Lithuanian band Justin 3 drop inspirational new single ‘Survivor’

Lithuanian band ‘Justin 3’ release an atmospheric new single with their new track ‘Survivor’, with a catchy chorus and a kick ass video, this is definitely a band to look out for in months to come.

Justin 3 are pop rock band from Lithuania formed by actor and musician Justinas Stanislovaitis, they have been playing for more than 6 years but previously under ‘Alive Way’ and have been on a substantial amount of National Television. Their songs have been aired on almost all Lithuanian national radio stations and have been a large success in Lithuania. This catchy tune by Justin 3 really caught my eye today with its powerful lyrics and great video.

The well produced music video features the story of a muay thai boxer and his struggle to succeed, showing the hurdles he comes across as he makes his way to the top. The filming itself is superb but the editing slightly knocked my concentration as unfortunately I felt the clips were not cut to a long enough length for you to make any emotional attachment to the story. Also the text running throughout the video with the boxers speech quotes confuses my brain because you feel like it should be the lyrics and then when its not its very hard to concentrate on both the lyrics and the text at the same time; Or maybe that’s just me.

Justinas 3 band music video review pop indie rock ballad

I do think though that the lyrics really support the video with a big sound from the lead vocalist with lines such as ‘I swam amongst the monsters to get to where I am’ and ‘I’ll make the earth shake, I’m a fighter’. The instrumentation drives the song to its atmospheric heights and the lyricists slightly roughened voice really does make him stand from the crowd of every other mainstream singer, whilst the involvement of an ethnic story line is diverse in comparison to most popular music.

The interesting thing about this release is you would expect it to be a raw rocky sound but yet these guys use an electric drum kit which means that they lack the full sound of the full drum kit which you would expect in a large sounding song, its a rather odd ensemble of  sounds and my brain cant really work out how it feels about this.  Also he uses an acoustic guitar for may of the guitar parts with distortion which is a strange way to go about things but again this seems to intrigue me.

Justinas 3 band music video review pop indie rock ballad

There is also a slightly strange rhythm to the lyrics which often sounds forced, like they have put too little or many words into one line but this does achieve some positive effect as it adds to the obscurity of the piece. All these little obscure things add up to partially drag the single away from mainstream and into indie. Although the clear, crisp production does make the piece sound like a chart topper and if i’m very honest I feel like the piece is still borderline mainstream with a hint of indie and a few slip ups here and there. This single could have done with something, anything to drag it into its own space, its own sound.

In whole, its an impressive track and a great single for an up and coming band but lacks something individual and needs that kick of umph. Saying that I can see massive potential in the this band and I’m looking forward to what comes next.

Justin 3

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Irish indie rock duo ‘Rews’ blowing minds on UK tour – live review

As indie rock duo ‘Rews’ UK Tour comes to an end, the band has managed impress the nation with their outstanding shows across the nation. The Irish female duo are set for a rocketing future if they carry on in this vein, with such talent and on-stage presence I can’t see anything but up for this rocking pair.

I was lucky enough to catch ‘Rews’ playing on Saturday night at ‘The Junction’ in Plymouth, Not having heard of the duo yet, I watched them dance around like crazy to the support bands thinking to myself what an interesting pair they were. But it was not until they walked up onto the stage that I realised that this rather exciting pair was about to control the room with their unique and electrifying sound. As soon as they started playing the whole bar had their eyes set on this exciting duo, Rews were supported by ‘Nova Grey’, a four piece rock band from devon and ‘Hypophora’,  a local Cornish band, who really got the stage set for ‘Rews’ with their atmospheric set.

I asked members of a few members of the audience for a brief review on their night watching ‘Rews’, lead singer of supporting band ‘Hypophora’ said: “The drummer’s hard-hitting style could be likened to that of Dave Grohl and the catchy, poppy vocals were an amazing counterpart to the powerful attitude-filled riffs.”

I also bumped into session musician Will Eason who quoted: “Simple but elegant. The rews didn’t only electrify the audience with the intense riffing but also captivated us with their performance. A unique experience and insane to watch.”

‘Rews’ are a two piece indie rock duo made up of Shauna on lead vocals, guitar and piano and Colette banging out the rhythm on drums and vocals. Their unique all female indie sound is punchy and powerful and you can really hear this in their single ‘Death Yawn’, with an electronic feel but yet raw and rocky.

With a recent signing to Marshall Records things are heading up and onwards for ‘Rews’ and hopefully the Southwest will see them again, I know I’ll be there.

No Hot Ashes release smashing new single ‘Bellyaches’ – Review

Up and coming band ‘No Hot Ashes’ from Manchester have just dropped a toe tapping new single this month with their new track ‘Bellyaches’. The Mancunian Rock Group have startled us again with a hot new track that’s definitely worth a listen!

The RouteNote team are big fans of No Hot Ashes. Ever since coming on the scene around  2015, they have been a band we have been extremely excited about and followed closely. After hearing there was to be a new single, we couldn’t wait to hear it.

‘Bellyaches’ came out yesterday and rocked the music scene with its fascinating new sound. The pure Manchester rock sound mixed with new electronic vibes makes for an exciting ensemble and with a catchy chorus it really does stick in your head.

One of the sounds I really picked out as making the whole sound complete is echo-ey background vocals throughout the chorus. It really supports the raw lead vocals in completing the big sound of the chorus. Along with the synths filling out the background while the vocals, bass and guitar stay punchy and strong.

This new single features cover art by Florence Burns, and with a vibrant funky image of someone sinking into a cocktail glass it really does draw you and make you wonder what music lies beneath it. And indeed it does represent the funked up single quite well. The guys say themselves “Florence is just as important as the music we play in terms of completing that creative process.”

The new single features a range of sounds from the very prominent punchy bass line to the high pitch electronic sounds from the synths and guitar, this is turn makes their new sound, very fresh. In comparison this single is much more electronic and vibrant whereas some previous releases such as ‘Goose’ and ‘Skank’ are much more stripped down and clean.

‘No Hot Ashes’ are a 4 piece band from Manchester who back in 2015 were hitting it hot on their local seen with their funk rock grooves. Since then they have expanded with gigs in Cardiff and Dublin. Their sound is needless to say electrifying and really does draw your ears in to find out more.

No Hot Ashes

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Spotify Release New Discover Weekly Feature

discover weekly spotify

Yesterday Spotify announced their new feature “Discover Weekly” a playlist personalised based on your listening habits released every Monday just for you.

Spotify claim their new weekly playlists will deliver you their best-ever recommendations as weekly mixtape of fresh music.

The Discover Weekly playlist will be around two hours of custom made music recommendations tailored based around what you listen to and what users with similar tastes have been listening to.

It’s like having your best friend make you a personalised mixtape every single week

Discover Weekly will not only refresh weekly but will evolve it’s songs as your taste evolves so that the more music you listen to the more refined and appropriate the playlist becomes.

Gustav Söderström, Vice President of Product at Spotify, said: “There’s never been a simpler, more personalised way to discover music, with every playlist tuned just to you every single week.”

The new feature was made available yesterday and you should be able to find your personalised Discover Weekly playlist in the left of your Spotify browser under “Playlists”.

Personal review: I expected the Discover Weekly feature to be much the same as Spotify’s not-quite-there Discover section, with on/off suggestions that are only there for holding some resemblance to another artist you’ve listened to. However with Discover Weekly, using more advanced methods to find your suggestions, Spotify have clearly streamlined the Discover feature as best as they possibly can into a two hour playlist.

Of course personal taste is so intangible and unpredictable that it can’t be pinned down and served to you with the expectation of perfection but Spotify seem to have done a fairly good job at coming close.

Being someone who listens to a fair variety of music I was interested to see what direction Spotify would take with my playlist. Whether it would be a mess of trying to appeal to every track in my listening history or a boring jaunt through 2 hours of songs that sound like that track I accidentally played that one time. Though the playlist itself may not have been quite as varied as I would like I did enjoy the majority of my Discover Weekly playlist, providing me with plenty of new music to taste-test.

Overall I feel like Discover Weekly isn’t something worth dismissing: if you are truly interested in discovering new music then this is a feature worth trying. The new playlists only rolled out yesterday so we have yet to see whether Spotify can continue to expand on this tool with the potential to introduce millions to new music but for now I would recommend at least seeing your results, it has the potential to become you’re new favourite source for music.

20 Most Influential Music Blogs

Style of Sound created a list of the top 100 influential music blogs

Here’s the top 20:

1. Pitchfork

2. Consequence of Sound

3. Tiny Mix Tapes

4. Resident Advisor

5. Stereogum

6. The Line of Best Fit

7. Your EDM

8. Pop Justice

9. Dancing Astronaut

10. Drowned in Sound

11. Fake Shore Drive

12. All Hiphop

13. EDM Sauce

14. Large Hearted Boy

15. Rap Radar

16. 2 Dope Boyz

17. FACT

18. Hypetrak

19. Indie Shuffle

20. The Wild Honey Pie

Brahms V. Radiohead (Composition by Steve Hackman)

Composer Steve Hackman has become famous for his orchestral compositions that blend contemporary bands’ music with the symphonies of classical composers.

An amazing process of analysis, discovery, de- and re-construction, and re-creation led to this program, a synthesis of the Brahms First Symphony (1882) and Radiohead’s OK Computer (1997). All four movements of the Brahms are eight songs from the Radiohead album are featured. The envelope of what is possible and permissible is constantly pushed, with Radiohead songs being superimposed above Brahms’ music, Radiohead’s melodies being altered to coexist with Brahms’ harmonies, the motives of one interjected into the other, and departures from the score left and right to accommodate journeys into a new compelling and captivating world that is at once both musics. Three vocalists sing the melodies of the Radiohead, both in solo and harmony.

You can also hear Steve Hackman’s symphonic mash-up of Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony (‘Eroica’) and Coldplay.

Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk (ft. Bruno Mars) [Sailors Remix]

When creating a remix, there’s two roads you can go down. You can either take the simple route by adding to it with (for example) a more uptempo beat, which can be fine, as long as you are adding something to the original, or you can go creative by totally stripping it apart, taking the vocal part and creating something entirely new, which is what’s happened here, and it works perfectly.

Audio Technica ATH-M70X Review – Marques Brownlee (MKBHD)

Last month Audio Technica released their successor to the much loved Audio Technica ATH-M50X. The ATH-M50X are still very popular for their great all round sound quality, with a very competitive price. Audio Technica’s new pair of ATH-M70X are designed to be a step up, with a higher price tag to go along. Marques Brownlee from MKBHD has made an in-depth video review, comparing the headphones to the previous model.

In all, with a similar design and subtle physical differences, the new ATH-M70X deliver a much flatter response, which to the untrained ear may sound dull, lacking bass and a little tinny, however great for use in media production. The ATH-M50X (while being cheaper) give a boost to the bass end and treble end, providing a more coloured overall sound, great for media consumption.

Audio Technica Frequency Response

Daft Punk – Get Lucky | Played by 10 Epic Famous Guitar Players

What would Daft Punk’s ‘Get Lucky’ sound like it if were performed by some of the most famous guitar players? With the help of Andre Antunes, he performs the hit in the style of Nirvana, AC/DC, Guns ‘n’ Roses, Queen, Rage Against the Machine, and more.