manipulate effects with it?

Dubler Studio Kit is a new software that transforms your voice into MIDI giving you unique control over instruments and effects. Using a custom, low latency USB microphone your musical experience is transformed with Dubler.

You can hum a melody that will be translated through a MIDI instrument into a digital piece of music. You can load up a virtual drumkit and beatbox out some rhythm and then manipulate filters and effects through a series of vocalisations. It offers up a completely new way of playing and creating digital music.

The creators say that they created Dubler Studio Kit to help release the musical ideas that come into our heads but get trapped there. They want Dubler not just to be a unique and fun way of creating but also as a way to release the musical ideas from our heads by simply vocalising them.

Here’s all you need to know:

  • Compatible with any DAW (Ableton/Logic/Reason/FL Studio/ProTools/GarageBand etc). 
  • Learns your voice in less than 60 seconds.
  • Allows you to use your voice as a live MIDI controller.
  •  Live pitch tracking for synth control.
  • Accurately select between, and trigger, up to 8 samples using your voice.
  •  Sustain sounds, samples and notes vocally.
  • Responsive to changes in velocity — takes all the information from exactly how you make a sound.
  •  Simultaneously talks to multiple MIDI channels— enabling sample triggering and synth control at the same time.
  • Control up to 4 CC [MIDI mapping] values based on the way you make a sound. Then easily map to anything from synth selection, effects controls, synth blending, filters and more.
  • Additional control of Pitch Bend and Envelope Following.
  • Works with non-vocal sounds too  — clap a beat or mic up an instrument.
  • Can be used to control effects and filters on other MIDI devices and instruments.
  •  Low latency [10-12ms] enabling real-time, live control.

Dubler Studio Kit is currently raising money via Kickstarter to release it’s software and microphone. For an early bird price of £175 or more you can nab yourself the software, microphone and USB cable for it’s planned launch in October. It’s planned retail price for the future is £300 / $395.

Get a $368 worth of DAWs and beatmaking tools for just $25

Humble Bundle have an amazing deal for all you producers and beatmakers out there this month.

Whether you’re a seasoned producer or an aspiring beatmaker Humble Bundle have an incredible deal that you’d be a fool to miss out on. You have until the 20th March to load up your music-making arsenal with some top quality software and a bunch of tasty samples and sounds to get yourself brewing up beastly beats.

Humble Bundle works with charities, companies and creators to offer up a selection of software, games, books, and more at amazing prices. Every bundle you buy the money goes to help charities as well as to the devs behind what you’re getting – you even get to choose how much you’d like to go to each party.

Humble Bundle want to get you music making with some of the best software out there at an unbeatable price. For just $1 (or more, it’s for charity and you choose your price) you get Music Maker EDM Edition and a Trance Masters Soundpool.

For $12.48 or more you get MP3 Deluxe 19 and a Dream House Soundpool. Then of course for $25 or more you get the whole package with ACID Pro, SOUND FORGE and a premium Soundpool – Discharge.

Don’t be a dingus – all this amazing music software for the price of 2 large takeway pizzas? Yes please.

Head here to take advantage.

Maschine’s integration with Sounds.com brings millions of samples into your workflow

Native Instruments’ Maschine software just became an even better package for producers with loads of samples and sounds available through their new partnership.

Sounds.com is one of the largest royalty-free, curated site of sounds and samples in the world. It’s a vast and varied catalogue featuring over 1 million high quality sounds that can be used, edited, and manipulated to create new dimensions to your music.

With their integration into Native Instruments’ Maschine software you no longer have to add each new sound or sample individually. Simply log into your Sounds.com account, add the sounds you want to a collections and download the collection in your Native Instruments software to have access to them all right there.

With one click sync your Sounds.com account, and your saved collections will automatically populate in your Maschine or Komplete Kontrol library. Every sound is intuitively tagged using the NKS protocol – just like the rest of your library – meaning you can find the right sound fast and throw it straight into your next project.

Log into your account next time you’re using Native Instruments software and get sampling simpler than ever.

Play a classic Cornish organ on your phone

In the ‘most beautiful churchyard in England’, in a small Cornish village there is a classic Cornish pipe organ. That organ is also in the app store.

At RouteNote we love music and we love our home county – Cornwall. So you can imagine our excitement when these things are combined. Without further adieu, let us introduce you to a classic Cornish sound that is just waiting to come out of your iOS devices.

The ‘most beautiful churchyard in England’ in the Cornish village of St. Just in Roseland is home to a quite magnificent pipe organ. The St. Just in Roseland Organ app for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch reproduces the instrument in stunning detail, clarity and accuracy, and is the first recreation of an English church organ for iOS.

From the sweet flutes of the Lieblich Gedact and Lieblich Flute, through the shimmering strings of the Salicional, Gamba and Voix Celeste to the foundation-shaking brass fanfares of the Trumpet and Clarion, every detail of the original organ is captured. Our groundbreaking ‘Wavetable Trajectory Synthesis’ – premiered in our Victorian Chapel Organ – ensures that the organ is free of all mechanical and wind noise. The app sounds organic and natural rather than cold and repetitive, and yet is so efficient that the organ runs perfectly on devices as old as iPad 2, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch 5G.

The organ is perfectly suited to both liturgical music and the classical organ repertoire. It is an ideal instrument for organists wishing to practice at home, for pianists learning organ, for churches needing a lower cost replacement for a failing pipe organ, for choirs needing a portable pipe organ for practice and performance, and for iOS musicians and composers looking for a new palette of sounds to add colour to recordings and performances.

​For fans of early and historic music the organ supports a number of temperaments, allowing players to experiment with ‘key colours’. This allows period pieces, in particular the organ works of  J.S Bach and his contemporaries, to be performed and heard the way the writers intended – with sweeter consonances and more dramatic dissonances than the characterless nature of modern Equal Temperament. 


  • Entire organ – Swell, Great and Pedals – playable from a single attached USB MIDI keyboard
    • ‘OMNI’ mode for out of the box plug and play with a single keyboard
    • Out of the box / zero configuration support for Novation Launchkey series keyboards
  • Built-in silky smooth reverberation unit
  • ​8 programmable pistons for instant recall of entire console (stops and couplers)
  • Rich and programmable MIDI implementation supports reverb, pistons, swell and crescendo pedals
  • ‘Dynamic Range Compression’ slider equalizes stop volumes for quiet practice sessions
  • Tiny app footprint – under 20MBytes
    • No samples
    • Synthesis is implemented using WAVETABLE technology
    • Highest performance
    • Lowest noise
    • Smallest storage requirement
    • Best attack, release and re-attack dynamics – no ‘machine gunning’ of identical, repeated samples
  • 5 selectable temperaments
    • Equal
    • Silbermann 1/6 comma meantone
    • Werckmeister III
    • Young II 1799
    • Pythagorean
  • ​’Autopedal’ pseudo coupler intelligently selects bass note to play, minimizing ‘bass jumping’ on chord transitions
    • ‘Autopedal’ can be configured to use only the lowest octave of pedal range for ‘deep bass reinforcement’ mode 
  • ‘Virtual MIDI only’ setting for use in a multi-app / DAW environment
  • 44.1 / 48kHz switchable playback rate
  • AudioBus / inter-app audio support
  • FREE version (‘Explorer Edition’) available – limited stops but otherwise complete functionality

Put an authentic sounding mellotron in your iPhone

You don’t need to carry around a massive keyboard to play a mellotron on the go. This app puts the same level of quality into your iOS devices.

Brought to you in partnership with Streetly Electronics, the inventors of the mellotron, Streetlytron includes a massive collection of 90 tapes, with 65 drawn from Streetly’s Production Masters – exactly the same tapes that ship with their $8,000 M4000 unit. Completing the sample sets are our own very popular ‘Caitlin Downie Soprano’ and ‘Clare Lindley Violin’ collection, to offer a huge, rich selection of choral and string textures for your mixes.

Playable with the on-screen 3 octave keyboard or by an attached MIDI controller, Streetlytron Pro exposes every internal control to MIDI, allowing performance and recording without ever needing to touch your device. A gorgeous, silky-smooth, ultra-musical reverb unit generates immense spaces, and 8 programmable preset slots set you up for one-touch performance. Totally playable and totally inspiring, for everything from classic psychedelic, vintage progressive, modern chamber pop or avant-garde dance sounds.

Virtual MIDI, AudioBus and Inter-App Audio are supported.

No In-App Purchases, no hidden extra costs. Pay once, never pay again.

All voices are available in original form, straight from Streetly Electronics Production Tape library – unlooped 8 second samples, with a unique sample for every key of the 35 note range. To offer more performance flexibility the ‘LOOP’ button may be engaged, which process the samples to offer seamless looping. Some voices have decay tails – e.g pianos, harpsichord, staccato voices – and these are left unlooped. Streetlytron Pro Edition uses an advanced cubic spline interpolator, to delivery premium sonic quality when pitch bending or re-tuning.

The Mellotronics Streetlytron Pro by Omenie is available for $24.99 from the app store.

Play with an entire orchestra through one simple app

Finding an orchestra to play along on your own terms isn’t easy… But with a new app you have an orchestra on hand wherever you go that will play along with you.

Do you ever find yourself playing your instrument and thinking, “This would be so much better with a band of classically trained musicians”? Metronaut is an app that solves this age-old issue by accompanying your playing with some of the best orchestras and pianists.

The new app offers fully acoustic and high quality studio recordings to play along with. You can control the tempo and the key all without infringing on the sound quality. Make pieces easier to play or sing along to by adjusting the composition to suit what you can play or what your voice is capable of.

Metronaut brings musical scores up to date with touch screens allowing you to zoom in as well as adjust their playback. With automatic scrolling you can easily follow along as you play and select where to start down to each and every note.

You can transpose any piece for your instrument of choice and gain accompaniment with baritone for a soprano, violin for a clarinet, and much more. You can record anything you play, annotate the score and track it.

The app works on a freemium model which means that you can download the app and play for 10 minutes a month. Then you have the option to pay $10 a month for unlimited access.

The startup that have developed Metronaut, Antescofo, raised $4.5 million in funding in a new round led by Daphni and OneRagTime. With their newfound support the app should see even more scope in it’s capabilities making their subscription even more valuable.

Metronaut is available on Android and iOS.

Get this $99 compressor plugin free while you can

For one week only IK Multimedia are offering up their valuable T-RackS Quad Comp compressor for free – so nab it while you can.

Add IK Multimedia’s great compressor plugin to your library and get it free from now until February 14th. The T-RackS Quad Comp is yours for free when you register to IK Multimedia’s mailing list to receive their latest news.

The quality compressor plugin is worth $99 and will be unlocked inside of your T-RackS Custom Shop for free if you sign up to their newsletter. The T-RackS Custom Shop is IK Multimedia’s free app for storing their plugins. Download it for free to also receive the Classic Equalizer module, a 6-band parametric mastering EQ, and the T-RackS Metering Suite.

The Quad Comp available for free is a multiband dynamics processor that provides control over the full frequency spectrum of a track which allows you to apply the processing to specific parts of the audio. This is achieved with the use of filters which split the full frequency range into separate bands.

This way processing only affects a selected band while the others are left untouched (if desired). This part of the processing is critical as the nature of the filters used for the frequency splitting is crucial in order to achieve a transparent and natural sounding separation of the bands, where the crossover points don’t generate artifacts.

Each compressor has a full set of controls allowing to tailor the compression on the band it’s applied on to achieve the desired result. The flexibility of this processor is also augmented by the selectable slope of the filters which can be as broad as 6 dB/Oct or as steep as 24 dB/Oct, for maximum separation.

The ability to compress each band separately allows you to tame unwanted peaks in a selected portion of the audio spectrum, only if and when a set threshold is exceeded. The possibility to set compression ratio and time constants independently for each band gives you extreme flexibility and precision. Solo and mute buttons make it easy to audition how the compressor is working on a selected band. 

Find out more and sign up to IK Multimedia’s mailing list here.

Arcade is a synthesizer, looper, sample store and more all in one

Expand your workflow in style with the massive and brilliant virtual instrument and sampler that is Arcade.

Arcade calls itself a ‘playable loop synthesizer’ but what it offers is much more than that. It’s a virtual instrument that puts other plug-ins to shame not just thanks to it’s power and versatility but the way that it presents itself in such a streamlined manner.

From the intuitive team at Output, Arcade offers up sampling manipulation in a synthesizer form with a beautiful interface. It makes sample arranging so much simpler by allowing you to browse and download from their extensive collection from inside the plugin, so no having to navigate websites and sort through folders.

It organises all samples you’ve downloaded into the plugin in what Output call ‘Sonic Worlds’ which arrange them descriptively, with names like ‘Modular Circuitry’, ‘Field of Sounds’ and ‘Toys’. Their cloud based browser offers 3 different types of content: Product Lines, Kits, and Loops. You can also add your own samples into Arcade.

Each Sonic World features its own interface with four sliders that can control 11 effects for extensive control over the sound and manipulation of sounds and samples. Using a keyboard the plugin spreads samples across white keys and uses the black keys as modifiers for live manipulation as you play.

Arcade’s founder and CEO, Gregg Lehrman said: “All you have to do is watch someone use Arcade for 5 minutes and you grasp the impact this will have on music production. Our goal from day one has always been to help musicians be creative. I think this is a huge next step in the fulfilment of that vision and can’t wait to hear how it inspires and transforms music.”

Arcade works on a monthly subscription basis for $10 though you can sign up for a free 14 days to gain unlimited access to 20+ Product Lines, 900+ Kits, 20,000+ Loops and more content every day.

MOTU’s DAW get’s clip launching like Ableton in it’s next version to enhance production flow

MOTU’s DP 10 update brings a bunch of great new features for music production but their Clip Window might be the best.

MOTU’s Digital Performer is one of the most high quality DAWs out there although it’s often left out of tops lists in favour of the more popular offerings like Ableton, FL Studio, Logic Pro and others. With Digital Performer 10 the DAW presents it’s best, most diverse offering yet with new features taking it’s production capabilities to the next level.

One of competitor Ableton’s most beloved features is it’s session view allowing the looping, recording and launching of clips in an arrangement that makes building around loops and samples a dream. MOTU have taken inspiration for DP 10 with the introduction of Clips Window.

The new Clip Window allows you to trigger, stack, add and edit loops on the fly for a seamless producing process of building blocks. It’s a brilliant way to create and build upon ideas but also enhances live performance as you can triggers individual clips or multiple clips at a time, rows of clips and more.

With Digital Performer’s unique clip queue you can stack clip sequences so that you don’t have to manually trigger each one. Like with Ableton’s Session View the Clips Window will work seamlessly with many MIDI controllers for launching tracks, rows and clips.

Beyond the Clips Window there are loads more improvements and additions to make DP 10 their best DAW yet. The new Stretch Edit layer lets you precisely control anchor points to achieve exactly the feel you want. For global tempo control, simply enable Stretch mode and the entire audio track instantly conforms to your project tempo and time line, even with smooth tempo changes over time.

With the Beat Detection feature DP 10 can find the beat in your rhythmic audio, from individual loops to multi-channels stems to full mixes. Once beats are detected, you can fully manipulate them with DP’s new Stretch Audio feature and industry-leading tempo adjustment features. Drop loops into the Clips Window, all completely in time with the rest of your music.

If it’s feature packed interface wasn’t enough, MOTU’s Digital Performer 10 comes with 6 GB of free loops and sample packs to work from and use in your mixes and tracks.

Digital Performer 10 comes with loads of amazing, new features on top of what made the DAW an already quality contender. Find out more here: motu.com/products/software/dp.

MOTU Digital Performer 10 is planned for release in the next few months for PC and Mac for $499 with upgrade options for existing DP owners.

AudioKit’s amazing Synth One is now on iPhone free

The largest free and open-source iOS music app in history, the fully featured, professional Synth One is now available on iPhone’s totally free.

The Synth One app is a massively capable synthesizer made for iOS devices that is fully functional and free to download. Now the app, created by sound designers and consultants who have worked with M83, Rihanna, Kanye West, and many more, is available free for iPhone users.

AudioKit’s Synth One has been in development for 3 years for the iPhone and iPad and now its handcrafted interface for iPhones is available. For their iPhone launch sound designer Francis Preve, who has worked with Serum, Korg, and Ableton, has created a new bank for the Synth One.


  • Hybrid Analog/FM Poly Synth (6-voice)
  • Over 300+ Presets crafted by famous sound designers
  • Accessibility! Voice Over for the blind & visually impaired
  • Audiobus 3 & Inter-app Audio (IAA)
  • AUM, BeatMaker 3, Cubasis, GarageBand, etc compatible
  • Five Oscillators (2 DCO, FM, Sub, Noise)
  • 2 Assignable LFOs with dozens of routing possibilities
  • 100+ Alternative Scales & Tunings
  • Vintage-Style 16-Step Sequencer
  • Classic poly arpeggiator
  • Ableton Link
  • MIDI in (Control with a MIDI Keyboard or DAW)
  • Touchable ADSR Envelopes for Amp & Filter
  • FM Oscillator w/ Mod
  • Dedicated Sine/Square -12/24 Sub Osc
  • 4-Pole Vintage Low-Pass Filter
  • High-Pass/Band Pass Filters
  • Mono portamento & legato
  • Beautiful Sean Costello Reverb
  • Multi-tap (ping-pong) delay
  • TouchPads
  • Preset Import/Export & More…
  • MIDI Learn on all knobs
  • MIDI Bank (MSB)/Patch Change & Sustain Pedal support
  • Compact app size (under 50mb)

AudioKit Synth One synthesizer iOS iPhone iPad app application