New Spotify Playlist For Gamers! Vital EDM | Gaming – Updated Weekly

Vital has launched a new Spotify playlist for gamers. This new playlist aims to feature some of the newest electronic music from around the world. Vital EDM | Gaming is updated every Friday with brand new tunes. If your looking for a new electronic playlist to listen to while gaming then this is the one to follow.

Introducing ShoeBox Collection: The new home to the best of RouteNote music

We would like to welcome you to our new YouTube channel featuring the latest and greatest music coming from RouteNote.

At RouteNote we distribute thousands of amazing artists from the massively popular to fresh faces just entering the music industry to music services around the world. With the amount of brilliant tunes we hear every day we want to share the love with you! That’s why we bring you ShoeBox Collection.

We already have Outertone, our collection of incredible electronic music and artists. Now with ShoeBox Collection we have a new hub for all of the outstanding bands playing rock, shoegaze, ambient, indie, post-punk and alternative music.

You can catch all the latest music coming out of ShoeBox on our new YouTube channel and the new Spotify playlist where awesome new tracks will be added regularly.

We’ve just started ShoeBox and we hope you will think it is as great as we do, so go and check out some great music as we build a new platform for getting our excellent artists heard. If you’re a band making music then upload your music at today for your very own chance to feature on the ShoeBox Collection too!

This is a collection of our favourite bands that we love to hear come through RouteNote, and we think you’ll love them too!

Check out some of our music so far and subscribe to the ShoeBox Collection channel!

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Steve Aoki, Spotify and Gatorade are getting you pumped with personalised workout playlists

Spotify have teamed up with Steve Aoki and Gatorade to create personalised playlists that “give athletes an extra boost in their workouts to help them stay motivated”.

The newest feature from Spotify aims to give you your own personal playlist, curated to give you the best results and keep you motivated. With ‘Gatorade Amplify’ each playlist created is designed to match the intensity and duration of your workout with crossfading between the various intervals of your workout.

The new web-based application was created by Spotify in partnership with Gatorade and Steve Aoki to create the perfect blend of a workout regimen and the motivational, focussing power of music. Through the app you can create 3 different personalised playlists based on the type of workout regimen you’re after:

  1. High-Intensity Workout
  2. Interval Training
  3. The Steve Aoki Experience – the ultimate energy mix, executive-produced by Steve Aoki featuring artists from Dim Mak Records.

To help decide what tracks should be used in playlists Spotify and Gatorade worked with The Sync Project, a research company, to determine acoustic and BPM trends by analysing popular workout playlists and songs. Based off of this information Spotify reckon that they are able to create the best playlists to motivate you to workout to the best of your ability. The playlists will also refresh each week so you always have a fresh soundtrack to get pumping to.

Workout playlists are one of Spotify’s most popular playlist types with almost 300 million minutes worth of workout playlists streamed every month.

Get started with Gatorade Amplify now by heading here:

Create and share playlists across all streaming services with Spinlist

The wealth of music streaming services is incredible for the music industry but when all your friends use different services sharing music is hard, but not with Spinlist.

Spinlist is a new service that allows you create playlists that can be shared across any streaming services so you can share it with whoever you want. With all the different services Spinlist brings back the communal feeling of music, letting you share your tastes no matter whether the other person’s on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and YouTube.

Spinlist is launching it’s app on an invitation basis for iOS and online today. Spinlist aren’t the first to attempt a synergy of streaming services for the fans but with various difficulties like licensing costs for music and the popularity in curated playlists from musos and streamers most of these have failed.

But Buick is confident with Spinlist, citing a stat he was told by a music executive last year that more music is shared via burned CD’s than streaming playlists. People still want to share music, especially their own personal selections, but despite the convenience of music streaming, sharing music online still isn’t as common as you’d expect. Speaking on the other attempts to create a similar service, Buick said: “I think a lot of those other startups might have been ahead of their time.”

Spinlist will also work as it’s own platform for music discovery with a mix of human and AI curated playlists you can browse, listen to and, of course, share. Spinlist already works with some of the major music streamers and say that more will come soon, including Amazon Music, Pandora Plus, Tidal, Deezer, Google Play Music and others.

Buick moved to Spinlist after co-founding Hipstamatic, a popular app that found itself at the rise of photo filtering apps. With experience in launching successful startups and a clear aim Buick has already managed to entice some big funding including from Sparklabs Global.

You can try out Spinlist by going and requesting an invitie to try out the app early.

Spotify now offers you personalised playlists every day

Spotify have launched Daily Mix, a series of playlists refreshed every day that offers you a selection of your favourite music.

Unlike Spotify’s massively popular Discover Weekly playlists, Daily Mix isn’t about discovering music and rather “rediscovering” music. Spotify’s new playlists combine a selection of the tracks they know you love already, interspersed with some new recommendations from Spotify.

The playlist’s are designed to bring together all your favourite music based on your listening history and save the time it would take to go through all your music and create those pesky playlists yourself. The continuously updated playlists will never leave you hanging, providing almost endless playing thanks to it’s consistently refreshed offerings.

Spotify’s lead developer for music discovery and personalisation, Matt Ogle said that whilst Daily Mix also bases itself off of your listening history like Discover Weekly, “that’s where the similarities end”. He added: “In a lot of ways it’s the opposite of Discover Weekly. Daily Mix is trying to take the work out of hitting a button and always hearing music that you love.”

As your music listening evolves so will Daily Mix’s offerings evolve too and if it ever offers up a track that you don’t like simply right click and ‘ban’ to keep it from future Daily Mixes. Spotify said in a release statement:

With Daily Mix, we wanted to find a way to take the work out of playing and organizing daily listening. By offering consistently refreshed playlists of your favourite music with near-endless playback, you can hopefully spend less time maintaining playlists and more time enjoying the music that you love.

Daily Mixes are available to existing users around the world from ‘Your Library’ on Spotify’s Android and iOS apps. Daily Mix will be added to all platforms soon. For new users you can access Daily Mix after listening for around 2 weeks.

Spotify Playlists of the best music of all time updated weekly

Spotify user Skleverton has compiled a massive selection of playlists for the best music of the past, and playlists of new music updated weekly.

Playlists for every occassion or for just browsing the best music. From both the 60s and 80s summers of love, history of garage rock, 90s parties, and many more.

One of Skleverton’s most regularly updated playlists is his Best Albums of the Week 2016, updated every week with a new album. Check them out for yourself from Skelverton’s profile or try some below:

2016 Albums of the Week

Clubbing 2015

History of Hip Hop

‘Beat Goes On’ – Commemorating the End of Beats Music

Apple are officially closing Beats Music to be replaced by it’s own streaming service Apple Music – We commemorate the end of Beats Music by keeping the beat going.

Almost half a year after launch it’s time for Apple Music to fully replace it’s streaming predecessor Beats Music, purchased by Apple along with Beats Electronics in 2014. Beats Music will officially close on November 30th.

In order to commemorate the end of Beats Music we assure that “The Beat Goes On” with help from The Whispers, Sonny and Cher, Beady Eye and others with these songs.

Gracenote Introduce ‘Rhythm Curation’ Tool For Playlist Creators

Gracenote, the world’s leading provider of entertainment data have introduced a new tool for playlist curation – Gracenote Rhythm Curation.

Gracenote Rhythm Curation™ is a Web-based application developed by Gracenote for use by human curators to build playlists on music streaming services, labels and radio stations. Rhythm Curation will provide a dedicated, intuitive interface for the creation of playlists, something that has become an integral part of streaming services with competition between Apple Music’s human curated playlists and Spotify’s algorithmic playlists.

Gracenote hope to open up expert playlist curation to users beyond the giant streaming services so that it’s easier for music editors to craft unique playlists across genres, eras, moods and tempos. Gracenote say it “blends the best of technology and data with the passions and creativity of music industry professionals.”

Chief strategy officer and interim general manager of Music for Gracenote, Ty Roberts, said: “Rhythm Curation brings together the best of data and technology with the passion and creativity of music industry professionals. Today, music editors don’t have tools to help them build eclectic playlists – many simply rely on the search bar. We’ve changed that with Rhythm Curation which essentially adds a user interface that gives non-technical musicologists the unprecedented ability to filter the world’s music catalog.”

Gracenote Rhythm Curation
A sneak peek at Gracenote Rhythm Curations intuitive interface

With Gracenote Rhythm Curation editors will be able to filter vast catalogs of songs using descriptive metadata from Artist type, Genre of the song, Origin or region most associated with the artist, and Era the song was recorded. Curators will also have access to insights from ‘machine-learning technology’ like Mood and Tempo for millions of tracks.

Gracenote Rhythm Curation is expected to launch in December with a limited beta open right now. Pricing costs haven’t yet been revealed but for more general information you can visit: