PUSH.FM Premium just launched offering unlimited music promotion

You can now become a Premium artist or label on PUSH.FM and break the chains of music promotion with unlimited, unique campaigns and in-depth analytics.

PUSH.FM Premium is here! As a Premium user your PUSH.FM experience is upgraded from 30 Fan Links and 1 pre-Save to as many music promotion campaigns as you like – that’s unlimited!

Premium costs just £4.99 a month to break the limits to how much you can promote your music.

Create as many Fan Links pages as you like so that everyone can find your music with a simple click no matter what services they use. Every time you’ve got an upcoming release get those Pre-Saves on the go so your fans are ready for you music every time.

Head to PUSH.FM now and sign up to Premium to unleash the true potential of your music.

PUSH.FM Premium launches taking music promotion even further

PUSH.FM is the new promotional platform from RouteNote that offers unique ways to share and spread your music around the world.

This year we launched PUSH.FM to join artist on the next step of their journey – getting their music in front of old fans and new listeners and being heard. We’ve now launched PUSH.FM Premium to offer artists and labels unlimited campaigns with their fan links and pre-saves

With trackable campaigns and unique promotional opportunities, PUSH.FM provides the next path for artists once their music is live. Because your music needs more than just to be available to be a success, it needs a push to get in front of the people who matter.


You want to build hype for your music before it officially comes out. With a Pre-Save campaign you can send your fans to Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music to save your new release into their library ready for the big day.

So the people who love your music are ready to listen the moment your music drops.

Fan Links

When it comes to streaming music, listeners have many options for where to go. This can make it hard when you’re sharing your music, because which link do you choose to share?

When you create a Fan Links page with PUSH.FM we compile as many links to different streaming services and music stores as we can onto one, sexy looking page.

Every campaign you launch is completely track-able and you can follow how it’s performing with real-time, in-depth analytics showing you exactly what your music doing.

Head to PUSH.FM now and sign up to Premium to unleash the true potential of your music.

How to make your music available to pre-save on Spotify for free

Spotify Pre-Saves ensure that when you’re building hype for your new music release you’ve got as many listeners tuning in on the day as possible.

Like pre-orders on iTunes, when your music is available for Pre-Save on Spotify people can come and find it before it’s released. This can be really valuable – fans can save your music in advance, playlists can add it ready for the drop date, new listeners can add it to their queue so it plays as soon as it’s ready.

Pre-Saves will help to boost your first day streams ensuring that your release day makes the impact that you want your music to have. You can also make a cool card so that when people go to Pre-Save your music they’ll be presenting with your own unique image and you can introduce your new music – writing about what it means to you and what it’s about.

If you’re releasing your music for free on RouteNote you can set your music up on Spotify for Pre-Saves. Here’s how!

1. Upload Your Music

The first step is to get your music to Spotify of course. It’s free and easy to upload your music at www.routenote.com. You can choose from all of the top music services in the world to send your music to including iTunes, Amazon, Apple Music, Deezer, Pandora, and many more.

Make sure you select Spotify if you want to Pre-Save.

2. Set Your Release Date

When you’re uploading your release you need to set a release date in the future so there’s time for people to save your music of course! Set your Release Date when you upload your music.

You’re going to want to set it to go live a while after you upload it so that there is time for it to go online and to let your Pre-Save campaign work it’s magic. You want to give time to build up hype!

We recommend to upload it at least 2 weeks before you want your release available to Pre-Save to give it time to upload, get moderated, and process in Spotify. Then you want about a month for it to be available to Pre-Save before the official release date.

Give it time – we know you want to get your music online and being listened to but patience builds excitement and anticipation.

3. Get On PUSH.FM

PUSH.FM is our promotional platform for artists that helps you create new opportunities to connect with fans and campaigns to take your music even further once it’s on the biggest music stores and services around the world.

Use Pre-Saves with PUSH.FM to give your fans direct access to your upcoming releases. With Pre-Saves they can save your music to their library so that on release day it’s there, ready and waiting to listen to.

Wish PUSH.FM artists can create cool campaigns so that fans get a bonus when they hit Pre-Save on your new release. Give them access to private tracks, competitions, early access to other songs and more!

This is just the beginning of what we offer you with PUSH.FM and there is much more to come as we expand it.

Let everyone know what your new music is about and get it out there everywhere so that on drop day your music is the hit it deserves to be!

If you have any questions or issues get in touch at support@routenote.com and our team will help get your music online just the way you want it.