5 scary sample packs free for Halloween

The spooky season is here! It’s time to drape your keyboards with cobwebs and mix some horror into your beats.

We’ve brought together 5 unbeatable sample packs full of ghastly sounds sure to send shivers up your spine. These packs should give you all the fuel you need to start chopping up some demons and lacing your beats with new thrills.

All of these packs are royalty free so you can use and release them in any way you like.

Ghost Syndicate’s Halloween Pack

HexLoops’ Horrific Halloween Special

halloween sample pack from hexloops

RocketStock’s Horror Sound Effects

Gowler Music Movie Dialogue

SoundShock’s Halloween Samples

SoundShock halloween sample pack free royalty free

You make music, so do we: Hear the music of the RouteNote team

Every day we have the pleasure of listening to the music that gets sent in to us. Thousands of tracks from independent creators pass through our ears each day.

It’s only fair that we return the privilege, and give you a slice of the music the team at RouteNote makes.

So sit back, relax and check out what we do when we’re not getting your music out there.


You may have heard some of Barnaby’s behind the scenes work without even realising it. He’s our recording engineer for the RouteNote Sessions as well as listening to lots of your lovely music when it’s sent in.

Barnaby doesn’t keep his talents behind the drums or the desk to himself, as you can see with just a portion of the bands and artists he plays with below.


Brinley is one of the ears listening to your music as it comes in to give his nod of approval. Outside of the office however he transforms into a drumming machine and musician extraordinaire.

Just check out the awesome noise he makes in, and outside, of bands below.

Bubs & Pixie

What do you get when you put these two boys in a room together? The insatiable sounds of WAXX are what.

When the headphones come off at the end of the day in the office, this dynamic duo get together and make more noise than you could shake a guitar at – ’cause they don’t need one.


Charlotte has swam her way through the Falmouth music scene into the big wide sea of the further UK. Playing to adoring audiences from all around she can fill the stage by herself or as many as 10 players in her band!

She’s found a healthy middle ground with a back-line of 3 players for most performances now but I hear talks of a vocal ensemble on the horizon.

Ed, Kelly & Marlon (cool name)

These 3 become a powerful unit when combined into the form of Kaboli (plus bassist Ethan but he doesn’t work here so enough of him). You’ll catch them at any Cornish music festival worth its salt.

When Ed and Marley aren’t working with the music coming in to RouteNote, they’re putting music out as the driving forces behind a lot of the RouteNote Sessions. Kelly leads our wonderful support team and so you may well have spoken before, be nice!

James and Sweeney

If I Were King are one of those fabled acts in Cornwall that you might have heard about, but it’s rare that you will see them. They dust themselves off a couple of times a year before re-entering their hibernation.

For all their radio silence, however, you always seem to find the remnants of their band practices in the music studio downstairs…


Jordan has been doing the rounds cementing his music in Cornwall’s folk music scene. When he’s not here listening to the music that gets sent in to us, he’s arranging yet another gig for the weekend – this boy doesn’t rest.

Katie & Lewis

Our resident hard rockers Katie and Lewis have been shaping their sound for years taking their blends of funk, math rock, metal up and down the country and through Europe.

When in the office they work together in the Support team to keep all of you lovely people happy. Hopefully Hypophora can make you happy in some other ways.


Rich is one of the latest keen ears to join the team and mainstream your sounds into his veins. Long before he became part of the RouteNote family he’s been kicking out the hard jams with O’Deus.


Rob has had a pretty storied musical history and it’s highly likely you’ve heard his work in something before without even realising it. His incredible production work comes in many forms and under many names.

Here’s a track he did with Sweeney (that Sweeney gets a few spots doesn’t he?)


See – here he is again! You can probably tell if you’ve listened to his earlier contributions in the list that variety is the spice of the Sween.

Sweeney is the man behind our SoundCloud and YouTube Networks. Here he is doing what he does best; making me eternally envious of that voice.


Will is a phenomenal guitarist. Oh, you want proof of that? Well here he is playing with his wicked band Hops, there’s even close ups so you can see how fast that man’s fingers are.

As a bonus treat check out Will’s gorgeous solo session afterwards.


If chilled house and hip-hop is your sort of thing then you’re about to fall in love with simmerdown. Zoe’s sampling and producing chops are no more evident than in unfurl.

When she’s not exploring the publishing landscape for independent artists like you, Zoe is hard at work mastering the art of music production.

Man, the people who work at RouteNote sure make a lot of music huh? We hope you enjoyed hearing the variety of noises we like 
to make, keep your ears peeled for more!

If a vinyl record was LSD, it would be this (video)

What’s your most prized record in your vinyl collection? Maybe it’s a coloured record, or perhaps it’s in a unique shape. But does it make you trip?

This amazing record has an optical illusion that makes it look like the words in front of you are transforming and moulding before your eyes. Check it out in all its glory and try not to get lost within.

Boomtown Chapter 11: The Radical City 2019 (video)

It’s been few weeks since Boomtown laid the country bare for it’s 11th year with an unbeatable weekend of music and festivities. We’re still totally stuck in Boomtown mode so take a dive inside the party of the year with out video taking you on a tour through all the wonder and delights on offer.

Major Lazer remixes Fortnite with new skins and emotes launched

The world’s most popular game has teamed up with Major Lazer to bring some EDM into the game in a variety of ways.

One of the biggest electronic music groups has teamed up with the biggest game in the world right now – mostly thanks to kids – because why the hell not this is the 21st century, this is just what happens now.

The EDM group led by Diplo have remixed two of Fortnite’s lobby tracks: ‘Default Vibe’ and ‘Default Fire’. To launch the songs Major Lazer streamed a live game of Fortnite with pro gamer Dubs from the FaZe Clan eSports group.

To celebrate the collaboration Fortnite has also launched a ‘Lazerism’ pack of items for the game. The pack comes with a dedicated outfit skin, weapon skins and a dancing emote that can be used by the character as well as the two remixes.

The pack costs 2,475 V-Bucks for the whole thing but each item can be bought differently. That’s roughly $25 worth of ‘V-Bucks’ so if you’re looking for ways to throw away your money, enjoy Major Lazer, and are partial to a game of Fortnite then head over to the game now.

Meet the eco, backyard music studio we all wish we had

This gorgeous studio is the dream of every musician, producer and beyond to have their own quiet, personal studio in the backyard.

Oh to have the space and money to build your dream studio in the garden. An enclosed space where you can escape to let the creativity flow from you. Somewhere that distractions are left outside the door so that everything is focused on the process.

Prepare to get green as this music composer’s new garden studio is the stuff of the most enviable dreams. In his beautiful new countryside cottage he recruited JCPCDR Architecture to build a cosy and stylish cabin out of local recycled materials.

Sourcing the ingredients for the studio locally meant they could reduce the project’s carbon footprint. Their target was to build the studio 100% ecologically so they took glass panels and steel from a destroyed factory nearby and took scraps from the closest sawmill for the wooden panels.

Looking at it you would never tell that this meticulously designed garden studio was made almost entirely from scraps. The design is simple but stylish with glassed walls on two side and a pyramidal glass corner window above the desk for an abundance of natural light and a view of the beautiful house and its gardens.

We hope you had a napkin for this because we were definitely drooling over the idea of having this recording space.

What would your dream recording space look like? Tell us in the comments below.

Here’s what 600 year old butt music from hell sounds like

‘Early Netherlandish painting butt music from hell’ is a genre we never thought we’d get to hear but here we are and there it is.

In the 1490s and all the way up until 1510, extraordinary artist and leading painter of the Early Netherlandish period Hieronymus Bosch created a masterpiece of art with his incredible painting: The Garden of Earthly Delights.

The painting is filled with intricate detail and surrealism ahead of it’s time. It’s an astonishing feat that took up around 20 years of Bosch’s life.

Hidden within the painting is an ass more notable than the any of the hundred other booties depicted. This particular ass, found in the hellish landscape of the right panel, has musical notation tattooed across both cheeks.

Resist thine earthly urges that lead a man towards sin. For once ye hath sinned, your buttocks shall be used as a demon’s sheet music.

Oklahoma Christian University student Amelia Hamrick went through the rigorous process of studying this particular butt and transcribing the music depicted on those pale cheeks. She then recorded what she aptly described as “LITERALLY the 600-years-old butt song from hell”.

She says of her work: “I decided to transcribe it into modern notation, assuming the second line of the staff is C, as is common for chants of this era.”

YouTube user Jim Spalink has taken Amelia’s transcription and, with a little personal embellishment, created an enchanting recording of the piece using a lute, harp and hurdy-gurdy. The perfect trio of instruments transports you back 600 years and makes you feel like you’re hearing the music from the butt itself.

Paint a masterpiece with MIDI on Dr. Dot

MIDI devices open up millions of possibilities in the world of music creation, maybe it’s time to explore their possibilities in other arts.

Dr. Dot is a fascinating piece of painting software that, using the power of a MIDI controller, allows you to experiment with dot painting for incredible results. It’s basically next level spiral art.

Created by Jeffrey Alan Scudder, the program works with MIDI Fighter Twister controllers to paint and select colours and the movement of your paintbrush. See it in action and you’ll see just how crazy and beautiful the possibilities are with Dr. Dot.

Open up the MIDI Fighter Utility app and download Scudder’s linked configuration file. Then painting away with your controller is as simple as heading to this link: dr.dot.justanothersystem.org

Speaking on DJ Tech Tools, Scudder says: “I built Dr. Dot to demonstrate my own theory of picture resolution and to build an animated painting called Tumpin, but quickly realized that it was also an impressively expressive instrument for live painting and spiral art.”

Find out more about why and how Scudder created this unique software in his article for DJ Tech Tools.

Watch 324 Gibson guitars crushed by a crane (video)

WARNING! The following content is not for the faint of heart or for lovers of guitar.

Gibson just broke the hearts of thousands of aspiring guitar players with one horrific video. In the vid you can see a row containing hundreds of their divisive but gorgeous Firebird guitars crushed and mangled by a hydraulic crane crawling over the poor, innocent instruments.

Unfortunately this was probably the only feasible outcome for these guitars. The range was deemed unsalvageable, reportedly having been “damaged with unsafe components”. Gibson say: “This isolated group of Firebird X models were unable to be donated for any purpose and were destroyed accordingly.”

Last year Gibson were facing bankruptcy but they’ve been taking steps to go back to their roots with a new business approach. It’s not clear whether the destruction of one of their range is part of these plans.

Regardless of whether they could have given the guitars away or not, its a distressing video for anyone who loves guitars. Although, there is something strangely satisfying about seeing them all get crunched…