SoundCloud goes high quality with advanced audio quality

Listening on SoundCloud has just gotten even better with high quality audio streaming now available for top subscribers.

SoundCloud have given their audio an upgrade with high quality streaming now offering their best sound yet. The new enhanced quality is available now for SoundCloud Go+ subscribers and applies to over 30 million of their Premium tracks available with a Go+ subscription.

The new level of quality will be available for their selection of Premium tracks, which include label music like you find on traditional streaming services. It also includes all of the user-uploaded music that made SoundCloud’s platform the established music site it is today. If music has been uploaded directly to SoundCloud in lossless or high bitrate formats then that will also be available for streaming in high quality.

The option to stream in high quality is available as an opt-in for subscribers of Go+ from their SoundCloud settings under ‘Streaming Quality’. SoundCloud launched SoundCloud Go in 2016 to help combat issues with creating revenue on a free, uploader-based website. Offering ad-free listening for their massive catalogue of user-created content and also introducing a new library of music like that of other streaming services for a subscription cost helped bring them into a new light.

Regarding their introduction of high quality streaming for their top subscribers, SoundCloud say: “When you discover a track on SoundCloud, it’s all about connecting as closely as possible to the creator’s sound and vision. With high quality audio streaming now part of your SoundCloud Go+ subscription, you can experience what’s new, now and next in music on a higher level.”

SoundCloud Go+ is available at a monthly cost. They also offer Go without the ‘+’ at a cheaper price but with fewer features, including no new high quality streaming. Of course SoundCloud still runs it’s free tier letting people come and listen at no charge. If you want to sign up, head here:

Get Your Music into Amazon Music Unlimited in Canada for Free

Amazon recently announced that they are launching Amazon Music Unlimited in Canada. Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon’s attempt to compete with Spotify, Apple Music and others.

Amazon is offering a free 90—day trial of its premium subscription tier to Canadians, after which Prime members will pay CDN $8 a month or CDN $79 a year, or CDN $15 a month for a family plan. Additionally, there is a single-echo plan which costs CDN $4 a month.

Amazon Music Unlimited is now live in more than 40 countries.

If your music is already live in Amazon Music via RouteNote then your music will automatically become available on Amazon Music Unlimited in Canada. If your not, then you can signup to RouteNote for Free and start adding your music today!

How to add or edit your artist image on YouTube Music

YouTube Music is the new home for everything musical on YouTube and makes streaming simple. As an artist you want your place on their to be the best it can be.

Earlier this year YouTube launched YouTube Music, a platform which transforms all the music content on YouTube including; tracks, music videos, live videos, and more, are now all in one streaming hub. It’s laid out much more like a traditional music streaming service and makes streaming music, making playlists, creating queues and more as simple as you could wish.

Now that YouTube has a dedicated home for music, your music will be presented to YouTube Music viewers similarly to how it is on Spotify or Google Play Music. When people search for you, when you feature on the charts, in playlists, on channels and for your presence on the YouTube Music app you want an image that truly represents you. Our guide below will help you to make sure that you look as good as you should when it comes to adding the face of your artist profile.

  1. Head to YouTube and sign in to your account
  2. In the top right, select your Account icon > Creator Studio.
  3. On the left, under ‘Artist Centre’, select Press Kit.
  4. Pick a high quality photo using YouTube’s image guidelines.
  5. To add a profile photo, select the Update Photo button in ‘Step 2’.
    • Your profile photo comes from your Google account. When you upload or edit this photo, you’ll be redirected to your Google ‘about me’ page.
    • Once you have finished editing your Google ‘about me’ page, you can return to the Artist Centre within Creator Studio to finish updating your Press Kit.
  6. Then select Update Photo in ‘Step 3’ to add your gallery photo.
    • For consistency, we recommend that you use the same photo as the one in the previous step.
  7. To update your bio, select anywhere in the Biography box. Enter your artist biography and select Save Bio.

The images you upload may be used across all of Google’s services; Google Play Music, YouTube Music, and YouTube. You can update your ‘Press Kit’ anytime you like.

Share your gigs with fans on Pandora now with Eventbrite

Let the world know where you’re playing your next concert and build up some hype on Pandora with their new partnership sharing your gigs with listeners.

Pandora AMP marketing platform artists gigs concerts

Finding fans can be hard and keeping them up to date with your latest moves as an artist can be even harder. That’s why Pandora’s partnership with Eventbrite is great as it shows your upcoming concerts to people when they come to stream your music, so your next gig comes to them and they don’t have to go searching for it.

Eventbrite will be integrated into Pandora AMP, the streamer’s free marketing platform for artists on their streaming service. The Promote Show feature can be used to promote and push live events using automated tools that will share shows through the AMP suite completely for free.

AMP’s Promote Show tool will feature:

  • Concert notification banners on listeners’ “Now Playing” screen
  • Concert alerts in listeners’ Pandora feed

Pandora AMP will now work to promote your shows from Eventbrite, which includes Ticketfly, and Songkick so that all of your fans new and old know when you’re playing near them and make sure they don’t miss their chance to get tickets. It’s so simple you hardly need to do a thing, so what are you waiting for? Sign up to Pandora AMP and start promoting your concerts now!

Find out more and sign up here:

Amazon Music gets exclusives from Al Green + others in new series

Amazon Music are getting into exclusives with a new series working with independent labels to create music just for Amazon.

Exclusives on music streaming services are a contested issue. In 2016 and 2017 services, like Apple Music, started experimenting with purchasing music for exclusive release on their platform. It quickly garnered criticism from the likes of the Chinese government and Universal Music CEO Lucian Grainge went so far as to ban exclusive releases from any artists signed to UMG.

Since then services have moved away from the idea for the most part, but exclusives are still a thing – streamers are just getting creative with them rather than throwing money at a new release. Amazon’s new ‘Produced By’ series will do just that by getting in Grammy award-winning artists in to record exclusive new recordings.

The series will see Amazon pair producers with some of the world’s top artists, like Al Green, to create and record brand new recordings. Interestingly, Amazon are relinquishing the recording rights of the tracks to the artist or their label and not keeping the copyright for themselves, just releasing the music to listen to only on Amazon.

The newest release comes from 10-time Grammy-winner and soul legend Al Green, his first track in a decade – ‘Before the Next Teardrop Falls’. The track was produced by Memphis-based producer Matt Ross-Spang after his work on ‘How Lucky’ by John Prine and ‘Leftovers’ by Margo Price on Third Man Records. Ross-Spang’s series concluded with a track from William Bell.

Ross-Spang says of the ‘Produced By’ series: “As first and foremost a music fan and now as a producer, I’ve always been drawn to artists with unique voices whose gift transcends genre and time. I’m excited and honoured to play a role in this innovative opportunity Amazon Music is providing these extraordinary individuals. As my hero Sam Phillips said: ‘If you’re doing something different, you’re not doing anything!'”

Spotify launch in Middle East and North Africa in November

Spotify will be taking it’s world-leading music streaming service to 2 massive new territories this November, according to new reports.

Spotify will be launching in two new big territories, the Middle East and North Africa, in a matter of months according to a leaked email. The email, sent to staff at a Dubai-based advertising agency and obtained by Gulf News, details Spotify’s plans to break into new places.

The email details Spotify’s plans to find advertisers in the regions to fund their launch there. The email reportedly contains a senior media executive searching for six brands to advertise their products for $200,000 (Dh734,500) each on Spotify’s massive streaming platform. The brands would be featured in Spotify’s free tier which allows users unlimited access to their music streaming library with adverts featured throughout to fund their listening.

The unnamed executive reportedly states in the email that “he” expects all 6 of their advertising slots to be sold within the next week. If this is true then Spotify are clearly confident of their ability to break into these new markets, even with western rivals like Apple Music already present there – not to mention local services like the popular Anghami.

It’s been slightly over a year since we reported Spotify’s plans to launch in Sorth Africa and the Middle East. Last September Spotify posted a job advertisement for a Senior Editor/Music Programmer for South Africa, located in either London or… Dubai! The position sought to find someone in-touch with the music and culture of Soutth Africa to represent their broad musical culture on the music streaming service and stay in the loop with their community. 3 years before that we reported on Spotify’s earliest talks for entry into South Africa where they are now available. North Africa are still waiting for the streaming service.

Whilst Spotify are notable around the world and have become synonymous with music streaming in many Western countries, their reach hasn’t spread as far as you might think around the world. Spotify is available in 65 markets currently but haven’t yet launched in some of the world’s biggest territories like India and Russia. In comparison, Spotify’s biggest Western rival, Apple Music, is available in over 100 territories and only launched just over 3 years ago.

Pandora’s ‘The Drop’ presents you new music every day

People love discovering new music when they’re streaming and Pandora’s latest playlist will be dropping fresh cuts just for you every single day.

Pandora have just revealed a new daily playlist for Premium listeners. ‘The Drop’ is a personal playlist that will keep listeners in the loop with all the latest music that they care about as soon as it hits stores and streaming services.

The playlist will use “state of the art machine learning models” to create custom playlists for each user based on the music they already love and what Pandora thinks they will love based on that. The playlist updates itself as soon as new music goes live so listeners are up to date with all of the latest releases from their favourite artists amongst new music for you to discover.

Songs get added to the playlist on the day they’re released, giving listeners a reason to keep coming back for more every single day. It’s like Spotify’s lauded Discover Weekly and Release Radar playlists in one awesome playlist, and you don’t have to wait a whole week for a new selection of tunes to fall in love with.

Pandora the drop new music playlists recommended discover new music stream listen

The playlist will order tracks by the newest first so every time you revisit you can check out the latest additions first. The playlist maxes out at 100 so you don’t have to worry about missing a few days, you can scroll back through the latest 100 tracks added to the playlist and revel in all the new music Pandora knows you’ll be jamming.

Premium and trial listeners can find The Drop under the playlists tab in their My Music section. It will only show up if enough music has been listened to to gauge what a user likes listening to, so if it’s not appearing for you then you’d better get listening. Pandora say this playlist isn’t available for free listeners “for now” so ad-supported listeners may get it eventually.

How to sell your ringtones online

We can distribute your music to all of the world’s favourite music streaming services and download stores online so that you can reach fans from every corner of the globe – all for free! 

Unfortunately though, we don’t sell your ringtones online for you. But whilst we help you get your music online everywhere else, we want you to be able to sell your ringtones as well. Fortunately there is a site that can do just that for you, sending your ringtones to iTunes and Android totally free so that people around the world can jazz up their phones with your custom tunes every time they get a call.

SnipSell are the best ringtone distributors that we’ve heard about, offering free ringtone distribution to iTunes and It’s simple: You upload your snippet to them, they send it off to their partnered ringtone stores, and then you get paid each month. It’s as simple as streaming your music on Spotify with RouteNote.

SnipSell offer 3 different options for selling your ringtones online:

Beginner: Sell your ringtones free and keep 55% of your revenue.

Independent: Keep 80% of your revenues for $20 per ringtone annually.

Reseller: Keep 90% of the money you make for $35 per ringtone annually.

You can find out more and start selling your ringtones online at SnipSell.

Apple Music launch top 100 charts around the world

Staying on top of what’s hot and what’s not is going to be easier than ever with Apple’s 116 new chart playlists.

Apple Music have launched 116 new playlists which will update daily with the 100 most popular songs globally and across every country that Apple Music is available in. The charts will use Apple Music streams and performance to count chart positions and represent what the most popular music is based on Apple Music listeners alone.

The chart playlists will show up under the Browse tab inside the Top Charts section where Apple Music users can download the playlists for offline listening and follow them to stay up to date as the charts’ refresh. The charts are separate from the iTunes download charts which still stand alone ranking the top songs, albums, music videos and concert films.

The new Apple Music charts appeared last Friday and seems to follow their search in May for a Charts & Market Analytics Manager who would “enable data-driven conversations between Apple, labels, artists and the broader industry”. They settled on Bryce McLaughlin for the hire who will “define and drive a clear strategy for Apple Music charts, including official charts for music and podcasts”.

Apple Music have finally fixed their album layout

Exploring new artists and listening to your favourites is now way better on Apple Music as their album layouts have been uncluttered at last.

Apple Music has long had an issue in how it displays albums on it’s popular music streaming service. Since they launched 3 years ago Apple Music has thrown all of an artist’s releases into one place meaning searching through albums also requires trawling through singles, EPs and other releases. At last, Apple have tidied their album spots up.

When you’re exploring an artist’s collection of releases on Apple Music now you can easily trawl through their studio albums which have their own section front and centre of an artist’s page. Below, in their own separate sections, the service will show all of an artist’s live albums, compilations, and singles/EPs in an organised collection. This will make it much easier to head to the exact release you’re looking for as well as exploring new artists and being able to browse their studio albums easily.

In addition Apple have created a new segment of ‘Essential Albums’ on most of the top artist pages, which appears on artist pages below their top songs. The section will feature what Apple reckons are an artist’s best or most popular albums so that listeners can delve straight into an artist’s magnum opus and see what people’s favourites are.

The albums section can still be cluttered up depending on what’s featured in an artists discography. For example deluxe editions and remasters will still scatter throughout the albums section but this is an issue prevalent in all of the major music streaming services and is there to offer listeners a chance to listen to whichever version of an album they’d prefer.

It’s surprising it took Apple this long to fix a seemingly obvious annoyance but it appears they’ve done it right, adding the new ‘Essential Albums’ section. Hopefully we’ll see more creative promo of artists on their pages and throughout Apple Music’s services.