Amazon Prime Music could be taking on Apple Music in India

After introducing Prime Video to India last year it seems like Amazon could be bringing Prime Music streaming as well.

Amazon are reportedly bringing their Amazon Prime music streaming service to India following the launch of their Netflix-like video streamer Prime Video, according to “several production firm executives aware of the developments” speaking to the Indian Economic Times.

Amazon have apparently allocated Rs 2,000 crore to introduce their smaller music streaming service to the territory. The reports suggest Amazon plans to launch there early next year following current discussions with record labels to acquire the publishing rights, like T-Series.

The managing director of T-Series, Bhushan Kumar said that Amazon have “acquired our film rights for the coming three years as a part of their Amazon Prime Video service. They are coming up with the music service next year, so they are taking our catalogue for the music service. It’s non-exclusive rights, just like we have given to other music streaming platforms like Saavn, Gaana, Apple iTunes, and so on, for a specific time period… could be two-to-three years.”

With a giant population and a less competitive streaming market Amazon’s launch in India is long overdue, and will likely be worth the money they’re investing into it. Competing streamers in India include Western services like Rdio and Apple Music, India’s online music market is mostly dominated by the country’s own services like Gaana and Saavn.

Because music streaming services are still fairly new to India, therefore less popular, services have had to set themselves apart with unique content. Competitors like Gaana have been signing up artists to help launch their careers and Saavn has introduced various features that promote smaller and independent musicians, bands and artists.

An analyst who wished to remain anonymous said that Amazon Prime Music will probably “look at investing in music review shows, probably launching independent artists, besides buying music rights from all the top music record labels. We can expect them to shake up the market with competitive pricing and exclusive offers. Plus, they will leverage upon their existing user base through Prime Video and ecommerce.”

It’s worth noting that Amazon Prime Music is separate from Amazon’s newly launched Amazon Music Unlimited, which is it’s own standalone service with million more tracks.

Deezer join giant partnership as music streamer for FNAC – massive French retailer

The two major French entertainment companies, music streaming service Deezer and retailer FNAC, are joining up for a trial partnership that could see the companies merge more in the future.

After failing to build up their own music streaming service, massive French retailer FNAC are joining up with Deezer to offer the music streaming service to their customers. FNAC Jukebox is planned to be shut down later this year and users will be offered the chance to migrate over to Deezer, FNAC’s streamer of choice after mulling their options.

The companies have described the partnership as “a perennial and exclusive strategic alliance”. As part of the partnership Deezer will be promoted in over 400 of FNAC’s stores around France. Deezer and FNAC are also teaming up to promote music events, as Deezer will make recommendations catered to their users on upcoming concerts which FNAC will be distributing tickets for.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

The agreement acts as a sort-of trial for the two companies as, after the 3 year contract if Deezer and FNAC are happy with the results, FNAC could become a shareholder in Deezer. Universal Music Group’s parent company Vivendi own a 15% stake in FNAC, which could well be a factor in the new, potentially high-stake partnership.

Deezer’s CEO in France, Alexis de Gemini said: “This alliance with FNAC gives us the opportunity to accelerate our growth in France, and potentially in Europe. We will be able to contribute to the maintenance of the music industry and the promotion of artists.”

Spotify and Waze partner to soundtrack your drive alongside route navigation

Music streamer Spotify has partnered with the car navigation app Waze so that listening to music while following your route is easier than ever.

The partnership between Waze and Spotify allows users to view and listen to Spotify playlists from within the Waze app, so that the road map is still visible as you change your music. In addition Spotify have altered their music app so that you can view your navigation instructions as you browse music.

With car-safety in mind the partnership has been designed so that users can only browse and select on Spotify when there car is at a stop through the Waze app. Whilst the partnership may seem menial, most music apps work in the background of navigator apps, the partnership hasn’t just come about for convenience and rather optimises audio so that the audio navigation and music blend together seamlessly.

Both apps have integrated the other seamlessly, so as not to interfere with the rest of the app. Waze shows a small Spotify logo which can be tapped to view the track, pause, change tracks and more whilst Spotify’s app will keep a small bar showing your next direction instructions.

music streaming Spotify Waze car drive navigation

One of the more interesting things to note in this partnership is that Waze was acquired by Google in 2013 in a massive $1.1 billion takeover. Google’s own music streaming service, Google Play Music, however was surpassed by Spotify to become the first integrated music app in Waze. As the current world leader in music streaming Spotify is a wise choice, regardless of affiliation, with 50 million subscribers and far more free users.

Waze have been asked whether they plan to partner with any more music services, or other sorts of service, in the future however have yet to respond.

Pandora’s new music streaming service has launched – Pandora Premium

After a giant lead-up by Pandora, the new Pandora Premium music streaming service is now rolling out offering an all new music experience from Pandora.

Pandora have begun the launch of their long-awaited Premium music streaming service, taking after on-demand veterans like Spotify and Deezer. The new service offers a typical $9.99 service and blends ad-free, on-demand streaming with Pandora’s radio-inspired features.

If you’re an artist/musician/producer you can upload your music to Pandora Premium for free with RouteNote and get a bunch of awesome analytics features offered exclusively by Pandora. Sign up at or find out more here:

In a statement released alongside the launch of Pandora Premium, Pandora said:

When we set out to build a premium music experience – one that would set the new standard for what a music service could be – we knew it had to be truly personal, be thoughtfully designed and take the work out of managing your world of music.

To do this, we took advantage of two of our core strengths: Our unrivaled understanding of music via the Music Genome Project and the massive amount of data we have from 81 million listeners just like you – things like station adds, thumbs (we have more than 75 billion!), searches and skips.

The result is Pandora Premium: A combination of the Pandora radio you already love, the ability to search and play any track or album and a set of playlist features tailored to your preferences. It’s totally unique to you, easy to use and loaded with amazing features for $9.99 a month.

Your Favourite Music

Open Pandora Premium and you’ll see the familiar look and feel that has always made Pandora so easy to use. In “My Music,” every station you’ve ever created, the albums and songs you collect and the playlists you create live in a simple, combined list with your most recent music at the top. And waiting for you as soon as you upgrade is your “My Thumbs Up” playlist, a collection of every song you’ve ever thumbed up across all your stations — a timeline of your greatest hits on Pandora.

Playlists, not worklists

Everyone loves playlists, but not everyone has time to make them. You’ve probably had this happen before: you think of three or four songs for a “Workout” or “Study” playlist, but building the rest of it just feels like work. In Pandora Premium, start a playlist with one or two songs of your choice, tap “Add Similar Songs” and put the power of our Music Genome Project to work to quickly and effortlessly create the perfect playlist for any activity, mood or party. No other service makes playlist creation so fun and easy.


The Power of Thumbs

We pioneered personalizing your radio stations by thumbing tracks up or down. Thumbing up a song on a station tells us you want more. Nothing changes in Pandora Premium, except now we’ve given you a way to come back to those thumbed up songs again and again. Thumb up a handful of songs on your favorite radio station and Pandora Premium will automatically create a playlist of these songs. Thumb more songs and we’ll add those to the playlist too. So whether you want to set it and forget it, or just play your favorites, Pandora Premium has you covered.

New Music for you… and only you

Everything in Browse — your home for new music — is tailored to you every week. In Pandora Premium, this now includes a set of album recommendations. But unlike other services that just surface the most obvious popular content, if you listen to a specific genre like hip hop or jazz, you are going to see the latest releases in those specific genres here.

A smarter approach to search

Finding what you want to hear in a sea of 40 million songs can be exhausting for even the most patient music fan. In Pandora Premium, we’ve done the hard work of separating the killer from the filler for you. We’ve filtered out karaoke tracks, knock-off covers and pet sounds (but not Pet Sounds) that slow down other services. You get fast, accurate search results that get even smarter over time.

Take it all with you

With Pandora Plus we introduced our predictive offline feature that automatically downloads your top stations and switches you to one of them when you lose a signal. We’re bringing that feature to Pandora Premium, and adding the ability to download any album, song or playlist you want with no limits.

Music that looks as good as it sounds

Pandora Premium features a completely redesigned Now Playing experience that dynamically changes color based on the artwork of the music you’re listening to. You’ll also find a new menu for quickly collecting, downloading and sharing, and a new layout for playback controls, including the replay button we introduced with Pandora Plus.

More on the way…

Very soon, we’ll add a bunch more to Pandora Premium. This includes AutoPlay, which picks up right where your song, album or playlist ends to ensure the music never ends unless you hit pause. We’ll also make Pandora Premium available on more devices and offer a desktop web experience that builds on the stunning update we just made available to our ad-supported and Pandora Plus desktop listeners.

Pandora Premium has begun rolling out now for the next week.
Sign up for an invite to join here:

Google Play Music have launched their first original podcast, City Soundtracks

Google Play Music intend to guide you around the musical history and prevalence of music in various different cities with their first original podcast ‘City Soundtracks’.

Last April Google launched podcasts on their streaming service Google Play Music, bolstering their service with a range of new entertainment. Now Google are launching their first originally created podcasts onto their streaming service and iTunes.

The podcast is called City Soundtracks and it’s concept is pretty self explanatory. In each episode host Hrishikesh Hirway (from the podcast Song Exploder) will explore the legacy music has had in various different cities, joined by different musicians local to each city in every episode, like Kehlani and Big Freedia.

The first 3 episodes of City Soundtracks take place in Austin, Texas with Spoon, New Orleans, LA with Big Freedia, and Oakland, California with Kehlani. Whilst it’s an interesting new area for Google to be entering, creating original podcasts, their softcore launch will likely see the podcast go mostly under the carpet. However with City Soundtracks we could start seeing more original podcasts soon from Google, however it will probably require a certain level of popularity in City Soundtracks to be a viable investment.

The first three episodes of City Soundtracks are available now from Google Play Music and iTunes.