RouteNote partners with South Korea’s MelOn music store

RouteNote are thrilled to announce a new partnership with MelOn, bringing our global roster of talented artists to South Korea.

MelOn is a South Korean music store that has been running since 2004 and owned by LOEN Entertainment since 2009. MelOn has an impressive 2.3 million users just in South Korea who download and stream music from MelOn’s music service.

What does this mean as a RouteNote user?

This simply means that there is one more store and another few million people who you can distribute your music to, for free, and get heard even further around the world. All previous releases will automatically be uploaded to MelOn so you don’t need to do anything and your music will get a whole new audience!

If you would like to opt-out of your music being added to MelOn please email with your username.

What is MelOn?

MelOn aren’t just a music service but a major influence in South Korea’s unique music consumption. In 2013 they were ranked as the 3rd most influential entity in K-pop – South Korea’s broad and massively popular musical “genre”. MelOn’s name is an acronym for Melody On.

MelOn can be accessed through a variety of devices including digital cameras, as well as the expected smartphones, digital audio players and portable media players. Users can enjoy features such as language and images on the desired song or album, SNS sharing, music listening, music video playback and download, mobile phone music transfer, and iTunes integration. Melon also allows you create custom ringtones – which is pretty cool.

MelOn have won a variety of awards since launching 13 years ago, including:

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RouteNote Partners With New Stores Anghami and Claro-musica

RouteNote are proud to announce that we have partnered with two new stores to get your music worldwide – Anghami and Claro-musica. The addition of these two new stores will help RouteNote artists reach even wider audiences worldwide.

Anghami – Anghami were the first legal music streaming platform and digital distribution company launched in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. They provide unlimited music streaming and downloads for offline use, featuring a massive library of Arabic music as well as International music. Anghami aimed to help reduce the high rates of music piracy in the Middle East by being the first to offer legal streaming, with a passion for protecting artists and their music.

Claro-musica – Claro-musica is a Latin American music service that provides music streaming online and offline as well as various download plans. They are powered by imusica, one of leading digital management and distribution companies in Latin America. Their services are available in 16 countries including Brazil, Argentina and Mexico.

As with all new distribution partnerships through RouteNote, Anghami and Claro-musica are open to both Free and Premium users at no extra cost. To be included simply make sure you have the Anghami and Claro-musica store selection checked for your releases and we’ll do the rest!

These two new stores will be controlled on an opt-out basis, so if you already have distribution to other streaming stores and do not want to be included in Anghami and/or Claro-musica please contact: or create a ticket on-site.

French Music Industry Pave The Way For Fair Artist Treatment

SC Distribution’s label signing for WIN

On Friday the French Music Industry agreed to bring in a new code of conduct based on the Worldwide Independent Network (WIN)’s Fair Digital Deals Declaration.

This voluntary alteration was agreed by an accumulation of French record companies, unions, recording artists, performers, online music services and others.  The agreement promises more transparency, freedom and fair treatment for artists in France.

The Fair Digital Deals Declaration has 5 key aims:

  1. Ensure that artists’ share of download and streaming revenues is clearly explained in recording agreements and royalty statements in reasonable summary form.
  2. Account to artists a good-faith pro-rata share of any revenues and other compensation from digital services that stem from the monetisation of recordings but are not attributed to specific recordings or performances.
  3. Encourage better standards of information from digital services on the usage and monetisation of music.
  4. Support artists who choose to oppose, including publicly, unauthorised uses of their music.
  5. Support the collective position of the global independent record company sector as outlined in the Global Independent Manifesto.


The chairman of WIN, Alison Wenham, said:

As I have said on many occasions throughout this process of implementing the Fair Digital Deals Declaration around the world over the last year, a healthy commercial relationship based on mutual trust and partnership between artists and labels is critical to the long term financial health of our industry.

The French music industry has shown great vision in embracing this initiative and I applaud them for it. The constructive and fruitful discussions between artists and the industry mediated by Marc Schwartz and the office of Fleur Pellerin are a shining example for others to follow.


France has taken the first step in what we hope leads to a fairer online landscape for artists. The possibilities with the internet and music are vast and brilliant  but artists need to be protected, informed and fairly treated by all areas of the industry.

Director General of the French Union of Phonographic Producers, Jerome Roger, said of the agreement:

After many months of negotiations it is extremely gratifying to see an agreement in place that will see French featured artists and record companies working together in a transparent manner towards fair deals in the digital environment.

We have demonstrated that by sitting down and discussing these hugely important issues we can reach an agreement that benefits everyone involved. We should all be very proud of that.

Find out more about WIN and the Fair Digital Deals Declaration from their website:

SFX Entertainment Consider Fire Sale of Assets Including Beatport

Industry News

SFX Entertainment, an EDM promoter focussing on live events, is looking into a fire sale of its assets after one of it’s events, The TomorrowWorld festival, was left in disarray after torrential weather left many stranded at the the festival. The day after on Monday SFX shares fell 7.5 percent after the Atlanta festival was left issuing refunds and lost concessions.

CEO and founder of SFX, Robert Sillerman, founded the company in 2011 and spent the next two years on acquisitions to cement his company in the world of EDM, reportedly spending over $1 billion.

Here are just some of the assets in SFX’s name that could be up for sale:

  • Beatport – EDM download and streaming site
  • Totem OneLove Group Pty Ltd. – Australian electronic music festival producer
  • ID&T – Amsterdam based dance music festival producer running Tomorrowland and TomorrowWorld
  • Flavorus – Ticketing company
  • React Presents – EDM events organiser
  • Monumental Productions BV – Producer of ‘Awakenings’ events
  • 50% stake in Alda Holding BV – EDM event producer

This news all comes just a month after SFX were reported to have secured $90 million in new funding when Richard Rosenstein, CFO at SFX, said: “With the success of many of our festivals in the current quarter and this added financial flexibility, SFX is better positioned to continue growing our powerful brands and support our extraordinary team members who are focussed on executing on our strategic plans.”

The deadline for SFX’s special committee and advisors to accept proposals and assets for the company is tomorrow.

Research Finds Music Could Aid Epilepsy Seizures

We all know the effects music can have on us emotionally, therapeutically, motivation and so on. Now researchers at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center have found that music also has a unique effect associated with epilepsy – musical brainwave synchronisation.

The idea to experiment the effect of music on those with epilepsy came to Christine Charyton, PHD, on the knowledge that 80% of epilepsy seizures originate in the auditory cortex of the brain, the part that processes music.

The experiment involved an electroencephalogram which tracked brain activity as patients listened to two pieces of music separated by 10 minutes of silence. Patients with and without epilepsy listened to My Favorite Things by John Coltrane and Mozart’s Sonata in D Major.

The findings showed that all patients had higher levels of brainwave activity when listening to music, as expected, but interestingly patients with epilepsy were more likely to have their brainwaves synchronise with the music.

When a seizure occurs a persons brain synchronises with itself and they lose consciousness. Dr Charyton said of the study: “What happens instead is that they’ll listen to the music, and we had John Coltrane and Mozart, and they ended up, their brain synchronised with the music in the temporal lobe. We think that the music may be highly effective, in our study,nobody had a seizure when listening to the music or during the entire study.”

It’s not yet known whether this discovery could aid seizures for those with epilepsy but the studies look promising, and who wouldn’t want to be prescribed music as your medicine.

Providing Meaningful Partners

A couple of days ago we wrote a quick article informing our artists that we will no longer be supporting through our platform. Artists can now sign up directly to the service and receive royalties, thus RouteNote was not required in this process.

I would like to thank all the press who picked up on this story:

Hypebot – RoutNote is pulling it’s clients tracks from music site because it says royalty payments have been too low.

Digital Music News – CBS has experienced difficulty ramping premiums and creating a meaningful revenue picture.

Billboard Biz – RouteNote artists are free to join on their own. has a great service and we really encourage our artists to join the service directly, then they can use the service for promotional purposes and earn more revenues. To Take Over Broadcast Stations In The US

last-fm-logo is to takeover four HD radio stations off CBS in the US  including, New York, LA, Chicago  and San Francisco. All stations will have the same play-list, which will be determined by the outcome of the weekly charts according to the website, to feature a mix of music aggregated and influenced by the service’s user-generated weekly charts. Twinned with performances and interviews from its new New York studios. The new station will also be accessable through the website, as well as the already established CBS radio. Which is good news for fans across the pond as the new HD radio stations will only be accessible to HD radio receivers in the new areas: New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and San Francisco.

The broadcast will begin on October 5th, and as well as being able to find it through the named sites it will be available through the relevant related apps through iPhone, iPod Touch and some Blackberries.

Disclosure: RouteNote is a partnered with

Advice For New Bands From

Rock Band

Starting up a band is relatively easy. Four mates that all wanna be rock stars, can all play reasonably, right some songs that you all think are the nuts (or learn covers that make money) and find a place to practice. Most starting up bands though all have jobs that help them fund their obsession with the latest release from Gibson or whoever you adore. That’s just the problem though, working men in Indy (or whatever your music scene thing is) bands don’t have the time to promote themselves. Its just not realistic to be a super mum and plug your band at the same time. So what precious time they do have needs to count. Here are three easy steps from that should make it easier. And I hope that subscribers are all reading this! (if not, shame on you!)

  • Gigs. The bottom line for a band is playing in front of people. There is no point in rocking out and singing about saving the universe if you’ve got on-one to listen. Open mic nights are good place to start if you can make it. Offer to play every week with the establishment, so there is always someone there at least, they’ll appreciate that and you’ll find yourself in a  semi-house band situation. You’ll end up playing with other people too and eventually creating a name for yourself in the local community.
  • Social Networking. Social network yourself like crazy. Make friends with every band that slaps themselves on Myspace or Facebook and they’ll make friends with you right back. Even if they make a thousand empty promises to go to your gigs, they’ll still know your name an recognise it if they see it on a poster or their friends tell them about you. Try to go to as many of their gigs as possible. You’ll not only be able to create some more contacts and friends along the way, but it will encourage them to go to yours. More people at your gigs means things are improving already. You can then start to plug your social network site and contacts to your fans.microphone
  • Contacts and Circles. Semi-contradictory to the second one, don’t follow everyone else at once, sometimes its nice to be missed. Spend most of your social Network time (when you go out i mean not in front of the PC) at a lot of the same places. Follow local promoters that you think have a genuine interest in your band and follow bands that you want to work with. You’ll start to become a regular and will become synonymous with the music scene. It should result in you becoming “that guy” people think of if they need an amp or whatever. They’ll start to ring you and offer you gigs, soon after that the band should start to look after itself.

One More Film From Micheal Jackson.

Superior court judge Mitchell Beckloff has approved a three way deal between Micheal Jackson’s estate, tour/concert promoters AEG live and Columbia Pictures who are interested in making a movie of the pop stars final rehearsals.michael-jackson

The project, that was given a thumbs on 7th August, will be a collaboration of hundreds of hour the singers backstage rehearsals for venues in Los-Angeles and some footage of his preparations for what was intended to be his 50 date London comeback tour.

Columbia have announced that the film is scheduled to be released on 30th October and have  forked out $6o million for the rights for the film. Some of the film will reportedly be in 3D, well, lets hope in doesn’t turn into another moon-walker!