Spotify plan a launch in India within 6 months

Spotify are reportedly expanding into India and it could be as soon as the next six months that the massive territory get’s the West’s favourite music streaming service.

A new article from Variety reports that Spotify are planning to launch in India within the next 6 months after adding 13 new markets to their 78-strong list of territories where their music streaming services are available. With their expected launch Spotify will also reportedly be extending their free trial period for new users to Premium in India, more than their standard 30-day free trial period.

In March this year Spotify opened an office in Mumbai after years of suggestions that Spotify would launch in India at some-point. With 300 employees in their Mumbai office Spotify clearly have a priority there and now, according to local insiders, the news is abuzz in the office that within the next 6 months Spotify will launch their beloved music streaming service in the country with over 1 billion potential listeners.

It was back in April that we last reported on Spotify’s inevitable launch in India, after Daniel Ek said at their annual presentation: “We are working on launching in some of the biggest markets in the world, places like India, Russia, and Africa which has a very rich musical culture.”

When they do launch in India Spotify will have to compete with their existing rivals like Google Play Music and Amazon who have already launched their streaming services in the territory. In addition there will be local competitors who have already carved out a large presence, like Saavn which is the top streaming service in the country and has a partnership with Amazon and is even partnered with another giant Indian streaming service, JioMusic.

Spotify are one of the world leaders in music streaming with over 160 million users around the world, almost half of them paying Premium subscribers. Adding a territory with 1.3 billion will no doubt be a significant move for Spotify if they are picked up by the people. Spotify are no doubt hoping that the launch goes well as they continue to make a loss and the pressure mounts the bigger they get.

Spotify is now streaming in the Middle East and North Africa

Spotify has officially launched in the Middle East and North Africa bringing their top tier music streaming service to brand new territories.

The world’s biggest paid music streaming service has just launched in North Africa and the Middle East, confirming an executive’s rumours in September that Spotify were poised to launch there. The service will be led there by Claudius Boller as managing director for the Middle East and Africa, following his role at Universal Music Group for the regions.

Spotify have confirmed that their music streaming services will now be available in 13 Arab markets including Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Morocco. Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Yemen have unfortunately not gained access to Spotify with the move.

Spotify’s new managing director for the regions, Claudius Boller says he expects growth in the new territories to come mostly for Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, and Morocco. Boller reckons that the younger generations in the middle east as well as their high smartphone usage will see large numbers of Spotify adoption in those countries in particular.

To celebrate their launch Spotify have added an ‘Arab Hub’ combining a collection of playlists of Arab music into one place for all of the best in Arabian music. Both Spotify free and Premium will be available, Premium costing 19.99 riyals ($5.33) in Saudia Arabia, 19.99 dirhams ($5.44) in the UAE, 49.99 Egyptian pounds ($2.8) in Egypt, and $4.99 everywhere else.

This takes the number of markets Spotify music streaming is available in from 65 up to 78.

South Korea is the next stop for your music with YG and RouteNote

We are very happy to announce our newest partnership with YG Entertainment, the mega-label behind Gangnam Style, bringing your music to the millions of music lovers in South Korea.

Your music deserves to be heard worldwide in every corner of this blue and green globe and our newest partnership will take your music to over 10 million new potential listeners. Our newest partnership with YG Entertainment allows you to send your music to two of their massive music services, Vibe and Naver.

YG Entertainment are a super-label in South Korea responsible for the viral online hit Gangnam Style – a perfect example of their massive influence. Take your music to new territories and audiences on Vibe and Naver Music and who knows, you could have the next global hit spreading through speakers like Psy.

South Korea are big music lovers, Naver Music alone has 10 million listeners coming to them for the latest and greatest music fix. We have been helping you get your music to South Korea through Melon and Bugs, two of the leaders in online music for the country. Now that we’re taking your music to YG’s popular Vibe and Naver services no-one in South Korea needs to miss out on your music.

YG is now available to select when you upload your release to take your music to fresh ears and new territories. All previously uploaded releases will automatically be sent to YG. If you would rather we didn’t send any of your releases to Vibe and Naver then please get in touch with with your UPC(s) and our team will ensure you’re only on the stores and streaming services you want to be.

Spotify look to reach 200 million users by the end of the year

Spotify are still reigning supreme and more and more people are signing up to the music streaming service every month as they approach a massive milestone.

Spotify’s latest earnings report reveals some massive number growth for the leading music streaming service. Their new report shows that by the end of 2018’s third quarter, September 30th, Spotify had 191 million total users counting both free and Premium. This puts them only 9 million away from the monumental milestone of 200 million.

For Spotify’s third quarter this year their average monthly users grew an incredible amount of over a quarter, seeing 28% growth on the year before. Their reports show that whilst established markets like Europe and the US are still growing all the time, it’s emerging markets like regions of Latin America that are seeing the most significant growth.

Premium subscribers made up 87 million of those users, up 4 million from the second quarter of 2018 and a phenomenal 40% increase from the year before. Ad-supported users made up the other 109 million which is a 20% increase year-on-year. It’s amazing to see that Premium subscribers are growing so much quicker than free users, and even almost matching the number of those listening with ads.

Spotify’s user base has always been made of up majority free users though their aim is to get people paying for music streaming. Spotify say that their free streaming tier is there to get people into the platform and the possibilities of music streaming and enticing them into Premium subscriptions once they’re sold on the platform. In the past few years Spotify have been doubling down on their efforts to get people moving on to Premium and clearly it’s having an effect.

Spotify have recently noted that people are taking advantage of their family plans by signing up to the vastly cheaper plan and sharing it between friends rather than one household. As a family plan costs $14.99 and can have up to 6 different users on it, it’s a far better deal than their single subscription costing $9.99. Spotify have begun identifying users who are taking advantage of the offer.

Spotify said in their report: “We continue to work to identify and remove users that we consider to be “fake” from our reported metrics. This includes, but is not limited to, bots and other users who aim to manipulate stream counts for purposes of royalty calculations. Such users are removed from our metrics in a timely fashion once they are discovered. However, some such users remain in our reported metrics because of the limitations of our ability to identify their accounts.”

SoundCloud Premier isn’t the best choice for artists

SoundCloud have just launched Premier which allows artists to upload their music for monetisation directly with them. But questionable terms and un-defined revenue percentages means RouteNote is still the best option for artists.

Created four years ago, SoundCloud Premier offers artists self-monetization for artists with music on their platform. It’s been in an invite-only beta up until now and it is now open to all artists. Whilst it might seem ideal to get monetized directly after uploading to SoundCloud the deal isn’t the greatest option for artists and you will benefit much more by joining our SoundCloud network – this information comes from The Verge.

When you upload your music for direct monetization with SoundCloud you agree to certain terms which can seriously restrict your music and the terms of payment aren’t fully defined by them. The payout percentages on your streams could change at any time and when you actually receive that payment is left unclear. With RouteNote we have a clearly defined 85% royalty payout, all of which goes straight to artists on the 15th of every month – this will never change.

The most questionable part of this deal however is that SoundCloud asks you to sign away all of your rights to sue them, or to even assist someone in a lawsuit against them. Now of course you’d hope that you would never need to sue SoundCloud after monetising your music on their platform, but it raises questions as to why they feel the need to protect themselves in this way. This means that if SoundCloud use your music in a way that you never gave them permission to, you have no grounds to take action.

Of course we still love SoundCloud and we love working with them to help artists get paid for their music and allow them to be heard by listeners all around the world. We just feel that in the interest of artists that SoundCloud Premier isn’t the best available option for artists and you are much better off joining our SoundCloud Network and monetising any of your tracks on RouteNote.

For all the information on SoundCloud Premier and why it might not be the best choice for you as an artist, you can read The Verge’s take on it here.

Our SoundCloud Network is free to join, offers full transparency over your statistics, 85% of revenues go to you, you keep 100% ownership over your music ALWAYS. We also offer a free Unlimited upgrade to your account when you join so you can upload as many tracks as you like. We work on a no lock-in basis, so you can come and go as you like at any time – forever.

To find out more about our SoundCloud Network and sign up or upload your music, head here –

Artists make money on Facebook & Instagram with RouteNote

We have partnered with Facebook to give artists the chance to get paid for their music with an audience of over 1 billion people around the world. Instagram Stories also just got worth watching with your music as the soundtrack.

Earlier this year we partnered with Facebook so that artists who upload through RouteNote can get paid every time their music is used in Facebook’s massively popular videos. We have also partnered with Instagram so that no matter what social platform your music finds itself on you as an artist are getting the money you deserve.

Instagrammers around the world can find your music to soundtrack their life on their Instagram Stories, opening your music up to brand new audiences from all corners of the globe. Instagram Stories are massive right now and people are uploading to them all the time and your music could be behind all of them!

Adding your music to Facebook’s content library is as simple as uploading it to any of our other partners. When you upload your release to us simply select Facebook in the store list and then once your release has been accepted we’ll send it over to Facebook and Instagram and get your music worldwide.

All existing releases will be automatically added to Facebook so if you want your old releases on there, we’ve got you covered. HOWEVER this only applies if your release has been approved for YouTube Content ID in the past. If not then it is as simple as heading to your release on your RouteNote account and selecting Facebook as a store and we’ll get that sent over for you.

So don’t wait around, share your music with the world. Billions of people on all of the top music streaming services, the best download stores in the world, and now the biggest social media networks can listen to your music. Best of all, it’s all entirely FREE with RouteNote.

Pitch your music to Spotify’s playlists now

Spotify have officially opened up their playlist pitching tool out of beta so that artists can offer up their music to Spotify and be considered for inclusion in one of their incredibly popular playlists.

Playlists have in many ways changed the way we consume music with influencers offering up a platter of music to sometimes millions of followers in a regularly updated hub of music. Earlier this year Spotify launched a tool in beta that gave brand new opportunities for artists to get featured on their notoriously massive playlists.

This is massive news for independent and smaller artists as Spotify’s playlists have been the breaking point for many artists where a new audience of hundreds-of-thousands, even millions, are suddenly listening to their music. More than 67,000 artists and labels have submitted their music to Spotify’s playlist submission tool since launching it in beta in July. Over 10,000 artists who submitted their music to Spotify have been added into their many varied playlists reaching thousands of new listeners and gaining fans along the way.

To send your music to Spotify’s playlist curators, who will listen and decide whether to include you in their next playlist refresh, head to Spotify for Artists and then to the Spotify Analytics section. You can upload an unreleased song of yours there. We can help you get your music on there in the first place with FREE distribution to Spotify as well as all of the other major streaming services and music stores:

As an example of the power of playlists, Spotify shared Belgian rapper Bryan Mg’s incredible rise from 4,600 monthly listeners to a whopping 33,000 after making it onto La Vida Loca playlist. Bryan said of the boost: “After the first release got picked up by Spotify I think about a month later I got my first booking for a club show. people also started to send me private messages on Instagram about where they heard my music for the first time. I also received invitations for radio stations in the Netherlands and in Belgium and saw my followers on Instagram and Spotify get a boost.”

Spotify say of their ability to get new and rising artists heard: “Seeing these kinds of numbers and hearing this kind of feedback makes us very happy, and while we can’t guarantee them for every artist, every time, what’s especially great about this new tool is, whether your new song is featured in an editorial playlist or not, it’ll always show up in all of your followers’ Release Radar playlists. Plus, the additional metadata you provide when you upload it will help us recommend it to potential new fans for years to come.”

Where are you getting discovered on Pandora?

When new listeners roll in you want to know how they’re finding you and Pandora have made it easy to see exactly where your new fans are discovering your music.

With the digital revolution came music streaming and with that came the ability to see who’s listening to your music from all over the world, in real-time. Pandora’s Next Big Sound makes that simple for any artists with their music on Pandora and the platform is getting better every month with new data for musicians.

Pandora have just released a new Playlists & Discovery section on Next Big Sound, allowing artists to delve into the top radio stations, playlists and on-demand sources where listeners are discovering their music. The new section gives an even deeper insight into the power of playlisting in music discovery in the streaming age of music. It follows last month’s giant Next Big Sound update when Pandora opened up streaming data for each artist so they could see their unique listeners and how many streams their tracks are racking up.

Pandora next big sound data streaming analytics streams playlists discovery

Pandora make a note of how many artists will find that their music is being listened to more on other artists’ stations than their own. This is because Pandora’s artist stations are prioritised around discovery of similar artists, so fans of a particular artist can listen to their radio stream and Pandora will offer up a range of new artists they think listeners will like based on their similarities or listeners in common.

Pandora have broken down where streams come from in three distinct brackets:

  1. Streams an artist is getting for their music on their own artist station
  2. Streams an artist is getting for their music on other stations (i.e. other artist stations or genre stations)
  3. Streams an artist is getting from on-demand sources (i.e. on-demand album plays, track plays, playlists)

This feature is available starting today for all Pandora AMP-Authenticated artists and labels on Next Big Sound.

Groundbreaking deal licenses remixes on SoundCloud

Remixes will start making money on SoundCloud totally legally with a massive new deal between them and Dubset clearing licenses.

SoundCloud has made a name as the online home for creators, producers, DJs, remixers and anyone musically creative. The land of the remix has just signed a major deal which will license remixes for monetisation on their open-music platform, allowing remixers to get paid as well as the copyright holders of the music they’ve used.

Dubset have developed a unique technology that is capable of scanning music for copyright, like an advanced Shazam. Their tech is capable of deciphering and recognising samples even if they have been chopped up, retuned and screwed in various ways. This allows for a viable way of finding all music in sample-heavy remixes and distributing the revenues made from it to everyone responsible.

SoundCloud’s chief executive officer said: “Music culture is constantly evolving, and what’s next often can’t be found on mass streaming services. We are excited to partner with Dubset to continue developing ways to attribute rights for remixes and other innovative content on SoundCloud.”

Dubset have been partnering with more and more services as their technology expands, as well as teaming up with publishing rightsholders and labels to help artists and songwriters get paid for any uses of their music and allowing remixers and DJs to release their music legally and fairly.

Dubset Media Holdings’ CEO, Stephen White says: “SoundCloud is where content creators live. It is the most important platform on the planet for creators and the ultimate partner for Dubset. Mixes and remixes not only establish incremental new revenue for artists and composers, they have proven over and over to be powerful music discovery growth tools, consistently driving growth in plays of the original track as well. We are very excited to bring Dubset’s clearance capabilities to SoundCloud’s users.”

More information will be coming soon. SoundCloud say that their new partnership will commence with testing and developing “next generation approaches to clearing remixes on SoundCloud”.

SoundCloud goes high quality with advanced audio quality

Listening on SoundCloud has just gotten even better with high quality audio streaming now available for top subscribers.

SoundCloud have given their audio an upgrade with high quality streaming now offering their best sound yet. The new enhanced quality is available now for SoundCloud Go+ subscribers and applies to over 30 million of their Premium tracks available with a Go+ subscription.

The new level of quality will be available for their selection of Premium tracks, which include label music like you find on traditional streaming services. It also includes all of the user-uploaded music that made SoundCloud’s platform the established music site it is today. If music has been uploaded directly to SoundCloud in lossless or high bitrate formats then that will also be available for streaming in high quality.

The option to stream in high quality is available as an opt-in for subscribers of Go+ from their SoundCloud settings under ‘Streaming Quality’. SoundCloud launched SoundCloud Go in 2016 to help combat issues with creating revenue on a free, uploader-based website. Offering ad-free listening for their massive catalogue of user-created content and also introducing a new library of music like that of other streaming services for a subscription cost helped bring them into a new light.

Regarding their introduction of high quality streaming for their top subscribers, SoundCloud say: “When you discover a track on SoundCloud, it’s all about connecting as closely as possible to the creator’s sound and vision. With high quality audio streaming now part of your SoundCloud Go+ subscription, you can experience what’s new, now and next in music on a higher level.”

SoundCloud Go+ is available at a monthly cost. They also offer Go without the ‘+’ at a cheaper price but with fewer features, including no new high quality streaming. Of course SoundCloud still runs it’s free tier letting people come and listen at no charge. If you want to sign up, head here: