My channel contains cover songs which are entirely produced by myself. On previous networks i have had the abillity to split the ad revenue percentage with the original composition owner. This enabled me to monetize my videos, something of which i can not

Ad revenue splitting is not an option that is available to Premium networks. In order to monetize cover songs you would need to purchase the correct licenses. Once the correct licenses have been purchased YouTube will allow you to monetize your content.

I have been part of your network for some time now, recently i have noticed i am listed under a different RouteNote network and my estimated earnings have disappeared. Why is this?

We regularly audit our channels and on occasion may move your channel to another part of our network. When you are transferred from one of our networks to another unfortunately the earnings stats do not transfer with the account essentially meaning you will start with a brand new stats page. This doesn’t mean that any earnings you previously had are lost, we will still receive the reports from youtube containing your previous earnings and you will be paid accordingly.

I received an email from RouteNote stating my channel has been invited. How do i accept the invite to join your network?

When a channel is invited to our network an email is sent from YouTube themselves to the channels account holder. The email contains a link that you need to click in order to accept the invitation. You can also just log into your YouTube account and accept the invitation from your YouTube dashboard.