Haywyre – Insight

There’s no such thing as a poor Haywyre track, and with the video to go along, it just shows how much of a genius this guy truly is!
This isn’t his first music video, with last years cover of Smooth Criminal, which is equally as good. He also featured at number 2 on my Top 10 Underrated tracks of 2014, with Everchanging.

Lido Releases All His 2014 Remixes For Free Download

LidoLido is arguably my favourite DJ I discovered last year. With a bunch of remixes on his SoundCloud, there’s definitely something for everyone there, each incorporating his signature sound.

He recently posted up his entire 2014 catalogue on his site as a free download. Definitely worth a listen!
P.S. You’ll need to be able to read music to complete the task.

The Prodigy – Nasty (New Single)

After the teaser video released last week, The Prodigy have given fans the first single from their new album. Premiered on Zane Lowe’s ‘Hottest Record in the World’ show, ‘Nasty’ is by no means a disappointment, returning to the groups Big Beat style.

Buy the single or pre-order the new album ‘The Day Is My Enemy’ and get the single now.

Bondax – Dusk Funk (ft. Ayah Marar)

I always get a little bit excited when a new Bondax track is released. My excitement was not reduced when I hit play on ‘Dusk Funk’. As I’m sure you can tell by the title and Bondax’s history, it’s an upbeat electronic funk track, featuring vocals from Ayah Marar, known her vocals on Calvin Harris’ single from two years ago ‘Thinking About You’.

Buy ‘Bondax – The Mix Album’ on iTunes here.

Savant – Invasion (New Album)

Savant has been non-stop working for the past few months. Releasing two albums last year, he’s started 2015 strong releasing 13 tracks from his new album ‘Invasion’. We should see another 3 come out in time, but for now you can go ahead and listen to or download for free what he’s posted up on SoundCloud so far.

“Invasion is similar to other albums I’ve done straight after a big concept album. Like Overkill, which I released for free last year. Invasion is a freedom album with the emphasis on fun. It’s about the tracks, not the journey. I wanted to get back to that Vario vibe; fun and silly and computer gamey. It’s a bit more commercial sounding than other stuff, but it’s my take on commercial sounding music. I’ve had a lot of fun making it, and when I play any of the tracks live people go awesome!”
-Aleksander Vinter (Savant)