Spotify are giving everyone a Summer playlist just for them

Spotify are looking back at your past summers to build a playlist of your favourite tunes in the Summer season.

Spotify have introduced Your Summer Rewind a playlist of music based on your music listening in Summer. The playlist takes your listening history from Summers past to build up the perfect stream of songs for you.

By taking it’s personalised choices from what you’ve listened to in the past, during a specific season, the longer and more you’ve used Spotify the better Your Summer Rewind will be for you. Unfortunately for users who joined Spotify after June last year, they won’t have their own Summer Rewind to listen to – they will have to settle for Spotify’s other extensive playlists.

It’s also easier than ever to share and stream your friends’ favorite summer tracks. Users who opted-in to Spotify emails will receive their top three summer songs from their Summer Rewind playlist on a sharable card, perfect for sharing on Instagram or directly with friends. The card contains a unique Spotify Code that points to that user’s playlist, enabling fast and seamless sharing on social platforms. To listen to a friend’s playlist, simply open Spotify and click on the Camera icon next to the Search box to import a screenshot or take a photo of a friend’s Code.

Inspired by this trip down memory lane, Spotify has created a playlist, 50 Years of Songs of the Summer, based on Billboard data and Spotify streams, which features the most defining summer song every year from 1967-2017.

Ajay Kalia, Senior Product Owner for Personalized Programming at Spotify said “Music plays a huge role in people’s lives, and we’re always looking for ways to help connect songs – old and new – to moments in your life. ‘Your Summer Rewind’ is designed to spark nostalgia by reminding you of the songs that mattered to you from past summers.”

Spotify’s Your Summer is available now in 20 countries: Austria, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Mexico, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal,  Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey and the U.S.

Create Spotify playlists with your friends directly from Messenger now

You and your friends can now create Spotify playlists together without ever leaving your Messenger chat.

Collaborative playlists just got a whole lot easier to create as Spotify have introduced shared creation into Messenger. Now when you’re chatting with friends on Facebook Messenger you can share a playlist and then anyone else in the chat can add songs without ever leaving the chat.

The new feature is called Group Playlists for Messenger. In their release statement Spotify said: “Ideal for parties, road trips, or simply collecting new favourites, Group Playlists provide a seamless way for users to collaborate and share music easily than ever before.

To share or create a playlist to collaborate on you simply need to select Spotify’s chat extension from the blue ‘+’ symbol next to your message box. Once the playlist is shared anyone in the chat can easily press ‘Add a Song’ to be taken

The feature is an expansion of the bot Spotify released for messenger earlier this year. The bot allows users to share songs with friends over messenger, a feature that has clearly gotten a sophisticated update with Group Playlists for Messenger. Users can add to the playlist even if they’re not on Spotify, so no-one is left out.

Group Playlists for Messenger is available right now and you can get started here:

Google Play Music gets a Discover Weekly-type feature at long last

Google have introduced their own version of Spotify’s massively popular Discover Weekly playlist, exclusive for Samsung Galaxy S8.

In April Samsung released their new Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. Last month Samsung made Google Play Music the default music player/service for all of their smartphones. However now the Samsung Galaxy S8 is getting a special, exclusive Google Play Music perk.

New Release Radio is a new radio that plays a stream of new music that has been personalised around your tastes. Whilst Google already offer a section for New Releases as well as one’s they would recommend with New Release Radio you can just press play and lean back to a variety of new music tuned to your taste buds.

Whilst Spotify’s Discover Weekly updates weekly, according to Android Authority, Google’s New Release Radio will update every day. This means that you can come back to a new personalised mix of the latest music every day for a fresh taste.

It doesn’t seem clear why Google have decided to make the new feature a device exclusive, especially considering how popular a feature it has been for Spotify. It’s also unlikely to convert users from other services if their already using a phone with GPM as the default music app.

Whatever their reasoning, here’s hoping that New Release Radio expands beyond the Galaxy S8 soon.

RouteNote partners with South Korea’s MelOn music store

RouteNote are thrilled to announce a new partnership with MelOn, bringing our global roster of talented artists to South Korea.

MelOn is a South Korean music store that has been running since 2004 and owned by LOEN Entertainment since 2009. MelOn has an impressive 2.3 million users just in South Korea who download and stream music from MelOn’s music service.

What does this mean as a RouteNote user?

This simply means that there is one more store and another few million people who you can distribute your music to, for free, and get heard even further around the world. All previous releases will automatically be uploaded to MelOn so you don’t need to do anything and your music will get a whole new audience!

If you would like to opt-out of your music being added to MelOn please email with your username.

What is MelOn?

MelOn aren’t just a music service but a major influence in South Korea’s unique music consumption. In 2013 they were ranked as the 3rd most influential entity in K-pop – South Korea’s broad and massively popular musical “genre”. MelOn’s name is an acronym for Melody On.

MelOn can be accessed through a variety of devices including digital cameras, as well as the expected smartphones, digital audio players and portable media players. Users can enjoy features such as language and images on the desired song or album, SNS sharing, music listening, music video playback and download, mobile phone music transfer, and iTunes integration. Melon also allows you create custom ringtones – which is pretty cool.

MelOn have won a variety of awards since launching 13 years ago, including:

Sign up to RouteNote for free today and get you music on all the top music stores and services, including: Spotify, iTunes, TIDAL, Google Play, Amazon, and many more

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Spotify sees 40% rise in users in the past year with 140m active users

Spotify have revealed that they now have 140 million active users on their immensely successful music streaming service.

It was only a year ago that Spotify reported their major milestone of 100 million active users. Now Spotify have announced that they have 140 million active users. They didn’t specify how many were paying subscribers but it was last announced in March that Spotify had 50 million subscribers, still a significant portion and vastly ahead of competitors.

“On the eve of Cannes Lions 2017, the advertising Festival of Creativity, this is a particularly meaningful development, as our brand partners now have a bigger opportunity than ever to activate Spotify’s free user base.”

To prove just how far ahead of competitors Spotify are, their primary rival comes in the shape of Apple Music who just this week announced 28 million subscribers. Whilst an impressive number regardless, next to Spotify their user-count pales.

Spotify’s vice-president and global head of sales, Brian Benedik said: “Spotify’s high-velocity audience growth cements our place as the leading media platform for music, fans and brands. As our global monthly active user number continues to climb, more consumers engage with us across their day and devices. Through this engagement, we are constantly learning about our audience through streaming intelligence–our rich, first-party data.”

Benedik continued, saying that thanks to this Spotify are able to offer a unique selection of tailored experiences. He said: “Spotify is leading the way in this new era of personalization, and now we can do more than ever to connect brands with their target audiences.”

You can read Brian Benedik’s full statement on the achievement here:

Better late than never: Apple Music add sharing features as they hit 27 million subscribers

Apple Music have announced that they have added 7 million new subscribers since December last year, solid growth but not enough to compete with Spotify.

Since launching roughly 2 years ago Apple Music has seen incredible growth, having now gained 27 million subscribers. However no matter how impressive that number may be Apple still have a long way to go to catch up with their main rival, Spotify.

Spotify revealed earlier this year that they had surpassed 50 million subscribers, which doesn’t include their free streaming users which is supposed to number even larger than their premium user base. Spotify may outweigh Apple Music by a large majority but Apple’s growth is unseen for a music streaming platform. It was less than a year ago that Apple had 10 million less users with 17 million and announced “well past 20 million” subscribers in February earlier this year.

The milestone was announced by Apple at their annual developers conference in San Jose. They also announced some new features coming to Apple Music, including the ability to share your songs and playlists with friends. Better late than never, this has been a feature of most music streaming services for years now.

In a further bid to make their music streaming service more social Apple are adding profiles that you can share your music on. With profiles you can add your friends and family to easily share music or see what your peers have been liking and listening to. It’s a good feature but yet another one that Spotify has had them beat on for over a year.

Apple are introducing some shared listening experiences too, for example the ability for anyone in a group to decide what comes next in a playlist. Great for parties and getting that one person who never gives up the aux cable to sit down and be humble.

Apple Music new social sharing features friends music streaming listening to music Spotify competing for subscribers most

Apple Music is also getting some nice updates to it’s Apple Watch app with bigger album art, support for multiple playlists as well as automatically updated sections like curated selections of new music recommended for you.

As Apple Music move towards 30 million subscribers these updates fortify their phenomenally successful (so-far) music service however are unlikely to draw new users in. Instead it gives existing users some cool features which some say should have been there all along – but better late than never.

Spotify’s Asia expansion moves forward with Vietnam and Thailand launches planned

Spotify are planning to expand their music streaming service further across Asia with an expected launch in Vietnam and Thailand revealed.

Spotify’s Asian launch has been a long-time in the process, arriving in Japan just last November. Now reports suggest that more Asian countries are billed to get the world’s most popular streaming service soon.

According to TechCrunch, two sources “close to the company” reveal that Spotify are currently looking to hire a “music editor” in both Vietnam and Thailand. In the past Spotify have hired music editors in country’s shortly before launching there, like in 2015 when their Indonesian launch was preceded shortly by a Spotify Music Editor hire in the country.

Depending on how easily Spotify manages to find music editors for Vietnam and Thailand, both countries could see Spotify launching there by the end of 2017. Spotify have declined to comment on any expansions in this area at the moment.

Spotify have over 100 million users and boast claim to more than 50 million paying subscribers, beating out their competitors by miles. However despite their massive popularity there is still a large portion of the world waiting on a Spotify launch. Asia has been a big target for music streamers with the largest audience in the world, especially in China and India. Regional differences in law have made that a struggle, but one that is slowly being overcome.

We will have to wait for confirmation from Spotify but it seems likely that Vietnam and Thailand may be treated to the option of Spotify soon.

What music do students care about nowadays? Spotify reveals all

Spotify have taken another step towards finding out what every single person listens to in the world, this time they’re focusing on college students.

Whether you’re studying fine art or the biomechanical structures of sea slugs, college (university for us non-yanks) is likely to be filled with music for you. Whether you start your first band, go to your first gig, start your first fan club, or just carry on loving music from before, college is a big time for music personalities to develop and evolve.

Spotify have recently revealed their insights into just what it is that the college students of today are spinning on repeat and blasting at their socials. To present this data Spotify have created yet another interactive mini website where you explore what music is being listened to from all the American colleges.

The site lets you explore exactly what each school is listening to as well as comparing the listening tastes between different schools. Most of the school’s seem to have their own niche dominant tastes, which suggests what we’ve long thought – that streaming is enhancing independent tastes and taking away from the popularity system of a few artists and tracks that dominate most people’s listening habits.

That’s not to say that pop music is anywhere from being eliminated as there were common listening themes between many of the colleges with popular music. However less popular genres and artists varied widely between the various different universities.

If you’re wondering which college spends the most time listening to music check out the list below. Spotify don’t specify whether they listen most for studying or for partying/relaxing so they aren’t necessarily also the laziest university.

Top University Spotify Listening

  1. California State University, San Bernardino (CSU)
  2. Washington State University
  3. California State University, Los Angeles (CSU)
  4. Santa Monica College
  5. Pasadena City College
  6. University of Connecticut (UConn)
  7. California State University, Northridge (CSU)
  8. University of Nevada (Reno)
  9. Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech)
  10. University of California, Santa Cruz (UC Santa Cruz)

Check out the site for yourself here

Google Play Music are giving new users 4 months of free, unlimited music

Google have prolonged their free trial for their Play Music streaming service, offering a whole extra month on top of the original three.

Google’s new deal gives brand new users of Google Play Music the chance to try it out for a whole four months for free, normally $9.99 a month. Google have always offered a longer trial than it’s competitors, like Spotify who offer a month free, with 90 days (3 months) of free use. Now their service is offering new subscribers another month of free use to decide whether they like it.

Google Play Music is a music streaming service offering unlimited listening of over 35 million songs that can also be saved to your device to listen to offline. Benefits for subscribers also include Cloud storage, allowing users to upload up to 50,000 songs from the personal library making it available anywhere from their Google Play account.

Google Play Music also proudly boasts a giant selection of curated playlists based around moods, activities, genres and more. What’s more, a Google Play Subscription also counts as a subscription to YouTube Red in the countries where YouTube’s subscription service has launched.

Google haven’t stated how long they will offer these extended free trials for so if you’ve never tried Google Play Music before there is no better time to try it out than now! Don’t tell the other services but GPM is my personal (Jacca) favourite, thanks to it’s intuitive and well laid out music library making your personal music collection feel that much more personal.

Start your 4-month free trial here: