T-Mobile customers get Pandora Plus totally free

Music streaming has broken the constrictions of music and now T-Mobile are breaking the constrictions of paying for it.

Pandora have partnered with T-Mobile to free your music as the latest part of T-Mobile’s un-carrier promotions. T-Mobile will now offer it’s 76 million customers unlimited music streaming all without ads, entirely free for 12 months.

The mobile carrier will offer 12 months of Pandora’s Plus service to all of their account holders from August 28th. Pandora say: “This move exemplifies our focus on growing Pandora’s user-base by partnering with top-tier consumer brands and providing unique offers to their customers.”

Pandora Plus offers it’s users:

  • Replays: Listeners can hit the replay button to start their favorite jam from the beginning, or experience that newly discovered song again. It could be the last song they heard, or they can go back to their listening playlist and replay any track.
  • Skips: Listeners can skip as many songs as they want.
  • Offline: Even on Airplane Mode, the music won’t miss a beat. We’ve queued up every user’s top three stations (plus their Thumbprint Radio if they’ve added it), so every listening experience will switch effortlessly into offline mode. No need to even pull the phone out. It just works.

This might not be the last of Pandora and T-Mobile’s offerings to customers as Pandora slyly add: “This is just the first step in more exciting news to come from Pandora and T-Mobile. Until then – go ahead and press play.”

To sign up, tap the Pandora link in the T-Mobile Tuesdays app (available on the App Store and Google Play) between 4:59 a.m. ET on August 28 and 4:59 a.m. ET on August 29.

Want to learn more about T-Mobile Un-carrier? Visit http://www.t-mobile.com.

Limited time offer; subject to change. Claim in T-Mobile Tuesdays App by 8/29 4:59 a.m. ET and redeem with Pandora by 9/4 at 4:59 a.m. ET for 12 mo. subscription. Limit 1/account. New Pandora account may be required. Pandora terms apply. If you cancel T-Mobile service, free subscription ends. Images are for illustrative purposes only.

Google Home is dancing to a fresh groove with new music partners

Google have some new friends joining the party so that Home speaker owners can easily soundtrack their home life with a few words.

You can now ask your Google Assistant to play from the massive music libraries of both Pandora Premium and Deezer on Google Home, Mini, and Max. Both music streamers are now completely compatible for your listening pleasure on Google Home, Smart Displays and more.

You can link up your accounts as a Pandora Premium subscriber to search through all your songs, albums and playlists with just your voice and access Deezer’s 36 million High Fidelity tracks hands-free. With a Google Home Max you can stream Deezer’s HiFi music and really hear it thanks to the devices enhanced audio.

Previously Google Home users could use Pandora Plus and Pandora free on the speaker but the addition of Premium “boosts Premium on-demand listening to new heights of convenience, making it easier than ever to create the perfect soundscape for your sanctuary.”

Once you’ve linked your accounts is as simple as telling your speaker “Hey Google, play my Chill Vibes playlist on Deezer” or “Hey Google, play my Chill playlist on Pandora”. You can set either of them as the default music service on Google Home so you can simply tell it to play the music you want to listen to without specifying where to play it from.

You can even ask Google Home to play a song by telling it lyrics if you can’t remember the name of a song you’re itching to hear. You can also tell it to thumbs up or down tracks whilst your listening, create new stations with your voice, or if you haven’t quite got enough of a track yet ask it to play a song again.

If you’re the proud owner of a google Home you can try Pandora Premium free for 90 days. Deezer on Google Home is available for HiFi and Premium users in the U.S., Canada, Italy, Australia, U.K., France and Germany. Check the Google Home app on Android or visit store.google.com to see if your region is eligible for a special 90-day Deezer Premium trial offer

Spotify choose Samsung for seamless music listening experiences

Daniel Ek wants Spotify to be the port of call for music and he want’s listening to be seamless no matter where you are, who you are with, or what you are listening on.

Samsung have named Spotify as their “new go-to music service provider” for a connected music streaming experience across all their devices. From now on Spotify will be a part of the setup process for Samsung devices so that as soon as users get their hands on their new Samsung device they can start streaming music from Spotify’s 35 million tracks.

New Samsung phone users will be able to easily discover Spotify on Samsung Smart Switch. As well, soon Samsung Smart TV users can play Spotify through the SmartThings app so that you can sit back on the sofa and crack on your favourite tunes through your TV setup. What’s really interesting about Samsung and Spotify’s new conjoined functionality is that the devices will know when you’re moving from room to room. Samsung will prompt you to move your listening experience to the device you’re nearer.

Spotify will be integrated with Samsung’s voice controlled AI Bixby to play the music you want, when you want, just by telling Bixby what music you want to play. Bixby will take users looking for music to Spotify, even if they’ve never used Spotify before. This allows listeners to receive recommendations from Spotify, discover new playlists, and create new musical experiences.

Daniel Ek spoke on his company’s new partnership, saying: “Since Spotify’s inception, we’ve studied how people use Spotify. We know that listeners stream different kinds of music at different times, in different places, and most importantly, on different devices. We think music should be easy to access on ALL of your devices – and we want it to be seamless to switch from one device to another.”

Samsung Electronics’ IT & Mobile Communications president and CEO, DJ Koh adds: “With Spotify, Samsung Galaxy users will be able to enjoy seamless music experiences across all our devices. We’re excited about today’s announcement, and it’s just the start of things to come!”

Express yourself on SoundCloud with the return of comments on mobile

Have you missed sharing your thoughts on music when you’re streaming SoundCloud from your smartphone? Comments are back and better than ever.

SoundCloud have announced the return of comments on their mobile app for both iOS and Android devices. For when your enjoyment of a track is just too overwhelming and you need to express it you can scroll through the comments, see what others are saying and add your own comments once again now on SoundCloud’s mobile app.

SoundCloud said: “As the world’s largest music streaming platform sparking social connections between artists and fans around the world, SoundCloud creates an open, authentic and dynamic community where everyone can share and connect. So be heard. Hear back. Connect anytime, anywhere – first on SoundCloud.”

SoundCloud comments mobile app application iOS Android

Comments back on the SoundCloud mobile apps mean:

  • Easy navigation: Simply tap the conversation bubble icon to leave a comment or read the time-stamped comments on tracks.
  • Give and receive feedback instantly: Have more flexibility over when and where you share feedback on your favorite tracks.
  • More control and freedom: Manage your own comments and comments by the community with the ability to easily delete and leave comments on tracks.

Pandora are thriving post-radio now with 6 million subscribers

It’s almost 2 years since Pandora enhanced their radio streaming with on-demand music streaming and it’s paying off with 6 million users now paying to stream with them.

Pandora are one of the biggest names in online music thanks to their long running radio stations. Letting anyone come to their site for free and listen to a “radio” stream based on their choice of artists or tracks. It’s 2 years since they expanded into paid, on-demand streaming and it’s working magic for them.

Pandora have just announced that they have surpassed 6 million paying subscribers with over 70 million total active users on all of their music offerings. This data was revealed in Pandora’s 2018 Q2 earnings report which also revealed more positive news for the music streamers as their revenues show 12% rise from last year which shows them moving closer to profitability.

Pandora was last profitable as a company in 2014, 2 years before they launched their premium streaming options. Last year’s second quarter showed losses of $289.7 million for the period ending June but Pandora’s significant growth in the past year, particularly in 2018, has meant that net losses for stockholders in the same period this year was reduced to $99.5 million.

Whilst their paid services are showing significant growth and performance it’s Pandora’s ad-free services that are still making the majority of their revenues, although the gap is closing. For their Q2 ad-supported revenues made up $271.1 million whilst their revenues from paying subscribers equalled $113.7 million.

Pandora CEO Roger Lynch says that the streaming service’s paid subscribers are listening to music three times longer than their ad-supported listeners. Fortunately for them their paying users are growing greatly, gaining 351,000 in their last quarter thanks partly to the launch of their new family streaming plan which offers multiple users to listen on the same plan for just $14.99.

Lynch mentioned future plans for Pandora saying that a student plan could be in the headlights as well expanding device support for their mobile music streaming app.

Spotify Playlist Pitching: How to get on top Spotify playlists free

The digital age of music is here and Spotify playlists are the torches leading the way for listeners to undiscovered lands of amazing music that they love.

Finding your way on to one of Spotify’s massive playlists can literally make your music career in one day. The incredible and varied selection of playlists offer something for everyone and bring in tens of millions of listeners around the world every week to hear the new tracks selected for that playlist.

When you upload your music to Spotify with us at RouteNote you’re taking your first step to being featured in a massive playlist that puts you in front of millions of new fans!

Just having your music available on Spotify is the biggest thing you can do to have a chance at being featured in any of the massive playlists on Spotify but there’s a couple of ways you can make it more likely to get picked.

Send your music directly to Spotify

Spotify have just added a new section in their artist hub – Spotify for Artists – where artists can send their music straight to Spotify’s playlist curators who will listen to it and add it to their playlists if they like it.

The feature is currently in beta but is available for everyone. From your Spotify for Artists account head to Spotify Analytics and select one unreleased song of yours to submit to the team.

Spotify’s team of editors, curators and influencers will give your track a listen and if they feel it fits one of their editorial playlists you could be one of the 75,000 artists features on playlists every single week. Even more, it increases your chance to end up on a listener’s Discover Weekly which introduces 150,000 artists to new fans every week.

Upload your music to RouteNote

You need a distributor before you can get your music on Spotify and we’re the perfect stop for you – it’s entirely free to use us and our simple process means your music gets delivered to the world’s biggest stores and streamers in no time.

Once your up on Spotify your music is available around the world for hundreds-of-millions of people. This means it could be picked up by anyone whether it be Spotify staff, musos, influencers or even just someone that wants to share a cool new track they found with all of their friends and family.

As well, we listen to every single song that comes through RouteNote. When we find something we really like we send it to Spotify with a recommendation and has led to features on some massive playlists.

Like Borrtex, who suddenly gained hundreds-of-thousands of plays after being added to Spotify’s Sleep playlist with 2.2 million followers.

Borrtex artist streaming success Spotify playlist growth new listeners streams
Borrtex’s streams exploded after Spotify picked up his track

Artists and labels get paid from their music on Facebook and Instagram with RouteNote

We want artists to get the most from their music no matter where it is online. We’ve partnered with Facebook to take your music to over 1 billion people and earn money in entirely new ways.

Every play counts and we want to make sure that artists get what they deserve for every play. That’s why our new partnership with Facebook will ensure that artists get every penny they are entitled to when their music is shared with over 1 billion people on the biggest social media network in the world.

We will be working with Facebook and Instagram so that users can share their love for artists’ music and they get the credit and earnings they deserve. With hundreds of millions of people coming to Facebook and their little sister Instagram every single day that’s millions of potential new listeners tuning in to your music in a brand new way.

We will be adding Facebook to our stores very soon. Select Facebook and we will send them your music so they can identify anytime your music has been used and send you your rightfully earned money for it. Adding your music to Facebook will also include you in their powerful ‘Audio Library’ where any Facebook and Instagram user can choose you to soundtrack their latest vid or story – earning you money with every play.

RouteNote’s founder and CEO, Steven Finch says: “We are very excited about the opportunities that Facebook and Instagram can bring to independent artists and labels worldwide. The addition of music to their products will help to drive both discovery and engagement for both Facebook and independent artists.”

Whether it’s your old gold or your latest banger that we’ll keep you protected and earning money on the world’s 2 most popular social media platforms in the world!

We’re very excited to start this new partnership and provide new, amazing opportunities for all of the artists and labels that use us to get their music out to the world.

Keep your eyes peeled – We will be adding Facebook to our stores in the coming weeks!

Pandora add stream counts for artists on Next Big Sound

As an artist it can be important to know who’s listening to your works of art. Pandora’s new Audience section takes artists on a deep dive into their fans new and old.

Pandora have just announced the addition of 2 new insights for their Next Big Sound Artist Profiles to take artists deeper into the audiences of their music. The new Pandora Audience section introduces insights into exactly how many times an artist’s music has been streamed and who the fans that are coming back for more and more are.

The new Pandora Audience page will feature two sections of analytics for artists to dive inside their listeners:

Unique Listeners: The number of people who heard any song by this artist on Pandora in the last month.

Streams: The total number of times a song is played anywhere on Pandora, across all tiers of service, encompassing both Pandora Radio Spins and Pandora Interactive Plays.

When artists check out their streaming data they will be presented with two graphs for streams and unique listeners showing clearly how much love their music is getting and how it compares over time. Pandora want artists to share how well they are doing with all around the world so for once they are making their Pandora Audience section publicly available to anyone with a Next Big Sound account.

Pandora note that this availability of streaming numbers will be a massive asset to the industry for venues, publicists, managers, labels, and more. It will provide an easy insight to the engagement and popularity of artists that they can use to sell themselves or figures can use to find artists they know have an audience. As well it can help labels and artists strategise releases and campaigns with knowledge of exactly how their actions reflect in listeners.

Pandora Next Big Sound insights analytics listeners streams unique monthly listeners

This is just the start of Pandora’s expanding and exciting new info for artists:

Over the next few months, more Pandora data will be unveiled to the industry, spanning from track-level performance data on Artist Profiles to Pandora-specific Next Big Sound email Notifcations (which will surface noteworthy spikes in Pandora data across the artists you Follow).

Whether you’re hoping to check out Pandora data for another artist as a point of comparison or if you’re researching artists to book for you venue, we feel confident you’ll be better equipped to make decisions as this data continues to be uncovered.

If your music is streaming on Pandora then what are you waiting for, go check out who’s listening! If your music isn’t on Pandora then why not sign up for free at www.routenote.com and get your music on ALL of the top stores and streaming services.

It’s free to sign up for Next Big Sound if you don’t already have an account.

Get your tracks on Spotify’s top playlists with their new beta

Playlists on Spotify have become an amazing way to break rising artists and put them in front of millions of potential new listeners – your chance to be featured just got easier.

Spotify have just launched the beta for a tool that lets artists submit their music for consideration to be included in any of their hundreds of massively popular playlists. The new feature joins the Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics hubs which allows artists and labels to share unreleased music with the Spotify team and then their editors and curators will take a listen and see if it fits their awesome playlists.

Everyone will have the chance to test the new feature whether you’re an artist, label, manager or a member of that artist’s team. It’s as simple as logging into Spotify for Artists, or Spotify Analytics for labels, and then you will have the option to select one unreleased song to submit to the team for playlist consideration.

Spotify say: “At Spotify, our goal is to match every listener with the perfect music for them. That’s why we have a team of over 100 editors around the world – music experts and cultural ambassadors whose job is to spread the joy of music discovery everywhere from Brazil to Japan to Turkey. Today, we’re introducing a beta feature as part of Spotify for Artists and Spotify Analytics designed to make it easier for artists and labels to share unreleased music with this team — so our editors can create better playlists and artists have a better shot at landing on one.”

We’ve seen the power of playlists time and time again at RouteNote. We’ve been working with Spotify to send certain tracks uploaded to us for consideration in their playlists and the results have been outstanding. We saw producer Borrtex grow his plays from thousands to hundreds-of-thousands within days after he was added to Spotify’s giant Sleep playlist with 2.2 million followers.

Spotify’s release statement ended on their plans for the future for:

Beta means this is the first step. With more than 75,000 artists featured on editorial playlists each week, and another 150,000 on Discover Weekly, we know how important it is to get this right. We’ll continue evolving this feature based on your feedback, so artists, labels, managers and partners can all help us create better playlists for Spotify listeners.

Apple Music will have 3m more subscribers than Spotify by Christmas, say executives

The Apple Music/Spotify race has been going for years but it looks like Apple Music may finally edge into the lead by the end of the year.

Since Apple Music launched in 2015 they have spent 3 years battling to reach Spotify’s leading numbers. According to a report last week by Digital Music News, citing unnamed sources’ information, Apple Music have surpassed Spotify for US-based paying subscribers.

The report was based on leaked subscriber data and wasn’t officially confirmed by either service however a new report by the Financial Times suggests that Apple Music aren’t yet beating Spotify but will be in the lead by the end of July. Their cited subscriber numbers were different to DMN’s and show Apple Music to be at 21 to 21.5 million subscribers in the US whereas Spotify has a million more with 22 to 22.5 million subscribers in the United States.

In the same report the Financial Times wrote that “music industry insiders who are privy to the data” expect Apple Music to have 3 million more paid subscribers than Spotify before 2018 ends.

When it comes to the rest of the world Apple Music still have a way to go to catch up to Spotify’s world-leading numbers. The latest report in April suggested that Apple Music have surpassed 40 million subscribers via a leak. Whilst impressive and no doubt a larger number now, Spotify have over 70 million paying subscribers (not including their free tier) and have done since before that leak.

We will have to wait for an official announcement from either of the services themselves but it seems like the streaming war is heating up and Apple may finally overtake the long-standing kings of music streaming.