You can listen to Pandora on-demand free as they take on Spotify

Spotify just gained another rival in Pandora as they’ve launched a free on-demand streaming tier supported by ads.

Free streaming was Spotify’s bread and butter but more and more services are getting in on the game. Pandora just surprise launched a free tier that allows users to sign up and listen to their giant library of music at no cost.

The tier will be supported by offering you to watch a 15-second advertisement before listening to a track. If you watch the ad then you unlock a “Pandora Premium listening session” in which you can listen to uninterrupted music on Pandora’s app.

Pandora say in their announcement: “We’re serving up the most personalized listening experience by letting you lean in to listen to music on-demand, or lean back and let us take over with recommendations unique just to you.”

Pandora started in radio streaming and grew a massive audience thanks to its intuitive discovery and recommendations in stations. At the start of this year Pandora began their exploration into on-demand streaming with Pandora Premium, which allowed you to pay for a subscription and listen to unlimited music.

Pandora Premium Access is available on their iOS and Android apps. Unfortunately free listening isn’t coming to their web player just yet.

Spotify Wrapped gives artists a package of how their music did this year

Spotify have wrapped up a special present for artists with an overview of how their music performed this year.

It’s the season for giving gifts, and Spotify have a special one for Artists on Spotify. Spotify Wrapped gives you a neatly wrapped package of who’s been listening to your music through 2017.

Spotify Wrapped has it’s own “fully customized, totally unique” microsite where you can log in and see your performance. You’ll need to a part of the Spotify for Artists program before you can view your Wrapped page – you can read how to do this here.

The stats include the number of listeners tuning in to stream your music over the year, the 3 biggest days of streaming for your music, as well as how long fans have been streaming your music in total this year. This data is all just extra data packaged up nicely from what you can see already with Spotify for Artists.

Microsoft Groove becomes Spotify as it shuts down

Microsoft are shutting down their streaming service Groove Music at the end of this month to integrate with Spotify.

As announced earlier this year Groove Music will no longer be streaming come 2018. Microsoft are shutting the store down, but you have until the 31st January to move your library over to Spotify and continue streaming there.

Of course this means that for our users we will no longer be working with Groove Music and any music chosen for Groove is unlikely to be sent before it is shut down now. We will be stopping submissions to Groove in the next 10 days.

If you’re a Groove Music Pass subscriber then Microsoft are giving out refunds to paying subscribers. You can find out more about how to get a refund, transitioning to Spotify, and details on the closure here:

Amazon Music Unlimited just launched in 28 new markets

Amazon have just added 28 new markets for their music streaming service across Europe and Latin America.

It has been a little over a year since Amazon launched their standalone music streaming service, Amazon Music Unlimited, in the US. Amazon have today launched in 28 new markets offering up their streaming service to a bunch of new audiences.

Amazon Music Unlimited was launched as a full version of their existing Prime music service. Prime Music offered a considerably stripped back streaming service bundled in with a Prime subscription. Whilst it was considered to be very popular, lots of people said this was down to the popularity of Prime and the service itself didn’t get much love. So they launched a full, standalone service to rival that of Spotify’s and Apple’s.

Amazon Music Unlimited has just launched in Belgium, Chile, Colombia, Finland, the Netherlands, Peru, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Uruguay, as well as others. The streaming service is available on four different plans: $4 a month to stream on Echo’s only, $8 for a standard streaming subscription with Prime, $10 without Prime and a family plan for $15 a month. The new countries will only have 3 available subscriptions and prices will vary country to country.

Deezer are launching Hi-Fi streaming in Japan

Deezer plan to go high-definition in Japan with their Hi-Fi streaming tier launching this month for the country.

Deezer will offer FLAC quality music files for streaming in Japan as they launch a high-definition tier of their streaming service there. Users will be able to sign up for a 3-month trial of Hi-Fi streaming for free after which the subscription costs ¥1,960 per month ($17.40) however it doesn’t seem like their free streaming will be an option..

The Japanese streaming market are reportedly excited about Deezer’s presence in the country discussing their entry into the market at last weeks Tokyo Dance Music Event. Director of Awa, Japan’s 5th largest streaming service, Tetsutaro Ono says that Deezer will be the 10th streaming service to launch in Japan following peers like Apple Music, Spotify, Google Play, and Amazon. Ono says he’s confident that Japan’s streaming market can grow to ¥50bn.

Deezer’s CEO for Asia, Henrik Carlberg said: “As a leader in the Asian music market, I will be able to start services in Japan that also emphasise artists, design, technology and innovation, and Onkyo & Pioneer and Yamaha, we are pleased to be able to offer Deezer Hi-Fi in partnership with both companies that have innovative brands in the technology industry.

“Deezer is a pioneer in music streaming services from partners, record companies. We believe that we can provide better services for artists, management companies and fans by providing support. It delivers Deezer Hi-Fi to Japan and all the world music fans, a whole new music experience. In addition to delivering Japanese music scenes I will make an effort to establish a new brand that I can support in Japanese music.”

Japan’s music streaming sphere is quickly growing but they still face the issue of some artists not being available there. Ono suggests that there will be deals in 2018 that will solve this issue, saying: “Next year we have something surprising: artists you wouldn’t expect. So the market is going to change as well.”

How to customise your Deezer artist page and view performance analytics

You can take control of your Deezer artist page, customise it, push your music to fans, view performance insights and more. Here’s how.

Deezer4Artists is Deezer’s little known platform for taking control over your music and profile on the streaming service. Deezer say themselves: “Deezer4Artists helps to grow and maintain engagement between artists and fans, with the following tools”.

Artist pages

Customise your Artist Page, update your status, or upload a playlist.

Deezer Uploader

Push audio content to your fans, from track previews to exclusive mixes.

Deezer Uploader

Push audio content to your fans, from track previews to exclusive mixes.

Deezer don’t currently have a simple sign up to Deezer4Artists so if you want to get access to your Artist Profile and customise it you will need to get in touch at to request access.

How to take control of your artist page on Apple Music and iTunes

You can take charge of your artist profile on iTunes and Apple Music with Connect. Here’s how to get Connect-ed.

Before you can take charge of your artist profile on Apple services you will need to have music on them, which in case you didn’t know is our speciality at RouteNote. So before we get into the how, lets look at why you should:

Reach your audience.

Stand out and instantly create meaningful connections with an audience of music lovers. Share your content in Connect and listeners can see it along with a comprehensive view of your music and activity on your artist page.

Tell your story.

Whether you’re on the road, in the studio, or breaking into song on the sidewalk, you can share candid moments directly with your fans.

Spread the word.

You can point to anywhere on the web from Apple Music Connect. Did tickets for your next show just go on sale? Want to share a video of your latest track’s studio recording? Post a link on your Connect feed to let your fans know.

Share what you like.

Post about the album you’re loving right now, the tracks that inspire you, your workout mix, the perfect playlist for down time, or even give a shout out to a fellow artist’s new single. When you find something you love, you can easily spread the word to your fans.

Once your music is on Apple Music and/or the iTunes Store, you can request access to post as an artist on Connect. You will need to sign in with your Apple ID to get started. While anyone can view and play the content you upload to Connect, artists can only post to Connect from iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, or Mac.

Sign up or log in here:

Pandora’s new NBS map reveals where people are loving your music

Pandora’s hub for artists – Next Big Sound – has an awesome new interactive map showing you listeners all across the United States.

Pandora have a new feature for their brilliant Next Big Sound platform which gives artists access to loads of stats and information on how their music is performing. Their latest addition, the Artist Audience Map, gives you a visualisation of exactly how your music is performing across the US.

Designed with the intention of helping you visualise where your fans are growing the best, the map will present you with listens over the last 28 days. The map presents itself with coloured circles, their size and colour representing the amount of people listening in that area.

The Artist Audience Map will replace the Top Cities section on Artist Profiles where you can see Pandora data. It’s a fun yet simple tool for now but Pandora plan to expand upon it “to help make this data even more useful and informative”.

Head to Next Big Sound and log in, or sign up if you haven’t already and your music is on Pandora, to see your new Artist Audience Map:

Spotify’s are testing new features for their amazing Discover Weekly playlists

Spotify won the hearts of streamers around the world when they introduced Discover Weekly over 2 years ago, now they’re making it even better.

Spotify are testing a new like/dislike feature for their Discovery Weekly playlists making them even better than their existing perfection. The playlists offer up a weekly selection of music recommended based on your listening habits and has been lauded for its recommendations and discovery potential. Their algorithm can only get better with Spotify’s new plan.

It is in testing at the moment but some users are able to select a heart or a crossed circle to say whether they liked or disliked a recommendation. This lets Spotify what you know of its recommendations and also enhances the systems knowledge for users that Spotify will offer similar recommendations to. It’s just like thumbing a track up or down in Pandora or Google Play except exclusive for the playlist.

In the 2 years since launching their Discover Weekly playlists they have become renowned for their excellent algorithmic picks offering fresh bouquets of tunes each week. It’s success has no doubt helped their monumental growth and seen rival streamers attempt similar playlists, however none to the triumph of Discover Weekly.

This is the last month before Microsoft shuts down Groove music

In case you hadn’t heard yet, Groove Music is closing in a semi-partnership that will see Microsoft’s music streaming service replaced with Spotify.

Microsoft attempted to reinvigorate their efforts in the music streaming world over 2 years ago by re-branding Xbox Music as something new and exciting. Unfortunately the resulting Groove Music didn’t do much to draw people in as the service’s end draws near.

At the end of this month, the last day of the year, Microsoft will close down Groove’s services in favour of Spotify. From the 31st December you won’t be able to stream or purchase music from Groove anymore, though the app will remain as a music player. Groove users can only download their purchased music before the 31st.

To download your music from Groove open the app then go to your music collection and select the Purchased filter. Then right-click or press and hold your music files and select to download them from the drop down menu.

Microsoft have chosen Spotify to be the named replacement for Groove. Up until the 31st January Groove Music users can import their library and playlists from Groove Music Pass to Spotify. For music lovers, paying users, and just people who don’t want to start a new playlist collection you should move your library whilst you can.

Groove say: “We thank you for your support on this journey”.