Charlie Brennan hits giant Spotify playlists with his new single

Charlie Brennan’s gorgeous new summery single is making it’s way out of speakers around the world as he hits some of Spotify’s massive playlists.

Teaming up with the major up-and-comer Glaceo and getting in the extremely talented Emma Rae to sing; hit-maker Charlie Brennan has dropped a very special summer single with his new track Lovely Escape.

Spotify they knew it was a hit and so now you can find some of their giant playlists including De Camino with over 500,000 listeners.

Check it out now and make your Summer that little bit brighter:

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Dillom’s new track hits the charts after distributing with RouteNote

Trap lovers can’t get enough of Dillom as he runs up the Argentinian charts, moves through the top Spotify playlists and reaches new fans around the world by the day.

We love seeing artists’ music make the big time and hit the charts after getting it out into the world through RouteNote. After Dillom dropped his latest single Superglue on Spotify it sped its way up the charts and currently sits at number 52 on Spotify’s top 100 for Argentina.

It’s also been placed on some of the hottest playlists on Spotify. Check it out now:

If you want to get your music in front of hundreds-of-thousands, even millions, of people on Spotify’s top playlists then upload your music to RouteNote today.

Tobu’s new track hits top Spotify playlists

Tobu is back with another hit and it is already making its way into some of the hottest playlists on Spotify to make the soundtrack to your summer. 

Swedish electronic hit maker Tobu is back and people are already loving his new single ‘Blessing’. Proud Outertone artist Tobu has teamed up with EDM duo Bonalt & Hadi to produce this vibrant summer tune complemented with vocals by Tom Mårtensson.

It’s already found it’s way onto some of the hottest playlists on Spotify, check it out here:

If you want to get your music in front of hundreds-of-thousands, even millions, of people on Spotify’s top playlists then upload your music to RouteNote today.

How to make collaborative playlists on Spotify

Sharing your love of music with friends, family, or even strangers is one of the biggest joys of music and collaborative playlists let anyone join the party.

A collaborative playlist lets you and a bunch of people of your choice all come together over one playlist on Spotify. When you collaborate together you can all add songs into the playlist and all get involved listening to each others tastes and bringing the greatest music together.

It’s as simple as setting any playlist you or your friends make to collaborative. Then you and anyone involved in the playlist will be able to add, delete, and re-order the tracks in it.


Simply right click a playlist and select ‘Collaborative Playlist’. A grey circle icon will signify that the playlist is now collaborative.

Mobile and Tablet

Go to Your Library on your device and select Playlists to see all of your playlists. Tap on the three dots in the top-right corner and then select Make Collaborative to make the playlist open for your friends to get involved with.

Be aware that this feature is only available on mobile devices if you’re a Premium user.

Get 25% off Fender’s online guitar lessons

Take your guitar playing to the next level at a lower cost with with a serious discount on Fender’s guitar learning platform.

Get a 25% discount on Fender Play, offering simple guitar lessons for beginners up to more serious playing. It’s an intuitive way to get better at playing on your own time with lessons for guitar, bass, and ukulele.

Their simple video lessons and intuitive platform guides you through learning new chords, picking up the basics, practising exercises for learning new techniques and learning how to play from an array of popular songs.

Until Friday, 9th August you can get 25% off the usual $89.99 annual subscription cost. With the discount it’s only £/$67.49 for a year of Fender Play. You can always sign up for a 14-day free trial, and if you want to take it month by month then it’s just £/$9.99.

Use code ‘riff25‘ when you checkout to make use of the discount.

Distrokid YouTube Content ID Run by Audiam

Distrokid has been using Audiam to collect their YouTube Content ID royalties since the beginning. Over the past few months artists have been having issues with adding their music to the YouTube Content ID system via Distrokid and creators have been having issues with claims that they shouldn’t have been receiving due to correct licenses being in place.

Unlike the relationship between Distrokid and Audiam, RouteNote has a direct relationship with YouTube and we manage our own catalogue within YouTube Content ID directly. This control allows artists to have piece of mind that when their music goes through our moderation system that it will be making it’s way onto the YouTube Content ID system. Additionally, creators have the understanding that if they correctly license music that sits within RouteNotes’ catalogue then it will be correctly released as soon as possible.

Artists and Labels are able to sign up for a RouteNote account for Free and start uploading their music to the YouTube Content ID system.

Chill Your Mind – Owning The Deep House Label Genre

Chill Your Mind is a label on the rise! Chill Your Mind releases are focused around Deep House tracks and they seem to be performing amazingly well across the entire world.

Here are two releases released today.

Its easy to see why these tracks are performing very well across streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music and beyond.

Follow on Spotify | YouTube | Soundcloud

RouteNote is very proud to be working with Chill Your Mind and we are expecting amazing things in the near future from this label.

Spotify report “outperforming” growth with 2nd quarter results

It’s the halfway point for 2019 and Spotify have just shared how they’re doing so far, and it’s better than even they predicted.

Spotify’s second quarter financials for 2019 show that the music streaming service is still leading the way with incredible growth. With 29% growth of monthly active users from the same time last year, Spotify now has 232 million listeners coming every month for their music streaming fix.

Spotify’s focus in recent years has been converting as many free users into paying subscribers. They’re edging towards 50/50 Premium to Free users with 108 million subscribers, showing quicker year-on-year (YoY) growth than overall users at 31%.

In their report Spotify cite the launch of new products broadening their scope and access and driving even further growth going forward. Their recent focus on podcasts is also driving growth with an emerging platform of content separate from music.

They report that tens of millions of users are now streaming podcasts every month. Spotify reported a new exclusive deal with President Obama and Michelle Obama’s production company Higher Ground to bring a range of brand new and high profile podcasts to the service.

Spotify said in their report: “As a company, our goal is to continually innovate by testing and learning from new product launches. Of note, we rolled out Spotify Lite more widely, and this offering is now available in 36 markets.”

View the full report here.

SoundCloud takes artist customisation to iOS

Whether you’re at home or on the road SoundCloud have you covered so that you can keep your artist image looking how you want and up to date.

SoundCloud want you take control of your persona no matter where you are. With new features in the SoundCloud app artists are able to edit and update their artist profiles right from their smartphones.

iOS users can now make mobile profile edits from the SoundCloud app. Update your artist profile image, keep your header image fresh, edit your bio and location and more all on the go from your device.

It’s this simple:

  • Within the latest version of the iOS app, just go to your Library (bottom right)
  • Tap the three dots (top right)
  • Select “Your profile” 
  • Update your avatar, header image, location and bio details on the spot
  • Once your profile’s freshened up, you can share it in just a few taps

SoundCloud didn’t mention if this a feature they’re planning to bring to Android devices.