How to make money from your music in the top 30+ Chinese stores and streaming services for FREE

With RouteNote you can distribute and monetize your music to all of the top music stores and services in China through Kanjian and it’s completely FREE to upload your music.

Kanjian is the largest home to independent music in the entire Asian continent, working with over a million tracks, 5,000 labels and more than 40,000 artists. Whilst you may know that you can use RouteNote to distribute your music to major stores like iTunes, Spotify and Tidal for free you might not know that there is a giant music market in Asia you’re missing out on.

With a population of over a billion China’s potential audiences should never be underestimated. Some of the stores you can distribute to through Kanjian with us have over 800 million users. Yes that’s over 800 million people who could be listening to your music on just one service! In comparison, the massively popular Spotify has around 100-150 million users including and free and Premium.

So what are you waiting for, join RouteNote for free today and open your music up to over 1 billion people through all of these Chinese stores:

  • 看见音乐 KANJIAN
  • NOW
  • 小米音乐 Xiaomi Music
  • 咪咕音乐 Migu Music(中国移动 China Mobile)
  • 爱音乐 iMusic(中国电信 China Telecom)
  • 中国联通 China Unicom
  • 京东 JD Music(JingDong)
  • QQ音乐 QQ Music  [over 800 million users]
  • 虾米音乐 Xiami Music
  • 天天动听 TTPOD
  • 网易云音乐 163 Music
  • 百度音乐 Baidu Music
  • 多米音乐 Duomi Music
  • 酷狗 Kugou   [over 800 million users]
  • 酷我 Kuwo
  • 顶真唱片 Discjam
  • 华数 Wasu TV
  • 豆瓣 Douban
  • 荔枝 Lizi FM
  • 线下 KTV (MV Only)
  • 音悦台 Yinyuetai (MV Only)
  • 今日头条 Toutiao (MV Only)
  • VIVO
  • Moov
  • Soliton
  • Mymusic(ezPeer)
  • Omusic
  • Heart Music
  • Jeou Tai
  • Walkgame
  • Chunghwa Telecom
  • MusicGo
  • Taiwan Mobile
  • Vibo Telecom
  • yoyorock
  • Asia Pacific Telecom
  • FETnet
  • Vibo Telecom

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Spotify release full platform for artists to customise pages and view statistics

Spotify just launched their platform for artists to track their performance and personalise their artist page on the massive music streaming site.

Spotify’s Fan Insights has cocooned out of beta into the full artist-focussed platform ‘Spotify For Artists’ opening up a bunch of brilliant tools as well as vastly easier artist verification. “The set of tools we’ve built to help artists better understand their fans has evolved, and we’re excited to bring these tools together in one place.”

Spotify for Artists is made to be the one-stop hub for artists with their music on Spotify. It lets artists and management access information about who listens to their music and individual song data. Additionally you’re able to edit the image on your artist page, share what your favourite music is at the moment and add playlists to the artist profile – as well as much more:

Know who’s listening.

  • Demographics: Learn about who your listeners are on Spotify — including their age, their gender, and what features they’re using to discover and play your music. Use your insights to refine promotion or secure new partnerships.
  • Location: See detailed breakdowns of where people are listening to your music. Artists are using this data to route tours and pitch songs to local radio.
  • Similar artists: See other artists your fans are listening to so you can find a perfect tourmate or collaborator — or use it to better target your marketing.
  • Live listeners: Your live listeners update in real time, so you know how many people are listening to your music on Spotify.

Track your performance.

  • Song data: Stay on top of how well your latest single is performing or measure the impact of your marketing on your streams.
  • Playlist data: Playlists are key to reaching new listeners on Spotify. See who’s adding your music to their playlists and how that’s helping you get discovered.
  • Playlist notifications: Getting added to a Spotify playlist is a moment to celebrate — so we’ll let you know when we add you to one of our 4,500 curated playlists.

Personalize your artist profile.

  • Artist image: Update your image whenever you want so Spotify always reflects your latest look.
  • Artist’s pick: Let fans know what you’re into by featuring a song, album, or playlist at the top of your artist profile. It’s a great way to show some love to another artist or let fans know about a track you’re featured on.
  • Artist playlists: Add playlists to your artist profile — whether they’re ones you’ve created for fans or a fellow artist’s playlist you’ve got on repeat.

Get answers from the Spotify team.

  • Simplified verification: Once you have access to Spotify for Artists, you’ll get a verified check mark on your artist profile. The days of submitting a separate verification request are over.
  • Help center: Spotify have beefed up their guide and FAQs with more information about Spotify and Spotify for Artists.
  • Get in touch: Spotify’s artist support team is here and ready to answer any questions you have.

Spotify released Fan Insights in 2015 to help artists understand their performance and help them gain unique insights about their music and listeners. Over the space of 17 months Spotify have been learning and refining the platform for the full launch of ‘Spotify for Artists. Spotify say: “We’ve spent time with many artists and managers, listening to their feedback and improving the product. And we’ve heard stories of Fan Insights making an impact by unlocking new touring opportunities and improving artist marketing efforts.”

Spotify added: “This is just the beginning. We’ll continue rapidly evolving and growing Spotify for Artists based on your feedback; you and every artist on Spotify deserve the chance to build an audience, engage your fans, express yourself, and get the support you need.”

Members of Spotify’s Fan Insights beta will automatically be transferred to Spotify for Artists. New users can sign up here:

Stream SoundCloud on Google Chromecast, now on iOS

What’s even better than listening to your favourite music? Listening to it on your favourite speakers, which SoundCloud have just made more possible through Chromecast.

SoundCloud have added the ability to cast your music from SoundCloud to Google Chromecast from your iOS device. Google Casting from SoundCloud was already available on Android but SoundCloud say they have “made it even better and extended the experience to include iOS devices”.

From now on users will be able to stream their entire catalog through Chromecast on TV or Chromecast Audio to their speakers with a SoundCloud Go+ subscription. SoundCloud have made it possible to share playback so that multiple users can control the stream simultaneously, allowing you to team up on your playlists.

Alongside the Google Cast integration SoundCloud have also upgraded both their iOS and Android mobile apps to “provide a consistent and streamlined experience.” Update your iOS app now to stream all the music you want from SoundCloud to your TV and speakers.

Apple Music have more listeners than Spotify despite 20m+ less subscribers

New analysis shows that despite Spotify’s 100 million+ users, Apple Music apparently have the upper hand with their 20-30 million subscribers.

Spotify have been the leaders of music streaming for the past few years now, having built up 50 million subscribers and over 100 million total users thanks to their veteran status. But having launched less than 2 years ago Apple’s growth represents a massive threat to the streaming champions, especially as a new report reveals that Apple Music may well have more users than Spotify.

In this month’s Verto Index by Verto Analytics, a look at the top music streaming services in the past month, Apple came out on top with 40.7 million unique users in March. How that works out (perhaps trial users aren’t included on their subscriber counts) isn’t clear but what is clear is that they had over 10 million more users in March than Spotify, which saw 30.4 million unique users through the month.

Spotify was also beaten out by Pandora Internet Radio which saw 32.6 million unique users visit their streaming service. Whilst Spotify still totally win out on subscriber numbers the analysis seems to show that perhaps their millions of free users aren’t as engaged as originally thought.

Verto’s ‘stickiness’ (comparison of daily users to monthly users, representing loyalty and frequency of return users) analysis however bears better results for Spotify. With 25% stickiness Spotify showed better return frequency of listeners than both Pandora and Apple Music, which had 21% and 19% stickiness respectively.

Apple Music announced 20 million subscribers in December and then, shortly after in February that they now have “well over 20 million subscribers”. Whilst it’s a way off of 50 million the speed with which Apple Music has gained these subscribers is the biggest worry for Spotify.

SoundCloud Go and new SoundCloud Go+ just launched in the Netherlands

SoundCloud have brought both of their new subscription services to the Netherlands for offline music and unlimited ad-free streaming with SoundCloud’s biggest available catalog.

Today, we flipped the switch bringing music fans in the Netherlands more ways to enjoy SoundCloud with the launch of our consumer subscription plans: SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+. SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ give you the flexibility and freedom to choose the features and content you want, at the price that fits your budget.

SoundCloud Go lets you discover, stream and share an ever-evolving mix of more than 120 million tracks from established and emerging artists, offline and ad-free. For those who want it all, SoundCloud Go+ is SoundCloud’s premium subscription offering which gives you full access to more than 150 million tracks, ad-free, offline with no previews. And as always, you can still enjoy SoundCloud via its free offering, which beginning today, will be supported by advertising in the Netherlands.

No matter which experience you choose, you’ll have access to all the features that help you discover the world’s most diverse community such as Suggested Tracks, Stations and Charts, while also tapping into a connected community of curators, creators and listeners who are driving what’s new, now and next in music culture.

SoundCloud Go and SoundCloud Go+ is available in the Netherlands on web, iOS App Store and Google Play. SoundCloud Go is €5.99 (web/Android)/€7.99 (iOS) per month, and SoundCloud Go+ is €9.99 (web/Android)/€12.99 (iOS) per month. iOS users can avoid the App Store surcharge by visiting instead.

Want to know more? Head over to the SoundCloud Go page, here.